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wire wheels dayton wire wheels dayton wire wheels are a good example of modern technology producing a product far superior to what was available when classic jaguars were new for example rather than using chromed mild steel spokes dayton employs polished stainless steel because the chroming process weakens steel dramatically dayton s wheels with stainless steel spokes are far stronger and safer than original wheels they also feature forged rather than stamped center hubs again these parts are far stronger than originals and dayton wheels duplicate the appearance of original wheels there is perhaps nothing that can improve the appearance and safety of your jaguar like a new set of dayton wire wheels all 15 wheels supplied as tubeless 16 wheels are tube-type only model painted chrome xk-120 16 x 5 54-spoke 17-0227p/1 17-0227/1 xk-120 140 150 16 x5 60-spoke 17-0223p/1 17-0223/1 e-type series i original 15 x 5 72-spoke 17-0220/1 e-type series i wider 15 x 6 72-spoke

wire wheels classico heavy duty tubes rim protectors made in the uk by ex-dunlop racing tire personnel these are excellent products previously unavailable for years incorporating the latest in rubber technology classico products are made with racing in mind where hot brakes quickly transmit heat to wheels tubes and tires but provide that extra margin of safety for street use as well rubber rim bands set of four 15 17-9600 rubber rim bands set of four 16 17-9601 note rim bands are supplied with french chalk to aid fitting for demanding applications where high heat can liquefy pvc tape adhesive and allow the tape to creep exposing the tubes to hot and sharp spoke ends heavy duty road tube 16 with 185 tires each 17-9602 competition tube 16 with 185 tires each 17-9604 competition tube 15 with 185 tires each 17-9603 competition tube 15 with 205 tires each 17-9605 inner tubes 15 tube suitable for radials or bias-ply tires 17-0193 16 tube suitable for radials of

wire wheels protective knock-off wrench the british wheel wrench there s no perfect way to remove knock-offs but if yours are not concours-perfect this wheel wrench comes close because it positively locks to the knock-off there s no danger of it slipping and damaging your spokes as can happen with even the softest hammer and its long handle gives proper leverage and again control while very kind to knock-offs anything that creates metal-to-metal contact is bound to cause dents over time 17-0111 vinyl case for british wheel wrench 17-0124 the gentlest tool for your eared knock-offs even specialty hammers will over time mar plated spinners this seventeen-layer laminated wood wrench is far softer 17-1097 1 2 4 3 autoglym tire dressing and clean wheels two excellent products to keep your jaguar s wheels and tires looking their best for other autoglym products please see page 22 tire dressing 17-22325 clean wheels 17-07325 © xks unlimited 2005 wire wheel tools 1 2 3 4 original

disc wheels 1 2 5 3 4 7 8 7 5 6 1 4 6 2-4 7 xk-120 xk-140 xk-150 mk vii mk viii mk ix mk ii 3.8s 420 mk x 420g wheel trim ring a.k.a rimbellisher 1 2 3 4 all with 16 wheels 16-0175 mk ii with 5 wheels 3.8s 420 c21983 all except 340 420 and 420g c3243 340 420 420g c27134 e-type series iii v-12 series i and series ii xj-6 with silver/gray wheels 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 emblem on cap c27140 hub cap v-12 e-type 9 o.d c30283 hub cap series i xj 10.5 o.d c27134 hub cap series ii xj 9 o.d c30283 trim ring c21983 lug nut c3041 retainers for emblem 2 per emblem c22583 hub cap not supplied with badge hub cap badge 5 all except 340 420 420g mk x c23963 note early badges had threaded mounting studs these latertype badges require a push-on retainer 6 7 8 340 420 420g mk x c27140 badge retainers for either type badge c22583 lug nut c3041 1 3 4 2 series i and series ii xj-6 with black and chrome wheels 2 3 1 4 1 2 3 4 emblem on cap c27140 hub cap 9 o.d c30283

alloy wheels 1-3 7 6 1 2 5 6 5 4 4 7 xj-6 series iii 1980-on xj-s to 1980 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 wheel xj-6 1980-81.5 vin328965 ja-cac3914 wheel xj-6 1981.5-on 1980 xj-s ja-cac3914-1 wheel xj-s up to 1979 ja-cac3913 hub cap ja-cac9820 hub cap emblem c42191 wheel nut ja-ccc7028 cap emblem set excellent quality at a very reasonable price assembled ja-cac9820/1 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 3 xj-40 1988-1994 center cap with holes for lugs ja-cac6438 as above chrome non factory ja-cac6438c badge retainer ja-cac6442 badge ja-cac6502 center cap no holes vanden plas ja-cac6439/1 as above chrome non-factory ja-cac6439/1c badge/retainer assembly vanden plas cap ja-mna6249ga later-type cap with allen bolt retainer ja-ccc2711 as above oyster for majestic model ja-ccc2711-1 10 badge and retainer for later cap ja-ccc6347 11 o-ring under later cap ja-ccc2713 note there were myriad wheel and cap combinations on later xj 40s please call with your vin for price and availability for