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now available in paperback recent classic titles martin luther the stripping of the altars visionary reformer traditional religion in england 1400–1580 second edition scott h hendrix this new definitive biography provides a fresh bold and insightful perspective on martin luther focusing on his personal relationships and political motivations rather than on his theology alone paper 2016 368 pp 25 b/w illus 978-0-300-22637-9 £14.99 25.00 eamon duffy this prize-winning account of the prereformation church recreates lay people’s experience of religion in fifteenth-century england for this edition duffy has written a new preface reflecting on recent developments in our understanding of the period winner of the longman-history today book of the recent classic titles year award paper 2005 700 pp 141 b/w illus 978-0-300-10828-6 £16.99 25.00 the moral culture of the scottish enlightenment fires of faith 1690–1805 catholic england under mary tudor thomas ahnert

recent classic titles new the huguenots a spiritual economy geoffrey treasure gift exchange in the letters of paul of tarsus this majestic account encompasses the entire huguenot experience in sixteenthand seventeenth-century france from hopeful beginnings and rising political influence to catholic reprisals and the repressive edict that forced hundreds of thousands to flee the country thomas r blanton iv winner of the 2014 national huguenot society award paper 2014 488 pp 45 b/w illus 978-0-300-20866-5 £14.99 27.50 biblical scholar thomas blanton provides a comprehensive interdisciplinary exploration of gift giving in the letters of paul of tarsus the first-century jewish evangelist who had a significant impact on both greco-roman and modern conceptions of gift exchange available in march 2017 hardcover 2017 240 pp 978-0-300-22040-7 £45.00 85.00 the origins of reasonable doubt theological roots of the criminal trial raised on christian milk james q whitman food and the

recent classic titles recent classic titles corruption and the decline of rome christian beginnings ramsay macmullen geza vermes written in an informal and lively style this book—the culmination of years of research and thoughtful analysis—provides a fascinating fresh line of investigation and shows convincingly that the decline of rome was a gradual insidious process rather than a climactic event in this deeply learned and beautifully written book geza vermes tells the enthralling story of how a revolutionary anticonformist jewish subsect became the official state religion of the roman empire paper 1990 331 pp 17 b/w illus 978-0-300-04799-8 £22.00 29.00 the world’s oldest church from nazareth to nicaea paper 2014 288 pp 978-0-300-20595-4 $29.00 – us only the spirit of early christian thought seeking the face of god bible art and ritual at dura-europos syria robert louis wilken michael peppard in this eloquent introduction to early christian thought

recent classic titles recent classic titles the puritan origins of the american self the sermons of jonathan edwards with a new preface jonathan edwards edited by wilson h sacvan bercovitch kimnach kenneth p minkema and douglas “a study which reaches with daring ease from the bible and augustine to emerson and whitman [and offers an agenda for the next several decades of scholarly work on colonial religious studies.”—john f wilson theology today a sweeney paper 2011 304 pp 978-0-300-17241-6 £21.00 28.00 a path in the mighty waters shipboard life and atlantic crossings to the new world stephen r berry stephen berry paints a vivid and revealing portrait of shipboard life as experienced by eighteenth-century migrants from europe to the new world cloth 2015 336 pp 12 b/w illus 978-0-300-20423-0 £25.00 40.00 the new abolition w e b du bois and the black social gospel gary dorrien in this groundbreaking work gary dorrien describes the early history of the black

recent classic titles recent classic titles the experience of god life after faith being consciousness bliss the case for secular humanism david bentley hart philip kitcher are those who ferociously debate the existence of god even arguing about the same thing what is god a revered religious scholar brings reason to the discussion exploring how the world’s major religions define god and demolishing misconceptions that confuse the conversation in this enlightening book the philosopher philip kitcher assesses the possibilities of a genuinely meaningful life without religion he shows convincingly how a secular worldview answers the concerns all people share including the problem of mortality living an ethical life and finding fulfillment paper 2014 376 pp 978-0-300-20935-8 £9.99 17.00 atheist delusions the christian revolution and its fashionable enemies david bentley hart in this provocative book david bentley hart dismantles distorted religious “histories”

new recent classic titles friendship in the hebrew bible an introduction to the new testament saul m olyan the study of friendship in the hebrew bible offers a rich way to understand the constellation of social relationships represented in biblical texts in this original comprehensive analysis biblical scholar saul m olyan draws on a wide range of texts to provide a complex cross disciplinary view of biblical friendship the abridged edition raymond e brown edited and abridged by marion l soards available in march 2017 hardcover 2017 208 pp 978-0-300-18268-2 £35.00 50.00 a third the length of the original this long-awaited abridgement of raymond brown’s classic and best-selling masterpiece maintains its essence without tampering with the insights conclusions or centrist interpretation of the scholar widely acknowledged in his lifetime as a paragon of new testament studies where the gods are paper 2016 376 pp 3 b/w illus 978-0-300-17312-3 £18.99 28.00 spatial dimensions of

new recent classic titles a little history of religion the message and the book richard holloway sacred texts of the world’s religions for curious readers of all ages and beliefs this rich and colorful history explores religion from humanity’s earliest days to our own contentious times richard holloway illuminates the beliefs of major and minor religions the sources of religiously motivated violence the place of faith in a secular world and much more john bowker hardcover 2016 256 pp 40 b/w illus 978-0-300-20883-2 £14.99 25.00 holy rus’ this magisterial guide introduces the great faiths of the world through their most important writings surveying 400 key religious books the author engagingly discusses the content core tenets and significance of each cloth 2012 416 pp 37 color illus 978-0-300-17929-3 £20.00 30.00 abraham’s children the rebirth of orthodoxy in the new russia liberty and tolerance in an age of religious conflict john p burgess edited by

now available in paperback new hospitality and islam across legal lines welcoming in god’s name jews and muslims in modern morocco mona siddiqui jessica m marglin bringing together ideas from classical islamic thought western philosophies and modern ethics an author noted for her work on interfaith and intercultural dialogue offers a groundbreaking examination of hospitality and its crucial importance both within islam and beyond focusing on the experiences of a jewish family in pre-colonial and colonial morocco jessica marglin charts how law helped to connect jews and muslims—and ultimately to divide them paper 2016 288 pp 978-0-300-22362-0 £14.99 30.00 cloth 2015 288 pp 978-0-300-21186-3 £20.00 38.00 hc paper over board 2016 336 pp 8 b/w illus 978-0-300-21846-6 £65.00 85.00 anna and tranquillo catholic anxiety and jewish protest in the age of revolutions kenneth stow recent classic titles a quiet revolution the veil’s resurgence from the middle east

new recent classic titles rabbi akiva primo levi sage of the talmud the matter of a life barry w holtz berel lang born around 50 ce rabbi akiva became the greatest rabbi of his time and one of the most important influences on judaism as we know it today this book draws on ancient sources and the latest scholarship to present a nuanced portrait of the talmudic hero this groundbreaking biography investigates the intersection of levi’s work as a chemist and as a writer shining new light on levi’s literary and intellectual accomplishments as well as on his importance as a holocaust writer and witness available in april 2017 hardcover 2017 248 pp 2 b/w illus 978-0-300-20487-2 £16.99 25.00 yitzhak rabin soldier leader statesman itamar rabinovich in this insider’s account of rabin’s life peace policies and contributions one of his closest aides provides extraordinary insights into the valiant efforts to resolve the israeli-palestinian conflict the oslo accords

recent classic titles author index death ahmed 18 ahnert 4 aquinas 11 arzy idel 18 baden 14 batchelor m 17 batchelor s 17 bercovitch 10 berry 10 blanton 6 bowker 16 brekus 9 brody 18 brown 14 burgess 16 calderisi 3 cesarani 20 chapman 14 charlesworth 14 clark 16 cohn 7 cole 19 colish 4 concannon 7 confino 19 coogan 13 damrosch 21 davis 7 dawson 3 dewey 11 diner 19 dorrien 10 duffy 4 ebel 10 edwards 10 eire 3 everett 3 flasch 4 fredriksen 7 freeman c 5 7 galor bloedhorn 19 geffert stavrou 3 gilson 11 gordon 5 halperin 19 hamburg 3 hamori 14 harris 6 hart 12 hecht 21 hempton 5 hendrix 4 hick 12 holloway 16 holton 11 holtz 20 hopler johnson 21 hutton 7 jacobsen 7 jacoby 10 jennings 12 jütte 21 kagan 22 kidd 9 kitcher 12 koester 15 kosek ed 9 kronman 11 shelly kagan what am i to make of the fact that i am going to die in this thought-provoking book philosopher shelly kagan confronts myriad questions relating to our mortality and invites readers to reconsider what they think

also of interest… 21-22 jewish lives 20 judaism 18-19 cover image from the book a little history of religion by richard holloway page 16 2017 religious studies from yale the anchor yale bible series 14-15 the bible 13 religious thought 11-13 islam 18 asian religions… 17 ancient religion early christianity…… 6-8 religion in america 9-10 world religions 16 history of christianity 3-6 table of contents yale yale university press 47 bedford square london wc1b 3dp