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specifications hph-mt 8 hph-mt 7 7 w hph-mt 5 5w type closed-back circumaural over ear closed-back circumaural over ear closed-back circumaural over ear frequency response 15 hz 28 khz 15 hz 25 khz 20 hz 20 khz sensitivity spl 102 db/mw 99 db/mw 100 db/mw impedance at 1khz 37 Ω 49 Ω 51 Ω maximum input power at 1khz 1,600 mw 1,600 mw 1,600 mw driver unit 45 mm dynamic ccaw voice coil 40 mm dynamic ccaw voice coil 40 mm dynamic ccaw voice coil cable 1.2 m 3.9 ft coiled cable interchangeable 3.0 m 9.8 ft straight cable 3.0 m 9.8 ft straight cable interchangeable 3.0 m 9.8 ft straight cable interchangeable connector 3.5 mm 1/8 stereo with 6.3 mm 1/4 stereo adaptor 3.5 mm 1/8 stereo with 6.3 mm 1/4 stereo adaptor 3.5 mm 1/8 stereo with 6.3 mm 1/4 stereo adaptor dimensions wxhxd without cable plug 161 x 214 x 89 mm 6.3 x 8.4 x 3.5 170 x 195 x 98 mm 6.7 x 7.7 x 3.9 165 x 203 x 88 mm 6.5 x 8.0 x 3.5 net weight 350 g 0.8 lbs without cable plug 360 g 0.8 lbs

it takes a true original to become an industry standard and since their inception yamaha’s ns-10m studio monitor speakers have become a mainstay of professional studios the world over renowned for their legendary accuracy from the ns-10m to the msp and hs series yamaha has remained faithful to a design philosophy focused on delivering the sonic accuracy that provides sound professionals with the perfect platform upon which to develop and establish their own signature sound mt series studio monitor headphones remain true to this fundamental concept delivering precision sound reproduction that meets the demanding requirements of today’s professional studio and monitoring applications with unmatched fidelity in a sturdy yet stylish design and the durability to hold up to the rigors of the road yamaha’s mt series headphones offer a level of comfort you’ll be thankful for after long hours in a critical listening environment hph-mt 8 02 hph-mt 7 7w hph-mt 5 5w

high resolution sound drivers a ccurate is an understatement whether you’re recording in a professional studio putting the finishing touches on a live mix or simply listening to your music collection at home your headphones serve a singular purpose of delivering the best possible reproduction of the source audio every aspect of the mt series design from component and material selection to connectivity and overall fit pays strict attention to achieving the highest possible levels of fidelity and the comfort required to focus on your sound with a lineup of three models—the mt8 mt7 and mt5–the series offers a variety of features suited to a range of monitoring environments with one ultimate objective accuracy hph-mt series headphones feature custom drivers equipped with ccaw voice coils mt8 45 mm mt7 and mt5 40 mm and powerful neodymium magnets to achieve precise definition and control made from aluminum wire coated in highly conductive copper these lightweight

high-end monitoring headphones with accurate response and precise stereo imaging capable of faithfully reproducing every nuance of the mids and high end and tight solid bass with the highest fidelity and precision in the series throughout the frequency range the hph-mt8 headphones are the perfect choice for professional mix monitoring • 45 mm custom drivers with ccaw voice coils deliver a broad frequency range and accurate response • closed-back circumaural design for excellent isolation • protein-skin leather and large low-resistance cushions ensure stress-free wearability and high levels of isolation • three-dimensional arm pivot construction and adjustable slider length alleviate fatigue when working for extended periods • moveable earcups allow single-ear monitoring • durable abs housing and rigid die-cast aluminum support-arms for use in the toughest working environments • folding arm structure and carrying bag specifications frequency