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digital sound projectortm technology digital sound projectortm technology the ysp components apply sophisticated digital sound projectortm technology to precisely control the orientation of the sound by focusing it into beams the center channel sound is heard directly while sounds from other channels are heard after reflecting off walls the result is true multi-channel surround sound that sounds just like a multi-speaker system ­ but without the need for extra speakers delay control digital amplifiers sound is projected at the listener from five directions straight ahead reflected off one wall and reflected off two walls so it is heard from the rear speaker array aiming of sound beam multiple channels are superimposed to create the sound in a 5.1-channel configuration the beam speakers together create the sound of 5.1 superimposed channels digital amplifier built-in the ysp components have a powerful and efficient digital amplifier built in there is no need for the customer to

scene for instant access operation 1 2 3 4 dvd movie viewing source dvd surround movie music disc listening source dvd surround stereo 2ch stereo tv viewing source dtv/cbl surround straight radio listening source fm/am tuner surround music enhancer 75ch stereo with ordinary receivers 5 steps complicated 5 turn on dvd player turn on av receiver set input selector set surround mode 5 play dvd 1 2 3 4 with scene just 1 step much easier 1 press scene button 1 controllable dvd player yamaha dvd-s1700 etc via remote in port 1 2 4 3 · only the rx-v861 and rx-v661 scene buttons can power on source units and they can only power on yamaha dvd and cd players · the rx-v461 and rx-v361 scene buttons can not turn the receiver power on a new level of operating ease rx-v861 rx-v661 rx-v461 and rx-v361 with yamaha s new av receivers `scene at the touch of a button you can be watching a dvd within seconds conventional start up of an av receiver requires you to turn on components such as a

digital sound projector true surround sound · digital amplifier built-in · 7 cinema dsp programs · two volume mode with night listening enhancer and tv volume equal mode · dolby digital dts dolby pro logic ii and dts neo:6 compatibility · trubass for more dynamic bass sound elegant space-saving design · no need for numerous speakers and cables · can be wall mounted or placed in a shelf or rack · design is more elegant less obtrusive than multiple speaker boxes advanced technology and functions · intellibeam automated system calibration with direct start · my beam mode and four other sound modes 5 beam 3 beam stereo 3 beam stereo · custom installation with ir pass through remote in and rs-232c interface · multi-language on-screen display german english spanish and french · turn on volume presets volume level at power on ysp-1100 digital sound projector intellibeam optimizer microphone black finish available the ysp-1100 is a perfect match for 42 flat tvs and monitors

digital home theater components rx-v661 7.1-channel digital home theater receiver · 7-channel 630w 90w x 7 rms 910w 130w x 7 max powerful surround sound · 1080p-compatible hdmi 2 in/1 out · 4 scene buttons make operation much easier · quad-field cinema dsp with 17 dsp programmes · digital top-art with the finest parts used throughout · pure direct · ipod compatibility via optional yamaha yds-10 · improved ypao sound optimization · full analog video upconversion · on-screen display · compressed music enhancer · assignable amplifiers for bi-amp connection · superior multi-zone control compatibility optional yds-10 universal dock for ipod · dimension w xhxd 79 x 33.5 x 70 mm ipod not included brilliant audio titanium titanium finish available in some areas luminescent preset remote unit with illuminated input indicators rx-n600 6.1-channel digital home theater receiver · 6-channel 570w 95w x 6 rms 810w 135w x 6 max powerful surround sound · network receiver functions

technology surround programs surround programs dsp-z9 33 dsp programs compatible decoding formats dolby digital dolby digital ex dts digital surround dts-es matrix 6.1 dts-es discrete 6.1 dts 96/24 dolby pro logic dolby pro logic ii music dolby pro logic ii movie dts neo:6 music dts neo:6 cinema hifi dsp programs 21 munich a frankfurt stuttgart hall 1 munich b vienna amsterdam hall g in u.s.a hall 2 hall h in u.s.a live concert tokyo church freiburg royaumont village gate jazz club village vanguard the bottom line the roxy theatre rock concert warehouse loft arena disco entertainment party stereo 9 channel stereo cinema dsp programs 12 game entertainment tv sports mono movie pop/rock dj music video classical/opera pavilion spectacle movie theater 1 sci-fi adventure movie theater 2 general enhanced enhanced program total 33 rx-v2700 rx-v1700 22 dsp programs compatible decoding formats dolby digital dolby digital ex dts digital surround dts-es matrix 6.1 dts-es discrete 6.1 dts 96/24

dvd players · hdmi ver 1.1 output including 1080p video out · dvd-audio and super audio cd playback · audio direct mode · noise shaped videotm · faroudja dcditm processing · mp3 jpeg divx® and wma playback · bass management · progressive scan ntsc/pal · wide screen mode selection · 216mhz/12-bit video dac · 192khz/24-bit audio dac · on-screen display with gui · gold-plated terminals for all pin jacks · video picture mode · picture cd playback · 3-step dimmer modes · ntsc/pal complete conversion · multiple repeat play · program play · screen saver · aluminum front panel · discrete remote control commands · dimensions w xhxd weight 435 x 87 x 285 mm 3.3 kg dvd-s1700 dvd-audio/video and super audio cd player brilliant audio titanium titanium finish available in some areas dvd-s661 hdmi dvd player brilliant audio titanium · hdmi interface · usb port for direct playback of mp3/wma/divx®/jpeg from usb devices · high-definition jpeg picture playback ·

digital home theater speakers subwoofers · speakers and subwoofers on these pages are not available in some areas ht series digital home theater speaker systems yamaha recommends a 6.1-channel/5.1-channel combination of the ns-8390/ns-50f for front l/r the ns-p70 for 6.1-channel system and ns-p60 for 5.1-channel system and the advanced yst subwoofer to enjoy the full dynamic potential of contemporary movies this yamaha combination is ideal ns-8390 3-way bass-reflex tower speaker system ns-50f 2-way 3-speaker bass-reflex tower speaker system ns-p70 center and surround channel speaker package for 6.1-channel system ns-p60 center and surround channel speaker package for 5.1-channel system 7900 series digital home theater speaker systems ns-7900 rich clear sound speaker systems a very convenient way to begin enjoying a thrilling sound experience the finish is available in dark cherry and black for ns-7900 series ns-6900 ns-p7900 ns-p7900 center surround ns-p7900 ns-p7900 center

speaker specifications ht series woofers midrange driver tweeter input power max/nominal frequency response sensitivity impedance dimensions w xhxd weight package speakers system frequency response magnetic shielding satellite speakers type woofers tweeter dimensions w xhxd weight center speaker woofer tweeter dimensions w xhxd weight subwoofer output power dimensions w xhxd weight subwoofers advanced yst qd-bass technology high-efficiency power amplifier drivers linear port dinamic power frequency response dimensions w xhxd weight subwoofers advanced yst qd-bass technology high-efficiency power amplifier drivers linear port dinamic power frequency response dimensions w xhxd weight subwoofers advanced yst qd-bass technology drivers linear port dinamic power frequency response dimensions w xhxd weight ns-8390 20cm cone 10cm cone 2.2cm balanced-dome 220 w/70 w 35hz 27 khz 89 db/2.83 v/1 m 6 ohms 262 x 920 x 266 mm 11.7 kg/unit ns-p446/ns-p440 30 hz­40 khz yes all speakers 5 satellites

n aturalsoundspeakersystems the natural sound of soavo music as it should be heard at yamaha we love understand and respect music we re sure that you love music too and that when you listen to it you want it to sound as natural as possible we believe that natural sound is the original sound of music instruments and of the human voice so they should be reproduced with nothing added or taken away giving you this beautiful music experience is the reason we created the soavo series listen to soavo and discover how truly natural music from a speaker can be soavo series natural sound speaker systems soavo-1 3-way bass-reflex floor-standing speaker system soavo-2 brown birch sps-900 optional speaker stands for soavo-2 2-way bass-reflex bookshelf speaker system the soavo-1 and soavo-2 are offered with dark brown birch brown birch natural birch or black birch finish · soavo colors vary depending on area main specifications woofers midrange driver tweeter frequency response sensitivity

pianocraft hifi components hifi components · the cdr-hd1500 kx-w321 and eq-70 are not available in some arears versatile high capacity digital recording ideal for a variety of uses including as a high quality jukebox · linear pcm 16-bit/44khz recording no compression · 24-bit dac/adc · audio master quality recording mode cd-r only · cd hdd cd recording maintains full digital quality · 200 gb hard disk drive capacity · easy extensive editing possible before recording cds · 179 minutes and 59 seconds continuous external source recording · high-speed ripping and high-speed rec · jog dial for fast track access · on-screen display · synchronized rec mode · timer rec · title input via rs-232c interface · time search · copyright protection main specifications · frequency response 5 hz-20 khz ±0.5 db · playback/recording s/n ratio 105 db 92 db · playback/recording dynamic range 99 db 92 db · dimensions w xhxd 435 x 116 x 415 mm · weight 8.2 kg except hdd cdr-hd1500

main awards june 2006­april 2007 product digital sound projector ysp-1100 ysp-1100 ysp-1100 ysp-1000 ysp-1000 ysp-800 a/v receivers amplifiers rx-v4600 rx-v4600 rx-v2700 rx-v2700 rx-v2700 rx-v2700 rx-v2700 dsp-ax2700 rx-v1700 rx-v1700 dsp-ax759 rx-n600d rx-n600 rx-v659 rx-v659 dsp-ax759se rx-v659 rx-v559 rx-v559 rx-v459 dvd players dvd-s2700 dvd-s2700 dvd-s559 systems mcr-e810 m170 m170 musiccast mcx-2000 hifi componets cdr-hd1500 speakers soavo-1 soavo-1 ns-m225 ns-c225 subwoofers yst-fsw100 yst-sw325 desktop audio nx-a01 nx-a01 nx-a01 nx-a01 area uk germany australia u.s germany germany u.s u.s uk germany germany france australia japan uk germany japan uk china europe u.s uk germany germany germany germany france germany germany germany uk uk germany uk uk japan germany germany germany china germany france france itary publication what hifi sound and vision stereoplay smarthouse magazine pc world homevision plusx award pc world pc world home cinema choice audio stereoplay la revue