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ultra-compact hf/vhf/uhf

since its introduction over a year ago yaesu s ft-100 hf/vhf/uhf transceiver has been widely acclaimed for its outstanding performance and flexibility now the ft-100d builds on this success story adding the convenience of factory-installed modules for today s ham on the go mobile dx master wide frequency coverage the ft-100d is the smallest transceiver in the world providing such wide frequency coverage providing transceive coverage of the hf 50 mhz 144 mhz and 430 mhz amateur bands on ssb cw am fm afsk teletype and packet the micro mobile also includes receive coverage of 100 khz through 961 mhz cellular and digital telephone frequencies are blocked so you can monitor public safety weather broadcast am and fm broadcast and tv audio transmissions in addition to all the action on the ham bands all this from a rugged compact case measuring just 160 w x 54 h x 205 d mm 6.3 x 2.2 x 8.0 double-conversion superheterodyne system tripleconversion on fm with the 2nd if at 11.705 mhz the

now including built-in xf-117c 500 hz cw filter built-in tcxo-8 high-stability reference crystal built-in fts-27 ctcss decoder unit large high-quality speaker hf/50/144/430 mhz ultra-compact hf/vhf/uhf transceiver the automatic gain control agc circuitry of the ft-100d s receiver may be adjusted via the menu for slow or fast receiver recovery times a convenient auto setting programs fast agc for cw and slow for voice modes ·clarifier rit for split-frequency pile-ups or to follow drifting signals the clarifier control provides up to ±9.99 khz of adjustment of the receiver s frequency without changing the transmitter frequency for wider-split pile-ups the split mode allows you to use vfo-a and vfo-b separately too ·rf gain control for noise reduction and/or variation of the agc system threshold the menu allows the front panel s squelch control to be switched to operate as an rf gain control ·vox for hands-free voice operation the vox system includes menu

general frequency range receive 100 khz 961 mhz cellular blocked u.s.a version transmit 160 6 meters 2 meters 70 centimeters amateur bands only 5167.5 khz alaska emergency frequency u.s.a version only emission modes a1 cw a3 am a3j lsb/usb f1 9600 bps packet f2 1200 bps packet f3 fm synthesizer steps min 1.25 hz cw/ssb 100 hz am 100 hz fm 1 khz fm antenna impedance 50 unbalanced operating temp range ­10 °c to +60 °c 14 °f to 122 °f frequency stability better than ±1 ppm ­10 °c to +50 °c ssb/cw/am better than ±1 khz +1 ppm fm power requirements dc 13.8v ±10 negative ground current consumption receive squelched 1.2a receive max audio 1.6a transmit 22a 100w rf output case size 160w x 54h x 205d mm 6.3 x 2.2 x 8.0 whd weight 3 kg 6.6 lb transmitter power output 160 6m 2m 70cm modulation types ssb fm am fm maximum deviation spurious radiation:harmonics 100 watts 25 watts am carrier 50 watts 12.5 watts am carrier 20 watts 5 watts am