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1.800.405.1619/ new recent and classic titles the new testament biblical truths a translation the meaning of scripture in the twenty-first century david bentley hart from one of our most celebrated writers on religion comes this fresh bold and unsettling translation of the new testament reproducing the texts’ often fragmentary formulations without augmentation or correction david bentley hart has produced a pitilessly literal translation one that captures the texts’ sometimes raw astonished and halting prose hardcover 2017 616 pp 978-0-300-18609-3 $35.00 recent and classic titles dale b martin how can a modern person informed by science and history continue to recite the traditional creeds and confessions of the christian church in this groundbreaking work one of today’s best-known new testament scholars answers this question challenging the historical realism that has dominated the discipline for more than two centuries hardcover 2017 408 pp

1.800.405.1619/ recent and classic titles recent and classic titles one true life christian beginnings the stoics and early christians as rival traditions from nazareth to nicaea c kavin rowe in this deeply learned and beautifully written book geza vermes tells the enthralling story of how a revolutionary anticonformist jewish subsect became the official state religion of the roman empire in a unique cross-disciplinary merging of philosophy and biblical studies a new testament scholar reconceives the relationship between stoic philosophy and early christianity as a rivalry between strong truth-seeking traditions and maintains that a commitment to one particular form of philosophical life offers the surest path to existential truth cloth 2016 344 pp 978-0-300-18012-1 $40.00 mary in early christian faith and devotion stephen j shoemaker for the first time the full story of the emergence and development of the marian cult in early christianity comes to light in a fascinating

1.800.405.1619/ recent and classic titles recent and classic titles john knox the stripping of the altars jane dawson traditional religion in england 1400–1580 second edition in this definitive new biography of british preacher prophet and reformer john knox jane dawson shatters the myths misconceptions and stereotypes surrounding the controversial leader of the protestant reformation in sixteenthcentury scotland paper 2016 384 pp 11 b/w illus 978-0-300-21970-8 $25.00 eamon duffy this prize-winning account of the pre-reformation church recreates lay people’s experience of religion in fifteenth-century england for this edition duffy has written a new preface reflecting on recent developments in our understanding of the period winner of the longman-history today book of reformations the early modern world 1450–1650 carlos m n eire in this lively page-turning history of western civilization’s transition from the middle ages to modernity the

1.800.405.1619/ new new against dharma the monastery and the microscope dissent in the ancient indian sciences of sex and politics conversations with the dalai lama on mind mindfulness and the nature of reality wendy doniger edited by wendy hasenkamp with janna r this groundbreaking book presents a new interpretation of ancient indian texts and their historic influence on subversive resistance the author highlights the importance of materialism and skepticism in india’s intellectual tradition and connects them to the subversion of science under the present indian theocracy white the terry lectures series available in march 2018 hardcover 2017 224 pp 978-0-300-21619-6 $26.00 in 2013 during a historic six-day meeting at a tibetan monastery in southern india the dalai lama gathered with leading scientists philosophers and monks for in-depth discussions on the nature of reality consciousness and the human mind this eye-opening book presents a record of those spirited

1.800.405.1619/ new new critique of religious discourse by the pen and what they write nasr hamid abu zayd translated by jonathan writing in islamic art and culture wright with a scholarly introduction by edited sheila blair and jonathan bloom carool kersten this engaging volume of essays explores the central role that calligraphy and the written word have played in the history of islamic art first published in arabic in 1994 progressive muslim scholar nasr hamid abu zayd’s controversial work of contemporary islamic thought argues against the programmatic use of islamic religious texts to support fundamentalist beliefs the biennial hamad bin khalifa symposium on islamic art distributed for the qatar foundation virginia commonwealth university and virginia common world thought in translation wealth university school of the arts in qatar available in january 2018 hc paper over board 2018 320 pp 978-0-300-20712-5 $85.00 hardcover 2017 318 pp 235 color 35 b/w illus

1.800.405.1619/ new new feeling jewish jewish materialism a book for just about anyone the intellectual revolution of the 1870s devorah baum eliyahu stern in this witty and insightful book devorah baum presents a dazzlingly original exploration of feelings that increasingly define life for us all in our hyperconnected yet insecure world who isn’t feeling more marginalized uprooted and existentially threatened more in a word jewish this original revisionist account of jewish modernity unearths the path that led a group of communal leaders and political upstarts to reconstruct the core tenets of judaism and join the vanguard of twentieth-century revolutionary politics hardcover 2017 296 pp 978-0-300-21244-0 $26.00 available in february 2018 hardcover 2018 320 pp 24 b/w illus 978-0-300-22180-0 $45.00 rooted cosmopolitans the jewish political tradition jews and human rights in the twentieth century volume iii community james loeffler lorberbaum and noam j zohar

1.800.405.1619/ new recent and classic titles breaking white supremacy a path in the mighty waters martin luther king jr and the black social gospel shipboard life and atlantic crossings to the new world gary dorrien stephen r berry acclaimed scholar gary dorrien explores a long-overlooked aspect of the martin luther king jr.’s visionary’s work king’s early embrace of the internationalist social gospel and its enduring relevance today stephen berry paints a vivid and revealing portrait of shipboard life as experienced by eighteenth-century migrants from europe to the new world hardcover 2017 632 pp 6 b/w illus 978-0-300-20561-9 $45.00 cloth 2015 336 pp 978-0-300-20423-0 $40.00 new in paperback sarah osborn’s collected writings the new abolition edited by catherine a brekus w e b du bois and the black social gospel gary dorrien in this groundbreaking work gary dorrien describes the early history of the black social gospel from its

1.800.405.1619/ new recent and classic titles radical sacrifice questions on love and charity terry eagleton summa theologiae secunda secundae questions 23–46 terry eagleton pursues the concept of sacrifice through the history of human thought from antiquity to modernity in religion politics and literature he sheds skewed perceptions of the idea honing in on a radical structural reconception that relates the ancient world to our own in terms of civilization and violence available in march 2018 hardcover 2018 224 pp 978-0-300-23335-3 $25.00 the new cosmic story thomas aquinas edited translated and with an introduction by robert miner with essays by jeffrey a bernstein dominic doyle mark d jordan robert miner and sheryl overmyer this volume provides direct access to the medieval theologian’s deepest thinking about the supreme goal of human life—blessedness—and the virtue most intimately related to this goal—charity rethinking the western

1.800.405.1619/ new in paperback a little history of religion richard holloway this rich and colorful history explores religion from humanity’s earliest days to our own contentious times richard holloway illuminates the beliefs of major and minor religions the sources of religiously motivated violence the place of faith in a secular world and much more little histories pb-with flaps 2017 256 pp 40 b/w illus 978-0-300-22881-6 $15.00 hardcover 2016 256 pp 40 b/w illus 978-0-300-20883-2 $25.00 recent and classic titles sensational religion new minds make societies how cognition explains the world humans create pascal boyer this landmark book uses insights and questions from evolutionary biology and other sciences to explore how humans create groups achieve trust join religions and engage in conflict and cooperation available in may 2018 hardcover 2018 320 pp 20 b/w illus 978-0-300-22345-3 $30.00 encountering the spiritual in contemporary art leesa fanning with

1.800.405.1619/ recent and classic titles radiant truths essential dispatches reports confessions and other essays on american belief edited and introduced by jeff sharlet this evocative collection of writings includes some of the best creative nonfiction ever written on religion in america the contributors explore various ways of writing about belief of documenting “things unseen.” paper 2015 424 pp 978-0-300-21268-6 $20.00 cloth 2014 424 pp 978-0-300-16921-8 $30.00 the consolations of mortality making sense of death andrew stark andrew stark tests the psychological truth of the four main consolations for death and searches our collective literary philosophical and cultural traditions for answers to the question of how we in the twenty-first century might accept our mortal condition hardcover 2016 288 pp 978-0-300-21925-8 $30.00 speed limits where time went and why we have so little left mark c taylor a leading thinker considers how “faster” has

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