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1 seat cowls quickly change the styling of your bike by adding a colour matched seat cowl fits `08 yzf-r1 bluish white bwc1 not shown 1a 1b 1c 4c8-w0771-20-00 $255.95 fits `07 08 yzf-r1 a deep blue metallic dpbmc fits `07 yzf-r1 b deep red metallic drmk 4c8-w0771-00-00 $255.95 4c8-w0771-30-00 $255.95 fits `07 yzf-r1 c dark grey metallic dbnm8 4c8-w0771-40-00 $255.95 fits `04 06 yzf-r1 d deep blue metallic dpbmc fits `04 05 yzf-r1 e deep red metallic drmk fits `04 yzf-r1 f bluish silver bs4 1d 1e 1f 5vy-w0771-00-00 $255.95 5vy-w0771-10-00 $255.95 5vy-w0771-30-00 $255.95 fits `05 06 yzf-r1 g black metallic smx fits `06 yzf-r1 h yellow ryc1 5vy-w0771-40-00 $255.95 5vy-w0771-50-00 $255.95 1g 1h 2 2 comfort seat a layer of gel is built into this seat to increase rider comfort a unique carbon fibre weave pattern is used in key areas for extra grip features the r1 logo fits `07 08 yzf-r1 gyt-4c821-00-00 $249.95 3 windscreens rohm

1 heel guard trim these lightweight carbon fibre trim pieces are adhesive-backed for quick and easy installation fits `08 yzf-r6 carbon fibre 5 engine plug aba-13s27-54-00 $31.95 add some personalization to your r6 with these anodized billet aluminum engine plugs replaces stock three colour options fits `03 05 yzf-r6 `06 08 yzf-r6s `06 08 yzf-r6 silver 1 2 2 tank trim easy to install for a stylish appearance fits `08 yzf-r6 carbon fibre aba-13s27-14-00 $39.95 blue red aba-13s27-14-01 $39.95 aba-13s27-14-02 $39.95 gyt-13s49-27-00 $449.95 3 triple clamp covers high pressurized racing carbon can not be combined with the steering damper fits `08 yzf-r6 carbon fibre 6 gytr high flow air filter 13s-w0708-00-00 $29.95 fits `06 07 yzf-r6 carbon fibre fits `03 04 yzf-r6 carbon fibre gytr design offers increased air flow and excellent filtration for performance applications washable and reusable fits `08 yzf-r6 3 4 gyt-13s95-01-00 $135.95

1 2 1 tall windshield windshield is 2 taller than stock and 3 wider overall for added wind protection fits `01 05 fz1 smoke 3 aba-5lv03-sm-00 $99.95 2 touring windscreen profiled for more rider comfort 19 h x 11 w top x 17.7 w bottom fits `06 08 fz1 smoke 3c3-w0710-00-00 $155.95 3 comfort seat a layer of gel is built into this seat to increase rider comfort a unique carbon fibre weave pattern is used in key areas for extra grip features the fz1 logo fits `06 08 fz1 black aba-3c321-00-00 $249.95

1a 1b 2a 2b 1 tank pads protect your gas tank from nicks and abrasions caused by belt buckles snaps or zippers fits `03 08 fjr1300 a yamaha logo 2 motorcycle covers ymd-w0740-00-tp $55.95 fits `03 08 fjr1300 b fjr1300 logo semi-transparent design adapts to the colour of your fuel tank protect your fjr1300 during storage with this beautiful cover it s made of a heavyduty rubber coated nylon for increased weather resistance and it features exclusive fjr1300 graphics note this cover will not fit over the optional top case if installed fits `06 08 fjr1300 a black aba-2d228-00-bk $197.95 fits `03 05 fjr1300 b black 5jw-w0740-00-tp $53.95 28 aba-5jwcv-ny-bk

1 motorcycle cover protects your bike from the elements custom tailored for a precise fit fits `06 08 mt-01 `07 mt-01 sp black 1 ymd-40084-mt-bl $182.95 2 race stand durable and easy to use super lightweight construction using quality aluminum fits `06 08 mt-01 `07 mt-01 sp 5yu-20020-70-00 $247.95 2

replica leather jacket 1.2mm to 1.4mm cowhide c.e rated protectors in shoulders and elbows and removable spine pad with pocket for optional c.e spine protector variable flowtm ventilation system with removable insulated vest liner 360 plus 8 zipper for pant attachment and sure fittm adjustable waistband reflective stripe blue spb-08jrl-bl 40~52 $599.95 black red spb-08jrl-bk 40~52 $599.95 spb-08jrl-rd 40~52 $599.95

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