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the yamaha advantage exclusive aluminium alloy ydc-30 yamaha’s unique aluminium alloy is the result of years of research and development and offers a lightweight alloy featuring superior anticorrosion properties yamaha’s high quality materials and unique processes deliver exceptional durability in australia’s harsh marine environment phase 5 painting process the exterior finish of yamaha outboards consists of five thick coats two epoxy primer layers two acrylic resin layers and finally an extra clear acrylic urethane coat for perfect protection this not only protects against saltwater corrosion but also against deterioration due to strong sunlight and ultraviolet rays high quality stainless steel components extensive use of high quality stainless steel is utilised throughout all yamaha outboards for superior durability in harsh marine

vmax sho 250 -200 winning edge initially conceived for the us tournament despite its enviable tournament credentials the new vmax sho not only looks different bass boat market the 4.2l vmax super the vmax sho series is also versatile with it is different from the sculpted cowl to the high output sho redefined the high its ground-breaking blend of low weight and dynamic graphics and race-inspired lower performance outboard market forever incredible power delivery it also provides leg the vmax sho quickens the pulse with a perfect solution for social ski and race just one glance but the real beauty lies the radical vmax sho is the emphatic boats the hydrodynamic lower running gear within harnessing decades of experience answer to the age old two-stroke versus and abundance of torque will transform any these new four-stroke weapons are faster four-stroke question meet the new hull while the exceptional fuel economy will smarter stronger and lighter than anything champion guarantee

features specifications big displacement f350 f300 f250 f225 e ngine type 4-stroke 4-stroke 4-stroke 4-stroke configuration 32 valve dohc 24 valve dohc with 24 valve dohc with 24 valve dohc with direct-action 60° vct direct-action vct direct-action v8 60°v6 60° v6 60° v6 94 x 96 96 x 96 96 x 96 96 x 96 utilising the biggest displacement in their respective classes both the f350 and offshore v6 range are able to deliver effortless power while also achieving outstanding reliability and fuel economy bore x stroke mm vct direct-action digital electronic controls displacement cm³ 5330 4169 4169 4169 recommended max rpm 5000-6000 5000-6000 5000-6000 5000-6000 replaces conventional mechanical controls to deliver smooth weight kg f350xcb 365 f300xca 253 f250xca 253 f225xca 253 lf350xcb 365 lf300xca 253 lf250xca 253 lf225xca 253 f350ucb 373 f250uca 259 and precise operation transom height mm/in sds propellers f300uca 259 lf350ucb 373 lf300uca 259 lf250uca 259 x 637 25.1 x

four-strokes f130 -f80 changing the game this is it a category of industry leading conditions to deliver optimum performance yamaha’s f100 and f80 feature a 1596cc engines that have been designed with while ensuring peak efficiency the result engine utilising a double overhead camshaft australian boaters in mind is awesome power performance and fuel design for intake and exhaust efficiency economy that will exceed all expectations delivering smooth and responsive power both engines utilise a single throttle valve the new f130a is the yamaha engine australian boaters have been waiting for the new f115b delivers bigger engine along with an intake silencer to keep these the new f130 shares the same engine block capacity and torque than the previous engines running whisper quiet to keep up as the brilliant f115b but has also inherited yamaha f115 model the engine capacity with today’s growing electronic requirements ignition injection and throttle technology has increase

features specifications electronic fuel injection multi point electronic fuel injection with ecm control delivers the precise fuel air mixture for optimum combustion providing smooth f70 f60 f50 f40 f30 e ngine type 4-stroke 4-stroke 4-stroke 4-stroke 4-stroke configuration 16-valve sohc sohc in-line 4 sohc in-line 4 sohc in-line 3 sohc in-line 3 in-line 4 running turn key starting and great fuel bore x stroke mm 65 x 75 65 x 75 65 x 75 65 x 75 65 x 75 economy in all conditions displacement cm³ 996 996 996 747 747 recommended max rpm 5300-6300 5000-6000 5000-6000 5000-6000 5000-6000 weight kg f70la 119 f60lb 113 f50lb 113 f40la 98 f30la 98 f70xa 121 f60lhb 117 f50lhb 117 f40leha 102 f30lha 104 variable trolling controls variable trolling controls operated on the f40lha 104 tiller handle or via yamaha’s command link transom height mm/in l 532 21.0 gauges allow engine rpm to be adjusted in l 527 20.7 l 527 20.7 l 536 21.1 l 536 21.1 x 648 25.5 50 rpm increments

four-strokes f6 -f2.5 small wonders lightweight compact and economical the f4 5 and 6 also feature yamaha’s unique the yamaha f2.5a is the smallest engine yamaha’s single cylinder portables f6 f5 oil leak prevention system which allows you in yamaha’s four-stroke range utilizing a f4 and f2.5 have been designed to be ultra to store or transport the engine on either single cylinder liquid cooled power unit it’s easy to use and feature a specially developed side or its front without leaking engine oil also extremely compact in its design the four stroke ohv design delivering excellent this means worry free transport in a car in-built fuel tank means it can go with you on combustion efficiency as well as economical boot and hassle free storage any adventure and its light easy-to-carry and smooth running design makes transporting and fitting this designed to be versatile performers engine a breeze for easy pull starting these engines feature yamaha’s f4

two-strokes 90 -30 more features than you ever bargained for yamaha’s two stroke engines from 90 to 30 acceleration precision blend oil injection horsepower show just what can be achieved standard 90 – 60 optional 50 – 30 from 50 years of experience building top eliminates the need to pre-mix two stroke quality two stroke outboard engines fuel and delivers the perfect amount of oil at any given time to deliver the most efficient extremely versatile with outstanding power burn to weight ratios and world-renowned reliability they’re also outstanding value for whether it’s cruising down the river to your money favourite fishing spot water skiing with the kids or chasing some serious fish in open yamaha’s proven three-cylinder design water there’s an engine in this range that’s with loop charging fuel intake delivers perfect for you great fuel economy and smooth

features specifications cdi ignition 25n 20d 15f 9.9f 8c 6c e ngine type 2-stroke 2-stroke 2-stroke 2-stroke 2-stroke 2-stroke configuration in-line 2 in-line 2 in-line 2 in-line 2 in-line 2 in-line 2 shallow water drive bore x stroke mm 67 x 56 67 x 56 56 x 50 56 x 50 50 x 42 50 x 42 displacement cm³ 395 395 246 246 165 165 all models in this range come with shallow water drive an extremely useful feature when tackling rivers estuaries and creeks recommended max rpm 5000-6000 5000-6000 4500-5500 4500-5500 4500-5500 4500-5000 weight kg 25nmhs 48 20dmhs 48 15fmhs 36 9.9fmhs 36 8cmhs 27 6cmhs 27 25nmhl 50 20dmhl 50 15fmhl 38 8cmhl 28 6cmhl 28 provides automatic spark advance to provide maximum power throughout the whole rpm range 25nwcl 51 loop charged transom height mm/in loop charged fuel induction provides more complete combustion efficiency optimum engine performance with less fuel usage s 419 16.5 s 419 16.5 s 440 17.3 l 546 21.5 l 546 21.5 l 567 22.3 carb carb

two-strokes cv enduro ingeniously simple let’s get down to the real nitty gritty built around a proven formula of with these tried and tested hard simplicity and toughness the cv and working loop-charged engines you if you’re a boatie who demands a enduro range provides everything know you’re getting excellent value seriously tough outboard to get the job you’d expect from a yamaha motor done then yamaha’s range of cv and great performance matched with and even at their incredibly attractive enduro engines are definitely for you legendary reliability it’s what sets value-for-money prices these are yamaha apart from the competition still yamaha outboards inside and so what does cv stand for customer out that’s why they’re backed with a value of course and with the cv range conditional 3-year warranty you get it by the

control gauge options command link plus digital electronic controls [dec gauge options shift dampener system [sds propellers yamaha’s high definition display yamaha’s patented acts as the nerve centre of your shift dampener system boat providing fingertip access sds reduces the to your outboard’s vital statistics noise created when an and advanced fuel management fully customisable and able to command link plus high definition display outboard motor is shifted in and out of gear display data for up to triple outboard reverse installations the 5” lcd screen is easily read at a glance and the system utilises a provides an elegant yet highly detailed multi-tasking interface specially designed splined rubber hub to absorb yamaha dec concealed side-mount yamaha dec single binnacle neutral forward shift damener system sds talon series yamaha’s command link gauges are available in either round the force transferred to or square housings they monitor all

get more from the outdoors with yamaha there is just one brand that is universally recognised for excellence excitement and technical innovation yamaha if you want leading edge high performance technology that turns into adrenalin packed excitement then you’ve found it everyday across every continent on earth we deliver state of the art engineering and bulletproof reliability on the water on the road on the track the yamaha logo has become a symbol of excellence and trust visit www.yamaha-motor.com.au to find your local yamaha dealer product modifications and improvements may cause changes in specification or appearance without notice limitations in photography may cause product colour to appear slightly different from actual product some photos include optional equipment please read the owners manual thoroughly before attempting to operate your new yamaha outboard pictures are for illustration only product appearance may differ in some