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Digital Home Theater 2006 New Products Catalog by Yamaha Audio & Video

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Catalogue: Yamaha Audio & Video Digital Home Theater 2006 New Products Catalog
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digital home theatre technology portable audio compatibility universal dock for ipod for rx-v659 and rx-v559 the optional yds-10 universal dock lets you connect your ipod to the receiver you can listen to your ipod music and watch ipod images and movies on your monitor via the receiver you can also operate your ipod via the receiver s remote unit with the onscreen display and charge your ipod works with ipod nano ipod mini ipod click and wheel front panel mini jack input rx-v559 and rx-v459 a mini jack input on the front panel makes it convenient to connect portable audio players on-screen display rx-v659 and rx-v559 these receivers display operating status ipod operating commands and radio information varies by area on the screen this is very convenient because you can adjust these receiver settings while viewing the screen amplification explained below and the high performance cinema dsp circuitry each of which employs the world s highest grade parts and most sophisticated lsis digi

digital home theatre packages yamaha makes it easy to get sensational home theatre sound an all-in-one package of components designed to match in terms of both performance and appearance is highly appealing especially when they sound and look as good as the packages on the following pages from full-size to compact these systems are styled for all types of rooms and best of all whichever one you choose you get fine yamaha quality sound and a wide array of extremely useful features high performance 7.1-channel system featuring all of yamaha s home theatre expertise rx-v2600 package · digital home theatre receiver rx-v2600 black · digital home theatre speaker systems ns-777/ns-333/ns-c444 black · advanced yst ii/qd-bass technology subwoofer yst-sw1500 black · · · · · · · full analogue video up-conversion and up-scaling to hdmi with tbc de-interlacing 7-channel 910w powerful surround sound 130w x 7 ypao with 6 system memories on-screen display with gui 4 language elegant piano finish speak

digital home theatre receiver comparison channels rms power 8 ohms 20hz­20 khz portable audio compatibility ipod compatibility via optional yds-10 compressed music enhancer front panel mini jack input high picture quality hdmi interface full analogue video up-conversion to hdmi de-interlacing up-scaling to hdmi component video up-conversion digital video processing high sound quality digital top-art high current amplification amp configuration accurate touch volume control high dynamic power linear damping pure direct direct stereo 192khz/24-bit dacs for all channels tone controls surround reality surround programme thx processing silent cinema virtual cinema dsp night listening enhancer audio delay for adjusting lip sync advanced facilities ypao sound optimization selectable subwoofer crossover frequencies subwoofer phase select dialogue lift multi-channel external decoder input preout terminals subwoofer out on-screen display component video inputs/outputs video s-video inputs assign is not a reseller or dealer of Yamaha Audio & Video.

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