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royal star® tour deluxe® 8 9 8 rear fender rack unique styling complements the rear fender while protecting the paint and providing a tie-down point for luggage 12 exhaust tip chrome exhaust tip enhances exhaust pipe for custom look str-1d651-20-00 45q-h211-56n $152 95 str-1d693-50-01 41m-j216-06w $150 95 13 star front fender ornament 9 front fender trim rail classic styling and a brilliant triplechrome-plated finish enhance the look of the front fender this rick looking solid steel highly polished triple-plated ornament proudly displays the star logo 4nl-21577-00-00 47q-nq30-15x $45 28 str-4xy14-10-00 45q-xr01-92q $137 95 10 chrome metal fender tips 10 11 cast metal fender tips are polished and then chrome-plated to a brilliant finish for a classic look installation requires drilling of fenders front of front fender str-1d626-90-00 52y-kj64-75q $90 95 $103 95 $110 95 rear of front fender str-1d626-91-00 47q-kf77-14h rear fender str-1d626-92-00 47x-sn82-65w 12 12 11 chrome taillight cover details the taillight for a custom look adhesive backed for quick and easy installation str-4nk58-40-00 45k-tv41-34y $45 95 13 59