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1.800.405.1619/ enraged yale french studies number 133 why violent times need ancient greek myths “detecting” patrick modiano emily katz anhalt edited by richard j golsan and lynn a higgins a fascinating new study of three classic works of ancient greek literature exposing their enduring relevance these stories by homer sophocles and euripides all emphasize the consequences of glorifying violent rage and cultivate instead the capacity for empathy self-restraint and rational debate this volume of yale french studies provides new perspectives on the work of the 2014 nobel laureate in literature patrick modiano offering critical reassessments of themes that have informed indeed haunted modiano’s fiction from the outset this collection of essays places the writer in a variety of new contexts hardcover 2017 288 pp 978-0-300-21737-7 $30.00 yale french studies series name me a word indian writers reflect on writing edited by meena alexander curated by

michael alexander dale b martin clive james eugene o’neill medievalism 978-0-300-22730-7 $22.00 new testament history and literature 978-0-300-18085-5 $22.00 latest readings 978-0-300-22355-2 $15.00 long day’s journey into night mulitmedia ed 978-0-300-21432-1 $11.99 frederick douglass peter gay james joyce tim parks the heroic slave 978-0-300-18462-4 $9.95 why the romantics matter 978-0-300-14429-1 $24.00 the little review “ulysses” 978-0-300-18177-7 $28.00 life and work 978-0-300-21536-6 $35.00 terry eagleton johann von goethe giuseppe mazzotta beth h piatote how to read literature 978-0-300-20530-5 $15.00 faust 978-0-300-18969-8 $20.00 reading dante 978-0-300-19135-6 $29.00 domestic subjects 978-0-300-22707-9 $26.00 paul h fry roberto gonzÁlez echevarrÍa matthew mutter john sutherland restless secularism 978-0-300-22173-2 $85.00 a little history of literature 978-0-300-20531-2 $15.00 theory of literature 978-0-300-18083-1 $19.00 6

1.800.405.1619/ such fine boys pedigree patrick modiano translated from the a memoir french by mark polizzotti foreword by j m patrick modiano translated from the g le clÉzio french by mark polizzotti in this mesmerizing novel nobel laureate modiano casts a spellbinding tale of privileged boarding school boys and the strange tragic lives that befall them as men in a series of interconnected stories the author probes adolescent loneliness the failed promise of gilded youth the destructive underside of love relationships and more in this rare glimpse into the life of nobel laureate patrick modiano the author takes up his pen to tell the story of his early years—shadowy times in postwar paris that haunt his memory and have inspired his cherished body of fiction the margellos world republic of letters pb-with flaps 2017 208 pp 978-0-300-22334-7 $16.00 the margellos world republic of letters paper 2016 pp 978-0-300-22361-3 $15.00 cloth 2015 144 pp 978-0-300-21533-5

adonis michel leiris czeslaw milosz leo tolstoy adonis 978-0-300-18125-8 $20.00 fibrils 978-0-300-21239-6 $30.00 the mountains of parnassus 978-0-300-21425-3 $25.00 anna karenina 978-0-300-21682-0 $20.00 lÁszlÓ f fÖldÉnyi michel leiris mÁirtÍn Ó cadhain thanassis valtinos melancholy 978-0-300-16748-1 $25.00 scraps 978-0-300-21238-9 $18.00 the dirty dust 978-0-300-21982-1 $16.00 orthokostá 978-0-300-20999-0 $27.00 miljenko jergovic michel leiris pascal quignard zyranna zateli the walnut mansion 978-0-300-22698-0 $22.00 scratches 978-0-300-21237-2 $18.00 the hatred of music 978-0-300-21138-2 $26.00 at twilight they return 978-0-300-20071-3 $35.00 franÇois jullien claudio magris zahia rahmani tomÁŠ zmeŠkal the book of beginnings 978-0-300-22356-9 $17.00 blameless 978-0-300-21848-0 $26.00 france story of a childhood 978-0-300-21210-5 $16.00 love letter in cuneiform 978-0-300-18697-0 $20.00 the margellos world republic of letters—recent

william shakespeare william shakespeare william shakespeare william shakespeare antony and cleopatra 978-0-300-12473-6 $6.95 henry the fourth part one 978-0-300-10815-6 $8.95 a midsummer night’s dream 978-0-300-10653-4 $6.95 the tempest 978-0-300-10816-3 $8.95 william shakespeare william shakespeare william shakespeare william shakespeare king lear 978-0-300-12200-8 $6.95 julius caesar 978-0-300-10809-5 $8.95 othello 978-0-300-10807-1 $8.95 twelfth night 978-0-300-11563-5 $6.95 william shakespeare william shakespeare william shakespeare peter lake richard iii 978-0-300-12202-2 $6.95 macbeth 978-0-300-10654-1 $6.95 romeo and juliet 978-0-300-10453-0 $6.95 how shakespeare put politics on the stage 978-0-300-22271-5 $37.50 william shakespeare william shakespeare william shakespeare gabriel josipovici hamlet 978-0-300-21832-9 $35.00 hamlet 978-0-300-10105-8 $6.95 the merchant of venice 978-0-300-11564-2 $6.95 the taming of the shrew 978-0-300-10982-5 $8.95

1.800.405.1619/ astrid lindgren julius rosenwald the woman behind pippi longstocking repairing the world jens andersen translated by caroline waight hasia r diner a riveting biography of the sometimes turbulent life and work of the beloved children’s book author and scandinavian literary icon astrid lindgren her series of popular adventures featuring the indomitable pippi longstocking have influenced generations of young readers throughout the world this compelling biography uncovers the life and great philanthropic achievements of julius rosenwald a modest businessman who made a fortune at the helm of sears roebuck at the turn of twentieth century generous and thoughtful he developed innovative ideas about charitable giving that looked to the future and transformed the practice of philanthropy hardcover 2018 360 pp 56 b/w illus 978-0-300-22610-2 $30.00 now available in paperback war diaries 1939–1945 astrid lindgren translated by sarah death these personal

14 claude arnaud frederick douglass wayne franklin sally mckee jean cocteau 978-0-300-17057-3 $40.00 narrative/frederick douglass critical edition 978-0-300-20471-1 $9.95 james fenimore cooper 978-0-300-13571-8 $45.00 the exile’s song 978-0-300-22136-7 $35.00 leo damrosch frederick douglass saul friedlÄnder jonathan rose eternity’s sunrise 978-0-300-22364-4 $22.00 narrative of the life of frederick douglass 978-0-300-08701-7 $7.95 franz kafka 978-0-300-21972-2 $15.00 the literary churchill 978-0-300-21234-1 $25.00 leo damrosch frederick douglass robert hollander susan rubin suleiman jonathan swift 978-0-300-20541-1 $22.00 my bondage and my freedom 978-0-300-19059-5 $16.00 dante 978-0-300-21259-4 $26.00 the némirovsky question 978-0-300-17196-9 $35.00 robert m dowling edited by valerie eliot and christoph irmscher benjamin taylor eugene o’neill 978-0-300-21971-5 $22.00 john haffenden max eastman 978-0-300-22256-2 $40.00 proust 978-0-300-22428-3 $16.00 the

1.800.405.1619/ the server the voynich manuscript a media history from the present to the baroque edited by raymond clemens with an markus krajewski translated and with an including a facsimile of the book’s stunningly illustrated interior and essays that explain the current research—from alchemical cryptographic forensic and historical perspectives—this volume invites a new generation to join the centuries of readers who have contemplated the world’s most mysterious book introduction by ilinca iurascu the butler may be gone but your digital server still waits on you this inventive book examines the concept of servers from the baroque period to the internet age using a series of case studies that trace the transition from human to nonhuman actors as assistants available in june 2018 hardcover 2018 464 pp 17 b/w illus 978-0-300-18081-7 $50.00 introduction by deborah harkness cloth 2016 304 pp 268 color illus 978-0-300-21723-0 $50.00 the language

leo braudy a c grayling haunted 978-0-300-20380-6 $30.00 friendship 978-0-300-20536-7 $18.00 anthony t kronman scott timberg confessions of a born-again pagan 978-0-300-20853-5 $50.00 culture crash 978-0-300-21693-6 $17.00 andrew stark alberto manguel the consolations of mortality 978-0-300-21925-8 $30.00 curiosity 978-0-300-21980-7 $18.00 alberto manguel order our print editions from your curiosity favorite retailers including amazon 978-0-300-21980-7 barnes noble indigo and indiebound $18.00 $13.50 adonis 7 9 adorno 2 alexander m 6 alexander m ed 4 andersen 12 anhalt 4 apuleius 19 arnaud 2 14 baggini 15 baum 4 biale 12 braudy 17 caws ed 19 chamoiseau 15 chemerinsky gillman 16 clemens ed 16 crystal 15 damrosch 2 14 de cervantes 7 de troyes 19 diner 12 doan 10 douglass 6 14 dowling 14 eagleton 6 15 echevarría 6 eliot haffenden eds 14 eliot t.s 19 földényi 9 franklin 14 friedländer 14 fry 6 gabler 12 gandhi 12 gay 6 gilbert gubar 19 golsan higgins eds 4 gould

apuleius chrÉtien de troyes vergil jay parini the golden ass 978-0-300-19814-0 $15.00 yvain 978-0-300-03838-5 $25.00 the aeneid 978-0-300-15141-1 $18.00 why poetry matters 978-0-300-15146-6 $16.00 edited by mary ann caws marcel proust voltaire eugene o’neill swann’s way 978-0-300-18543-0 $24.00 candide 978-0-300-11987-9 $16.50 long day’s journey into night 978-0-300-09305-6 $13.00 chrÉtien de troyes marcel proust sandra m gilbert and susan gubar eugene o’neill lancelot 978-0-300-07121-4 $25.00 in the shadow of young girls in flower 978-0-300-18542-3 $24.00 the madwoman in the attic 978-0-300-08458-0 $22.00 long day’s journey into night critical edition 978-0-300-18641-3 $19.95 chrÉtien de troyes translated by burton raffel john hollander t s eliot poems and prose from the old english 978-0-300-06995-2 $25.00 the annotated waste land with eliot’s contemporary prose 978-0-300-11994-7 $20.00 the yale anthology of

cover image from packing my library by alberto manguel page 3 photo by tom starr 2018 literature from yale classics for course use 19 also of interest 15-17 biography and memoir 14 shakespeare 11 poetry and drama 10 the margellos world republic of letters 7–9 literature/literary studies 3–6 table of contents yale yale university press po box 209040 new haven ct