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p.o.box1, hamamatsu japan all specifications are subject to change without notice all trademarks and registered trademarks are property of their respective owners printed in japan this document is printed with vegetable oil ink

smart simple sound solutions casual smart powerful designed for effortless everyday use the ma and pa series power amplifiers offer powerful features in compact durable metal chassis they are designed for easy intuitive operation that makes specialized training or audio experience unnecessary for example the output volume knob has been made the focus of the front panel design enhancing day-to-day operability while minimizing the possibility of error no special software programming or equipment is required for installation or setup anyone can quickly and easily set up a system that will deliver the best possible sound for a wide range of applications yamaha dsp features for enhanced music and mic operation advanced dsp features for background music and paging are efficiently packed into the remarkably compact ma and pa amplifier enclosures there’s a feedback suppressor that can eliminate annoying feedback when using a microphone a priority ducker that smoothly adjusts levels

applications classroom apparel store 1 casher fitting rooms window display microphone vxs5w 8Ω x 1 ma2030a 8Ω mode • an ideal system for use in classrooms and lecture halls • the pa2030a provides easy system expansion • convenient output level control via front-panel volume knob audio player dcp1v4s microphone pa2030a 100v line vxc4w 7.5w x 4 café bar restaurant vxc5fw 7.5w x 7 ma2030a 100v line vxs5w 8Ω x 1 • apparel store audio delivery is easily handled by this versatile system • the pa2030a features a built-in lpf that allows yamaha vxc8w speakers to be used to reinforce the system’s low-frequency output • flexible volume control from a dcp1v4s control panel   vxc8w(8Ω) audio player bgm pa2030a 8Ω mode vxc8w(8Ω) 2 nd floor apparel store 2 stairs escalator casher fitting rooms window display zone b 1st floor escalator stairs zone a casher fitting rooms entrance • • • efficient

power amplifier dimensions power amplifier ma2120 front front pa2120 ma2030a pa2030a 430 430 288 260 288 260 54 44 379 power amplifier 480 480 44 45 front 44 45 front 215 54 44 power amplifier 379 rear 361 rear 361 215 unit mm rear rear options general specifications rack-mount accessory rkh1 for ma2030a and pa2030a digital control panel dcp series dcp1v4s model ma2120 pa2120 ma2030a amplifier type output circuitry output power 1khz thd+n=1 120w x 2 @4Ω 100w x 2 @3Ω/8Ω 30w x 2 @3Ω/4Ω/8Ω hi-z 200w x 1 or 120w x 2 @70v/100v 60w x 1 @70v/100v lo-z ≤0.2 line in to speaker out half power @1khz 3Ω/4Ω/8Ω ≤0.1 stereo in to speaker out 1khz@15w 3Ω/4Ω hi-z ≤0.2 line in to speaker out half power @1khz 70v/100v 120w/200w ≤0.2 stereo in line in to speaker out 1khz @30w 70v/100v – mic in 1 xlr combo jack balanced – – mic in 2 3.5mm euroblock 3-pin balanced – mic input mic/line input connectors line input input