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designed for digital the ideal receiver for digital home cinema entertainment digital home cinema receiver

the receiver of the future is here today the rx-v4600 makes the most of all digital sources giving you new possibilities for audio and video entertainment the rx-v4600 is a receiver designed for the digital era it sets the standard for a new generation of receivers that will increase home cinema enjoyment with more vivid images and richly detailed sound plus greater versatility and convenience with digital data links and advanced digital processing circuitry it takes full advantage of the latest digital sources it also has a new front panel design whose elegance matches its capabilities for movies and music multichannel surround sound and stereo the rx-v4600 will ensure that your entertainment is totally enjoyable designed for digital hdmi interface for video and audio the hdmi interface is the most advanced highest quality connection for delivering video sources to your home cinema system extremely high speed digital transmission of the video signal ensures that there is no

rx-v4600 digital home cinema receiver superb audio quality digital top-art and high current amplification digital top-art total purity audio reproduction technology is yamaha s design philosophy whose goal is to maximize the sound quality and functionality of the digital section by directly connecting it to the wide-range power amplifier the culmination of the best digital engineering and design possible today it combines high performance digital circuitry high density cinema dsp circuitry and a high quality wide dynamic range power amplifier you can be sure that this receiver will deliver the full impact and dynamism of movies with generous amounts of power yamaha s high current amplification uses superior components to achieve low impedance high current power from input power supply circuit to output speaker terminals this drives the speakers much more smoothly and dynamically for better sound from all sources including 2-channel audio supporting all this are the yamaha top-art

more convenience and flexibility ypao automatically sets the best sound for any room any speaker placement yamaha s ypao system uses a small microphone and sophisticated equalization techniques to automatically set the best sound for any room no matter where the speakers are all you do is place the microphone hit a button and wait for three minutes ypao is faster and more accurate than other systems of this type and it automatically optimizes settings that are very difficult to adjust manually a trim function lets you control three parameters to tailor the sound to your own preferences you can store six ypao settings in the memory making it easy to switch input/output sources optimizer microphone and listening positions on-screen display with gui even though the receiver offers a wide selection of functions operating it is easy and intuitive you get clear menus and instructions via a gui graphical user interface display that appears on your tv or monitor colourful and easy to navigate

zone b [terrace zone 3 [kitchen zone 2 [bedroom main zone [living room the rx-v4600 makes it possible to enjoy watching a dvd in the living room watching satellite tv in the kitchen and listening to the radio in the bedroom all at the same time each with its own volume and status control extensive flexibility for multi-zone custom installation you can create a custom installation with just one source component and the rx-v4600 in one location letting you enjoy audio and video in that room and in other rooms too the rx-v4600 provides an extensive range of functions that make this possible it lets you select and enjoy three different sound sources in three rooms called zones in addition people in zone 2 can watch a different video than the one playing in the main zone you can even have sound in a fourth room by using the speaker b output for an additional set of speakers when speaker a is off in the main zone the zone b signal becomes virtual cinema dsp if two rx-v4600s are used

presence front line sound field conventional 7.1-channel systems quad-field cinema dsp dialogue effect music surround left sound field surround right sound field truly realistic surround sound surround back sound field yamaha s unique cinema dsp the rx-v4600 delivers a surround sound experience that is not only theatre-like it actually sounds better than many theatres the reason is cinema dsp a unique technology that enables movies to be heard with the same degree of realism and impact that the directors and sound engineers intended it creates a deep expansive and rich surround sound field without the need for precise speaker placement cinema dsp brings out the full potential of all movie sound formats including the newest ones extensive listening tests have confirmed that it is simply the best system for enjoying home cinema sound 32/64-bit floating point quantization lsi for format decoding and two yamaha original yss-930 lsis for dsp processing and audio delay directors use stored

22 surround programmes compatible decoding formats dolby digital dolby digital ex dts digital surround dts 96/24 dts-es matrix 6.1 dts-es discrete 6.1 dolby pro logic dolby pro logic ii music dolby pro logic ii movie dolby pro logic ii game dolby pro logic iix music dolby pro logic iix movie dolby pro logic iix game dts neo:6 music dts neo:6 cinema hifi dsp programmes hall in munich hall in vienna freiburg bottom line roxy theatre disco 7 channel stereo 7 changing the wiring in addition the presence speakers allow use of a dialogue lift function when the centre speaker is below a large screen the sound image of the dialogue is oriented below the picture which sounds strange dialogue lift performs signal processing on the centre channel signal and presence channels signals located higher than the centre channel orienting the sound image of the dialogue to the proper position this ensures natural reproduction that matches the location of the dialogue to the screen image because the

rx-v4600 main specifications audio section minimum rms output power 8 ohms 20 hz­20 khz 0.04 thd front channels centre channel surround channels surround back channels output power 4 ohms load/8 ohms position 1 khz 0.7 thd front channels centre channel surround channels surround back channels maximum power 8 ohms 1 khz 10 thd front channels centre channel surround channels surround back channels high dynamic power low-impedance drive capability dynamic power/channel 8/6/4/2 ohms 180 w 180 w 180 w 180 w 180 w 180 w 180 w yes 165/205/260/340 w yes [140 speaker a 3.5 mv/47 k-ohms 200 mv/47 k-ohms 10 hz­100 khz +0 3 db 0.04 100 db fm fm fm fm fm selectivity signal-to-noise ratio harmonic distortion 1 khz stereo separation 1 khz frequency response 190 w 190 w 190 w 190 w 190 w 190 w 190 w tuner section fm 50db quieting sensitivity 1 khz 100 modulation mono stereo 400 khz mono/stereo mono/stereo stereo mono/stereo 2 µv 17.3 dbf 25 µv 39.2 dbf 70 db 76/70 db 0.2/0.3 42 db 20