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Master Jaguar Catalog by XKs Unlimited

Catalog: Master Jaguar Catalog
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cars with rims in Master Jaguar Catalog by XKs Unlimited

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die-cast miniatures model cars detailed die cast e-types rendered in 1 ... a matte black plastic base and covered with a clear plastic lid not shown note the ... u.s.a has bestowed these little jewels with enough details to please any collector ... displays at 21/2 x 6 x 21/2 h with the included clear plastic cover in ...
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top grain leathers and fine mahogany with expertly finished aluminum centers the ... the polished trim ring is supplied with each wheel and the appropriate hub kit ... and standard horn button cast alloy with wrinkle-black finish xk-120 xk-140 e- ... horn button polished aluminum assembly with either emblem attached 17-0567 17-0568 ... made as the original production wheels with polished aluminum spokes the wheels are ... supplied with flat-top allen-head screws and nylock ...
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steel dramatically dayton s wheels with stainless steel spokes are far stronger ... look of wire wheels to your jaguar with quality dayton bolt-on wire wheels like ... please note spokes are not supplied with nipples 16 long spokes for 54-spoke ... while standard dayton wire wheels come with highly polished stainless steel spokes ... for vintage racing or modified street cars spokes are .225 as opposed to .203 on ...
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150 lu-54520187 tension spring xk-120 with 7.7 headlamps lu-553872 headlamp ... housing 18-0006 3 fender lamp xk-120 with chrome housing lu-52474 4 o-ring ... lamp units xk-120 xk-140 xk-150 6 cars with turn signals unit blinks lu-52175 7 ... cars without turn signals unit does not blink lu- ... lamp assemblies below headlamp 13 with clear lens xk-140 xk-150 lu-52480 14 ... with amber lens xk-140 xk-150 lu-52479 15 ...
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i-1/2 13 lamp assembly right usa-spec with clear lens lu-52519 14 lamp assembly ... left usa-spec with clear lens lu-52518 15 lamp assembly ... 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 lamp assembly right with usa-spec lenses lu-56236 lamp ... assembly left with usa-spec lenses lu-56237 lamp pad ...
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console frame bd20035 speaker grille with rim bd19984 ashtray bd20409 ashtray ... shift knob c16154 leather shift boot with alloy console black 19-3064 leather ... shift boot with alloy console red 19-3063 18 leather ... shift boot late with 4.2-style console 19-3065 19 rivet ... consoles no alloy panels early 4.2s cars were fitted with leather shift boots ... with top and bottom chrome ferrules per 3.8s ... only a rubber boot as shown later 4.2 cars had a series ii configuration with a ... bd27463 inspection plug 1 for early cars 2 for later bd10821 rubber boot on ...
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