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specifications output power 1khz non-clip 20msec burst both channels driven 8Ω 1000w x 2 800w x 2 500w x 2 300w x 2 4Ω 1200w x 2 1050w x 2 800w x 2 500w x 2 2Ω 700w x 2 600w x 2 500w x 2 300w x 2 8Ω/power boost mode 800w x 1 600w x 1 4Ω/power boost mode 1400w x 1 1000w x 1 amplifier type output circuitry thd+n power amplifier class d balanced output circuit btl 1khz 10w 0.1 1khz half power 0.3 px10 px8 px5 px3 frequency response 1w 8Ω 20hz to 20khz ±1.0db crosstalk half power 8Ω 1khz vol max input 150Ω shunt -60db dimensions w xhxd 480 mm x 88 mm x 388 mm 18-7/8” x 3-7/16” x 15-2/8” net weight 7.4 kg 16.31 lbs 7.2 kg 15.87 lbs 6.9 kg 15.21 lbs 6.9 kg 15.21 lbs block diagram dsp clip input a input meter volume d-contour adc ha foh/main monitor input sensitivity gain +4dbu +14dbu 26db volume 32db input b ha limit delay hpf lpf polarity speaker delay 6-band peq protect output meter signal limit speaker processor speakers protection

power amplifier intelligent processing serious power since the 1976 release of the p2200 our first professional power amplifier yamaha has strived to achieve the highest possible levels of sound quality power output and reliability in sound reinforcement studio and installed applications the new px series power amplifiers continue this tradition of excellence utilizing yamaha’s renowned digital signal processing technology and unparalleled professional audio expertise to achieve a light durable design capable of delivering maximum output power to the speakers while simultaneously protecting them with optimized processing driven by a newly-developed class-d easy intuitive setup versatile lineup to ac commod ate u s er swith var yingl eve l s of sound with a lineup comprising four new models – 1,200 w x 2 px10 reinforcement experience the px series offers both basic 1050 w x 2 px8 800 w x 2 px5 and 500 w x 2 px3 – the px series and advanced setup modes basic mode