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digital sound projectortm technology digital sound projectortm technology the ysp components apply sophisticated digital sound projectortm technology to precisely control the orientation of the sound by focusing it into beams the center channel sound is heard directly while sounds from other channels are heard after reflecting off walls the result is true multi-channel surround sound that sounds just like a multi-speaker system ­ but without the need for extra speakers delay control digital amplifiers speaker array aiming of sound beam sound is projected at the listener from five directions straight ahead reflected off one wall and reflected off two walls so it is heard from the rear multiple channels are superimposed to create the sound in a 5.1-channel configuration the beam speakers together create the sound of 5.1 superimposed channels purchase an additional amplifier or receiver so the system is compact and economical tv monitor tv monitor yamaha ysp no need additional

digital home theater technology surround realism going beyond ordinary surround sound yamaha s dsp digital sound field processing technology is effective for both music and movies it uses the most advanced lsis and draws on the deep understanding of sound and music that we have accumulated through musical instrument manufacturing acoustic design and our relationships with artists all over the world with dialogue music and effects ideally located in separate sound fields you will hear sound with accurate placement smooth movement exceptional clarity and richness and startlingly realistic presence it will seem as if the walls of your room have disappeared and you are in the middle of your own immense theater creating sound fields based on actual data yamaha dsp uses a unique measurement technique called closely located four-point microphones and powerful data storage capabilities to capture sound field data from excellent acoustic venues such as famous concert halls and jazz clubs

digital sound projectortm ysp-3000 digital sound projector · digital amplifier built-in 82w total power 2w x 21 20w x 2 · hdmi interface 2 in/1 out 1080p/24hz 50hz and 60hz compatible · intellibeam automated system calibration · fm tuner built-in · front panel mini jack input for portable audio player connection · wide variety of beam modes 5 beam 3 beam stereo 3 beam 2ch stereo/5ch stereo my beam and my surround · 3 cinema dsp programs · multi-language on-screen display english spanish french german italian dutch and russian · compressed music enhancer the ysp-3000 connection panel offers hdmi 2 in/1 out interface 2 optical/2 coaxial digital and 2 analog inputs video out for on-screen display subwoofer output and fm antenna terminal silver finish available spm-k30 optional wall hanging bracket for ysp-3000 ysp-900 digital sound projector · digital amplifier built-in 82w total power 2w x 21 20w x 2 · intellibeam automated system calibration · wide variety of beam modes

digital home theater receivers rx-v3800 7.1-channel digital home theater receiver · 7-channel 980w 140w x 7 rms 1,295w 185w x 7 max powerful surround sound · hd audio format signals capability dolby digital plus dolby digital truehd dts-hd high resolution and dts-hd master audio · latest hdmi 1.3a 4 in/1 out with deep color 30/36 bit refresh rates of 100/120hz and 1080p/24hz and auto lip-sync compensation · analog video upscaling to full hd 1080p · support for digital connection to blu-ray disc and hd dvd players · network receiver functions · new cinema dsp 3d with 22 dsp programs · pure direct for higher fidelity sound reproduction · ipod compatibility via optional yamaha yds-10 · usb flash drive/music player mp3/wma/wav compatibility · ypao short-cut setup · gui on-screen display 6 languages english spanish french german russian and japanese · improved compressed music enhancer with straight enhancer mode · system memory buttons on remote unit · superior multi-zone

dvd players htib home theater in a box dvd players dvd-s1700 dvd-audio/video and super audio cd player brilliant audio titanium · hdmi output including 1080p video out · dvd-audio and super audio cd playback · audio direct mode · noise shaped videotm · faroudja dcditm processing · mp3 jpeg divx® and wma playback · bass management · progressive scan ntsc/pal · wide screen mode selection · 216mhz/12-bit video dac · 192khz/24-bit audio dac · on-screen display with gui · gold-plated terminals for all pin jacks · video picture mode · picture cd playback · 3-step dimmer modes · ntsc/pal complete conversion · multiple repeat play · program play · screen saver · aluminum front panel · discrete remote control commands titanium finish available in some areas dvd-s661 hdmi dvd player brilliant audio titanium · hdmi interface · usb port for direct playback of mp3/wma/divx®/jpeg from usb devices · high-definition jpeg picture playback · progressive scan ntsc/pal ·

digital home theater speakers subwoofers · speakers and subwoofers on these pages are not available in some areas ht series digital home theater speaker systems yamaha recommends a 6.1-channel/5.1-channel combination of the ns-9002 ns-8390/ns-7390/ns-6490/ns-50f for front l/r the ns-p70 for 6.1-channel system and ns-p60 for 5.1-channel system and the advanced yst subwoofer to enjoy the full dynamic potential of contemporary movies this yamaha combination is ideal ns-9002 3-way bass-reflex speaker system ns-8390 3-way bass-reflex tower speaker system ns-7390 3-way 3-speaker bass-reflex tower speaker system ns-6490 3-way acoustic suspension speaker system ns-50f 2-way 3-speaker bass-reflex tower speaker system ns-p70 center and surround channel speaker package for 6.1-channel system ns-p60 center and surround channel speaker package for 5.1-channel system package speakers digital home theater speaker packages here is a quick way to great home theater enjoyment buy all your

desktop audio quick usb connection to a pc powerful sound black white red nx-u02 usb powered stereo speaker changes the world of pc sound with the spread of on-line music and video services huge music collections can be created on pcs while this lets you easily enjoy audio and music from your pc the fact is that there are very few products capable of enveloping you in your favourite music with good quality sound the nx-u02 changes that making it convenient to play pc audio and music with powerful sound simply by connecting a single usb cable connection makes it easy to use power is supplied to the speaker from the pc through the usb connection so you do not need an ac adaptor or battery you can use it anywhere near your pc without troublesome wiring nx-u02 pc usb cable accessory convenient way to easy better sound from your ipod or other mp3 player red white nx-a02 one-box tower stereo speaker enjoy all your music and fill any room with beautiful stereo sound the nx-a02 works with

natural sound hifi components yamaha introduces a new superior approach to analog amplifier design a-s2000 natural sound stereo amplifier more than forty years have passed since the introduction and widespread adoption of full transistor hifi audio amps during the 1960s in the 1970s high performance high output pnpnpn transistors made possible the pure complementary configured power amps that are now the main type of high quality audio amps in recent years however digital amps have become popular for their high conversion efficiency and superior uniformity of operating precision as well as for their lower weight size and heat production as compared to analog amps which leads to the question which direction will audiophile-level amps take in the future generally two possibilities are considered continuing to improve the traditional pure complementary configuration analog amps or working to achieve higher sound quality from digital amps but yamaha has selected a third approach this is

pianocraft natural sound enjoyment from a high performance elegant system a lot of fine craftsmanship goes into yamaha s worldrenowned pianos and that same dedication to sound and design excellence is behind the creation of the award-winning pianocraft series you have a choice of compact high quality systems each of which includes two speakers and the capability of adding a subwoofer mcr-e810 micro component system [receiver rx-e810 · high output power 65w/ch with discrete amplification · pure direct for high quality sound reproduction · ipod compatibility via optional yamaha yds-10 · high dynamic power and linear damping · 40-station preset tuning · subwoofer out [cd/dvd player dvd-e810 · official divx® ultra certified product · progressive scan processing dvd player ntsc/pal · easy operation with gui · versatile format and disc compatibility dvd-video video cd audio cd mp3 jpeg divx® and wma [speaker systems nx-e800 · new speaker cabinet with innovative cross-bracing ·

specifications digital sound projectortm beam drivers woofers digital amplifier intellibeam on-screen display languages 5 beam stereo 3 beam 3 beam beam mode stereo 5ch stereo my beam my surround movie cinema dsp music sports hdmi interface analog to hdmi upscaling fm tuner built-in front panel mini jack input compressed music enhancer dimensions w xhxd weight ysp-4000 4cm x 40 3 array 11cm x 2 120w 2w x 40 20w x 2 en/fr/ge/sp/it/du/ru ysp-1100 4cm x 40 3 array 11cm x 2 120w 2w x 40 20w x 2 en/fr/ge/sp ysp-3000 4cm x 21 2 array 10cm x 2 82w 2w x 21 20w x 2 en/fr/ge/sp/it/du/ru ysp-900 4cm x 21 2 array 10cm x 2 82w 2w x 21 20w x 2 en/fr/ge/sp ysp-500 2.8cm x 16 2 array 8cm x 2 62w 2w x 16 15w x 2 en/fr/ge/sp/it/du/ru sci-fi spectacle adventure concert hall jazz club music video sci-fi spectacle adventure concert hall jazz club music video 2 in/1 out 1080p up to 1080i/720p 2 in/1 out 1080p 1,030 x 198 x 144 mm 15.2 kg 1,030 x 194 x 118 mm 13 kg 800 x 155 x 152 mm

soavo-1 honored by eisa the prestigious eisa european imaging and sound association awards are chosen by media representatives from 18 european countries the soavo-1 has been named european floor-standing speaker 20072008 by eisa noting that it has an extremely elegant and stylish look the eisa jury was impressed by the soavo-1 s cabinet fashioned from high quality materials carved reflex port aluminum tweeter support and natural sound speaker system its exclusive advanced-pmd metal diaphragms in conclusion they praised the speaker s extremely high level of performance and an authentically `natural sound in the yamaha tradition · visit us at our website yamaha s unique technology for the creation of sound fields is capable of powerfully reproducing the three-dimensional environment that movie sound engineers aim to convey in any audio format from monaural to the latest multi-channel digital surround it is compatible with dvd and all other a/v sources yamaha cinema