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SPECIFICATIONS General Frequency Range: Receive: 0.1-56 MHz, 76-108 MHz, 118-164 MHz, 420-470 MHz Transmit : 160 6 Meters, 2 Meters, 70 Centimeters (Amateur bands only) 5167.5 kHz (Alaska Emergency Frequency/USA Version) Emission Modes : A1 (CW), A3 (AM), A3J (LSB/USB), F3 (FM), F1 (9600 bps packet), F2 (1200 bps packet) Synthesizer Steps (Min.): 10 Hz (CW/SSB), 100 Hz (AM/FM/WFM) Antenna Impedance: 50 Ohms, Unbalanced Operating Temp. Range: +14 F to +140 F (-10 C to +60 C) Frequency Stability: ±4 ppm from 1 min. to 60 min after power on. @25 C: 1 ppm/hour 0.5 ppm/1 hour @25 C, after warmup (with optional TCXO-9) Supply Voltage: Normal: 13.8 VDC ±15 %, Negative Ground Current Consumption: Squelched: 600 mA (Approx.) Receive: 1 A Transmit: 22 A Case Size (W x H x D): 6.1" x 2.0" x 9.2" (155 x 52 x 233 mm) Weight (Approx.): 4.6 lb. (2.1 kg) Transmitter RF Power Output (@13.8 V DC): SSB/CW/FM AM Carrier 160- 6 Meters: 100 W 25 W 2 Meters: 50 W 12.5 W 70 Centimeters: 20 W 5 W Modulation Types: SSB: Balanced Modulator, AM: Early Stage (Low Level), FM: Variable Reactance FM Maximum Deviation: ±5 kHz (FM-N: ±2.5 kHz) Spurious Radiation: -50 dB (1.8-29.7 MHz) -60 dB (50/144/430 MHz) Carrier Suppression: 40 dB Opp. Sideband Suppression: 50 dB SSB Frequency Response: 400 Hz-2600 Hz (-6 dB) Microphone Impedance: 200-10k Ohms (Nominal: 600 Ohms) Receiver Circuit Type: Double-Conversion Superheterodyne (SSB/CW/AM/FM) Superheterodyne (WFM) Intermediate Frequencies: 1st: 68.33 MHz (SSB/CW/AM/FM); 10.7 MHz (WFM) 2nd: 455 kHz Sensitivity: SSB/CW AM FM 100 kHz-1.8 MHz 32 mV 1.8 MHz-28 MHz 0.2 mV 2 mV 28 MHz-30 MHz 0.2 mV 2 mV 0.5 mV 50 MHz-54 MHz 0.125 mV 1 mV 0.2 mV 144/430 MHz 0.125 mV 0.2 mV (SSB/CW/AM 10 dB S/N, FM 12 dB SINAD) Squelch Sensitivity: SSB/CW/AM FM 100 kHz-1.8 MHz 1.8 MHz-28 MHz 2.5 mV 28 MHz-30 MHz 2.5 mV 0.32 mV 50 MHz-54 MHz 1 mV 0.16 mV 144/430 MHz 0.5 mV 0.16 mV Image Rejection: HF/50 MHz: 70 dB, 144/430 MHz: 60 dB IF Rejection: 60 dB Selectivity (-6/-60 dB): SSB/CW: 2.2 kHz/4.5 kHz AM: 6 kHz/20 kHz FM: 15 kHz/30 kHz FM-N: 9 kHz/25 kHz SSB (optional YF-122S installed): 2.3 kHz/4.7 kHz (-66 dB) CW (option YF-122C installed): 500 Hz/2.0 kHz AF Output: 2.5 W (@4 Ohms, 10% THD or less) AF Output Impedance: 4-16 Ohms The FT-857, the worlds smallest HF/VHF/UHF Mobile transceiver, provides base station performance from an ultra-compact package thats ideal for mobile or external battery portable work. Wide frequency coverage, outstanding receiver performance, and the convenience of remote-head operation* make the FT-857 the experts choice for high-performance mobile operation! Measuring just 6.1" x 2" x 9.2" (155 x 52 x 233 mm), the FT-857 is the world's smallest full-power HF/VHF/UHF multimode transceiver! Its rugged case design is a masterpiece of ergonomic design, with oftenused switches and knobs conveniently positioned for ULTRA COMPACT DESIGN WIDE FREQUENCY COVERAGE RUGGED, HIGH-OUTPUT TRANSMITTER DESIGN Providing transmitter coverage of the HF, 50 MHz, 144 MHz, and 430 MHz Amateur bands, the FT-857 also includes receive coverage on 100kHzto56MHz,76to108MHz,118-164MHz, and 420-470 MHz. Enjoy the excitement of public safety monitoring, along with weather broadcasts, AM and FM broadcasts, aviation communications, as well as the action on the Hambands! Borrowing extensively from the FT-897 transmitter design, the FT-857's rugged power amplifier section utilizes Bipolar Transistor devices,providinglownoise,lowdistortion,and highreliability.OnHFand6meters,youget100 Watts of clean power output, while on 2 meters you get 50 Watts out, and 20 Watts on 70 cm. Reliability is assured thanks to the extensive cooling system, featuring a thermostatically-controlled ENHANCED TRANSCEIVER PERFORMANCE THROUGH DIGITAL SIGNAL PROCESSING (Optional DSP-2 Unit Required) For superior interference rejection and transmitter "talk power," the FT-857's DSP circuitry enhances both sides of the c o m m u n i c a t i o n s circuit. The FT-857s DSP Unit features a 24-bithigh-techD/Achipforsignalprocessing. DSP BANDPASS FILTER : Separate DSP Bandpass Filters for Voice and CW augment the analog filters for enhanced interference rejection. For Voice modes, you get 16 High-Pass Filter cutoff frequency selections, and 32 Low-Pass Filter selections,foratotalof512combinations.Andfor CW, you may choose bandwidths of 240 Hz, 120 Hz,orarazor-sharp60Hz. DSP AUTO-NOTCH FILTER : To reduce interferencecausedbyannoyingcarrierswithin the audio passband, the DSP Auto-Notch provides a significant reduction in the interference level. If multiple carriers are present, the DSP will detect and notch all the carrierspresent. DSP NOISE REDUCTION : The very effective Noise Reduction filter of the FT-857 utilizes as many as 16 noise-reduction algorithms, for use in a wide variety of noise environments, without introducing appreciable distortion on the desiredsignal.Operatorfatigueisreduced,and signal-to-noiseratioissignificantlyenhanced. DSP MICROPHONE EQUALIZER : To match the FT- 857's TX audio response to the waveform produced by your voice and the microphone in use,theDSPsystemincludesafour-positionMic Equalizer circuit. The result is increased "talk power" as extraneous frequencies are suppressed, allowing all available power to be concentratedintoyourvoice'spattern. Building on the acclaimed performance of the FT-1000D, Mark-VFT-1000MP, and FT-897, Yaesu's engineers have crafted the FT-857s front end for a very low noise floor, along with wide dynamic range. Utilizing an up-conversion architectureforHFwithafirstIFof68.33MHz, the FT-857 features a double-conversion superheterodyne system (single conversion on WFM), with the 2nd IF at 455 kHz. Extensive bandpass filtering in the front end, along with careful device selection and gain distribution, yield a receiver system ready for the strongsignal challenges of today's crowdedbands! On VHF and UHF the verylow-noise MOS FET preamplifier is followed by an active DBM mixer, yielding the low noise figure required for weak- HIGH-PERFORMANCE RECEIVER DESIGN IF Shift : Use the IF SHIFT feature to vary the center frequency of the IF passband, so as to eliminate interference above or below the currentoperatingfrequency. IF Noise Blanker : Optimizedforuseinthemobile environment, the FT-857 includes a highlyeffective IF Noise Blanker specifically designed forsuppressionofignitionandotherpulse-type noises. The Noise Blankers threshold is adjustableviatheMenu. Intercept Point Optimization (IPO) : Forreceptionon thelowerHFbands,wherelowNoiseFigureis not required, the IPO feature causes the RF preamplifier to be bypassed, allowing direct signal input to the first mixer. An input attenuator is also provided, for very noisy conditions. Adjustable AGC : The Automatic Gain Control (AGC) circuitry of the FT-857's receiver may be adjusted, by the operator, for Slow or Fast recovery times. A convenient "Auto" feature programs "Fast" AGC for CW, and "Slow" for voice modes. And the AGC may also be turned off,ifdesired,allowingmanualgaincontrolfrom thefrontpanel. Clarifier (R.I.T.) : For split-frequency pile-ups or to follow drifting signals, the Clarifier control provides up to ±9.99 kHz of adjustment of the receivers frequency, without changing the transmit frequency. For wider-split pileups, the "Split"modeallowsyoutouseVFO-AandVFO- Bseparately,too. RF Gain Control : For noise reduction and/or variation of the AGC system threshold, the Menu allows the front panels "Squelch" controltooperateasan"RFGain"control. VOX : For hands-free Voice operation, the VOX CW OPERATING FLEXIBILITY The FT-857 is without peer in its array of mostasked-forfeaturesfortheCWexpert! Built-In Electronic Keyer : The FT-857's built-in Electronic Keyer includes a weight control, as well as Menu capability to reverse the "Dot" and"Dash"contactsonyourconnector. CW Message Memory with Beacon Mode : For repetitive "CQ TEST" and contest exchange messages, the FT-857 includes a three-message memory capability. The "Beacon" mode may be used to send a repetitive message out continuously for up to four hours, ideal for 6meteruseduringDX-peditions. CW Pitch/Sidetone Control : The CW Pitch control allows the transmitted signal to be offset 400/500/600/700/800Hzfrom"zerobeat"withthe receive frequency. This adjustment simultaneously varies the center frequency of the RX passband (including the DSP BPF), as well as the CW Sidetone pitch. The Sidetone therefore servesasa"Spot"signalduringtuning. CW Trainer : A popular feature of the FT-857 is the CW Trainer, which will send five-character letters and/or numbers via the speaker, so you Foroperationonawidevarietyofdigitalmodes, including1200/9600bpsFMpacket,RTTY,SSTV, or PSK31, the rear-panel 6-pin mini-DIN connector provides easy to Data I/O lines, plus PTT and Ground. For PSK-31 and other AFSK modes, the injection sideband (USB/LSB) is selectable, along with BFO and Display Shift and EASY DATA-MODE SETUP The quiet, fast-acting local oscillator system of the FT-857 borrows extensively from the FT-847 and FT-897, using a Direct Digital Synthesizer (DDS) to achieve fast lock times and silkysmooth tuning in steps as fine as 10 Hz. The excellent carrier-to-noise ratio helps preserve spurious-free dynamic range in a crowded band, and the smooth tuning leaves you with UNMATCHED EASE OF ACCESS TO FEATURES Battery Voltage Meter TX Meter Selection Modulation Level, ALC, Power Output, or SWR. Two Antenna Connectors Separate jacks for HF/50 MHz and 144/430 MHz, affixed to the rearpanel. Large, Easy-to-See TX/RX Status LED Optional High-Stability Reference Oscillator The TCXO-9provides ±0.5ppmstabilityat77 F/25 C for applications requiring very high frequency accuracy. Versatile Scanning Features VFO Scan, Memory Scan, Band-Limited Scanning (PMS), Priority Scan and Dual Watch. Auto Power-Off (APO) and Time-Out Timer (TOT) CAT System ComputerProgrammingcapability The FT-857 is a VHF/UHF operator's dream come true! Versatile Tone Control Selections :BothCTCSSand DCS Encoder/Decoders are built in! For easy access to repeaters, a 50-tone CTCSS system works along with a 104-code Digital Code Squelch (DCS) in the FT-857. For applications requiringsplitCTCSS/DCSaccess,aconvenient "Split Tone" feature is also provided, along with the ability to encode (only) CTCSS or DCS, if desired. Automatic Repeater Shift : On the 144 MHz and 430 MHz bands, the FT-857 will automatically activate the repeater shift appropriate for the partofthebandinwhichyouareoperating. Smart Search : When visiting a new city, use the Smart Search system to scan the FM/AM Mode for activity. When busy channels are found, they will be automatically loaded into a special Smart Search memory bank, for easy recall. Spectrum Scope : If you have to be away from your radio for a few minutes, turn on the Spectrum Scope to keep watch on band activity. The Spectrum Scopewillcreateabar-graphdisplayofactivity on channels above and below your current operatingfrequency. ARTS (Auto-Range Transponder System) : During Search-and-Rescue operations, the ARTS The large 2.1"x0.69"(53.4x17.2 mm) multi-color displayprovideseasy-to-readindicationofmany operating functions. The color may be chosen from among 32 different color selections, and maybeprogrammedtoshowdifferentcolorson each band, mode, Memory Group, or even to track signal strength and power output by To enhance performance on both receive and transmit, high-performance Collins Mechanical Filter options are available for both SSB and CW. ForSSB,the2.3kHz,10-poleYF-122Soption provides a very flat passband response, for natural-sounding transmit audio, along with excellent skirt selectivity. And for CW, the 500 Hz,7-poleYF-122Cand300Hz,7-poleYF-122CN options help separate signals on a crowded bandinacontest. AND MUCH, MUCH MORE. . . ADVANCED CONVENIENCE FEATURES FOR VHF/UHF OPERATION HIGH-RESOLUTION DOT-MATRIX DISPLAY The FT-857 provides up to 200 "Main" memory channels,eachofwhichmaybenamedwithan Alpha-Numeric label of up to eight characters. These 200 Memories may be separated into as many as 10 Memory Groups of 20 Memories each. For added convenience, you also get a "Quick Memory"anda"HomeChannel"oneach band,plus Fivepairsofband-limitmemories,to let you restrict operation to a sub-band, if you VERSATILE MEMORY SYSTEM! UPGRADE WITH COLLINS MECHANICAL FILTERS FOR SSB AND CW (0ption) *Optional YSK-857 Separation Kit required HIGH-PERFORMANCE PLL DESIGN A B (VFO A/B Selection) MW (Write to Memory) STO (Quick Memory Store) RPT (Repeater On/Off) TON (CTCSS/DCS On/Off) ENC (Split Tone Encode) ARTS (ARTS On/Off) SCN (Scan Start) SCOP (Spectrum Scope) MTR (Meter Mode) SPOT (CW Spot) TUNE (ATU/ATAS On/Off) NB (Noise Blanker On/Off) IPO (RX Preamp On/Off) CFIL (RX Normal Fltr.) PLY1 (Keyer Mem. 1) DNR (DSP Noise Fltr.) MONI* (SQL Disable) A=B (Equalize VFOs A/B) SKIP (Skip during Scan) RCL (Quick Memory Recall) REV (RPT Shift Reverse) DEC (Split Tone Decode) SRCH (Smart Search On/Off) PRI (Priority Ch. Watch) WID (Scope Bandwidth) PWR (Meter Mode) BK (Break-in On/Off) DOWN (ATAS Down) AGC (AGC On/Off) ATT (RX Attenuator On/Off) N/A (Optional Fltr. 1) PLY2 (Keyer Mem. 2) DNF (DSP Notch Fltr.) QSPL* (Quick Split) SPL (Split Operation) TAG (Memory Name Tag) PROC (Speech Processor On/Off) VOX (VOX On/Off) TDCH (Tone/Code Selection) TDCH (Tone/Code Search) PMS (Band-Limit Scan) DW (Dual Watch) STEP (Scope Steps) DISP (Display Size) KYR (CW Keyer On/Off) UP (ATAS Up) AUTO (AGC Mode) NAR (Narrow Dev.) N/A (Optional Fltr. 2) PLY3 (Keyer Mem. 3) DBF (DSP BPF) ATC* (1750 Hz Tone) Actual Size ULTRA-COMPACT HF/VHF/UHF 100 W* ALL-MODE TRANSCEIVER (HF/6 m 100 W, 2 m 50 W, 70 cm 20 W) FT-857 TX POWER OUTPUT (SSB,CW,FM) Despite its compact size, the FT-857 is without peer in easeofaccesstothefeaturesandfunctionsyouneed themost! BIG-RADIO TUNING DIAL AND OUTSTANDING ERGONOMICS : Ease of operation of the FT-857 is enhanced by the large diameter 1.7 43 mm) Main Tuning Dial (10 Hz steps minimum), similar in size to the tuning knob of many base station rigs. Whats more, the SELECT knob allows "channelized" tuning in minimum steps of 1 kHz on SSB/CW, or 5 kHz on FM, for quick and easy tuning around the band. All important keys are strategically placed around the front panel,forquickaccess. EASY-TO-USE SCROLLING FRONT PANEL KEYS : ThecompactnessoftheFT-857ismadepossible by the easy-to-use "multi-function" keys, which allow adjustment of a number of transceiver operating functions during operation. Pressing the[FUNC]keyallowsselectionoftheoperating function row, using the Selector knob, and you may then press the [A], [B], or [C] key, as needed, to change the ADVANCED FEATURES FOR ACTIVE DXers Yaesu's patented ATAS-120 Active-Tuning Antenna System provides a compact, yet efficient, automaticallyadjusting antenna for mobile, portable, or apartment-balcony use! Utilizing DC voltages fed from the FT-857, the ATAS-120 automatically adjustsitslengthlongeror shorter, with the FT-857 feeding a tiny amount of power for SWR detection by its internal directional coupler. When the best impedance match is found,tuningautomatically stops, and operation can begin. Specified for operation on the 7/14/21/28 MHz Amateurbands,theATAS- 120 contracts fully for use on the 50/144/430 MHz bands, providing a low SWR for local FM work (where vertical polarization is predominant). And if you're an apartment dweller, use the optional ATBK-100 Antenna Base Kit, which provides an outstanding counterpoise to ensure low-angle radiationontheVHF/UHFbands. ACTIVE-TUNING ANTENNA SYSTEM (ATAS-120 Option) ACCESSORIES OPTIONS Deluxe, Ultra-High-Quality Desktop Microphone MD-200A8X 0.5 ppm High-Stability Reference Oscillator TCXO-9 About this brochure: we have made this brochure as comprehensive and factual as possible. We reserve the right, however, to make changes at any time in equipment, optional accessories, specifications, model numbers, and availability. Some accessories shown herein may not be available in some countries. Some information may have been updated since the time of printing; please check with your Authorized Yaesu Dealer for complete details. BAND DATA Cable CT-58 DTMF Microphone MH-36E8J Remote Control DTMF Microphone MH-59A8J External AC Power Supply (25A) FP-1030A Digital Signal Processing Unit DSP-2 Collins SSB Filter (2.3 kHz/4.7 kHz: 6 dB/ 66 dB) YF-122S Collins CW Filter (500 Hz/2 kHz: 6 dB/ 60 dB) YF-122C Collins CW Filter (300 Hz/1 kHz: 6 dB/ 60 dB) YF-122CN Separation Kit YSK-857 External Automatic Antenna Tuner FC-30 Motor Drive Auto-Tuning Antenna System ATAS-120 VHF/UHF Antenna Base/ Counterpoise Kit for ATAS-120 ATBK-100 CAT Interface Cable CT-62 Packet Cable CT-39A Lightweight Stereo Headphone YH-77STA Rear Panel Front Panel New Remote Control DTMF Microphone MH-59A8J (Option) DC Cable 144/430 MHz Antenna Jack HF/50 MHz Antenna Jack CAT/LINEAR Jack DATA Jack ACC Jack KEY Jack EXT SPKR Jack AF Knob SQL/RF Knob HOME Key MODE( )/MODE( Key TX/BUSY Indicator BAND(DWN)/ BAND(UP) Keys V/M Key LOCK Key MAIN DIAL Multi Function Keys Liquid Crystal Display FUNC Key CLAR Key SELECT Knob Ext. Meter Jack Headphone Jack DSP Button POWER Switch For mobile operation where mounting space is verylimited,theoptionalYSK-857SeparationKit allows the front panel to be remotely mounted on your dashboard, with the transceiver stashed away in available space. Data is transferred between units at a lightning-fast rate of 31.25 k/bps, for seamless remote OPTIONAL REMOTE MOUNTING KIT Multi Function Keys A key B key C key MFa MFb MFc MFd MFe* MFe MFf MFg MFh MFi MFj MFk MFl MFm MFn MFo MFp MFq HF 6 m 2 m 70 cm 5W 100W 5W 50W 2W 20W The optional MH-59A8J Remote Microphone provides control of the major functions of the FT-857 from the microphones keypad. The MH-59A8J includes a rotary control knob for adjusting the operating frequency and the receiver volume level. LOCK Switch PTT Switch Keypad UP/DWN keys SEL/DIAL key and Indicator SEL knob Supplied Accessories: Hand Microphone MH-31A8J, Mobile Mounting Bracket MMB-82, DC Power Cord HF/50 MHz 1 kW Linear Amplifier VL-1000 VP-1000 *This row of functions is user-programmable (defaults shown). 1(DSP) key 2(MHz) key 3(CLAR) key 4(HOME) key 5( MODE) key 6(MODE key 7(V/M) key 8(BAND DWN) key 9(BAND UP) key key 0(CNTL) key ENT(#) key A key B key C key F(D) key ACC key PWR(FAST) key P1 key P2 key Large Character mode (European Version: Type N) 2003.0220NS(U/E) Printed in Japan B9200411 VERTEX STANDARD CO., LTD. For the latest Yaesu news,visit us on the Internet: 4-8-8 Nakameguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 153-8644, Japan VERTEX STANDARD US Headquarters 10900 Walker Street, Cypress, CA 90630, U.S.A. YAESU EUROPE B.V. P.O. Box 75525, 1118 ZN Schiphol, The Netherlands YAESU UK LTD. Unit 12, Sun Valley Business Park, Winnall Close Winchester, Hampshire, SO23 0LB, U.K. VERTEX STANDARD HK LTD. 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