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Page 25 of Jaguar Saloon Parts 2019 • • 850 fiero lane • san luis obispo • ca • usa new flame-thrower® electronic distributors from pertronix performance products replace your worn-out lucas distributor with a brand new electronic unit two versions are available standard units incorporate the original ignitor® ignition and vacuum advance the high performance distributor is mechanical advance only and uses the pertronix ignitor ii® micro-processor ignition both types are ready for installation with only two wires to connect they fit all pre-fuel injection six-cylinder jaguars the standard units are available in either positive or negative ground the high performance version is negative ground only features standard distributors distributor assembly positive ground 17-d179600 distributor assembly negative ground 17-d177600 pertronix • tailored advance curve for optimal performance and drivability • delivers twice the voltage to the spark plugs increasing horsepower fuel economy and spark plug life • 2:1 improvement over points in current fall time for increased coil output • rotating cobalt magnets trigger a hall effect integrated circuit–no points to burn no moving parts to wear out •epoxy molding makes module impervious to dirt oil grease and moisture • stable timing–no need for any adjustments • warranty 30 months for electronics limited one-year mechanical features high-performance distributor • tailored advance curve for optimal performance and drivability • variable dwell maintains peak energy throughout the entire rpm range reducing misfires while improving engine performance • develops on average four-times more available energy between 3000 and 5000 rpm and two-times more plug voltage • peak current level is reached just prior to spark for maximum energy without the heat build-up increasing coil and module life • adjusts spark timing at higher rpm to compensate for the inherent electronic delay • senses start-up and develops more energy for quicker easier starting • built in reverse polarity and over-current protection shuts down the system preventing component damage • warranty 30 months for electronics limited one-year mechanical high performance distributor assembly negative ground 17-d171600 matched coils for flame-thrower® distributors 40,000-volt 3.0 ohm coil 17-3670 for use with either standard distributor 45,000-volt 0.6 ohm coil 17-3673 for use with high performance distributor replacement parts for flame-thrower® distributors replacement module for 17-d177600 17-d500707 replacement module for 17-d179600 17-d500708 replacement module for 17-d171600 17-d500701 replacement cap all 17-d656600 replacement rotor all 17-d660702 replacement cap rotor kit all 17-d606600 17-3670 coil 21 s