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32 2 fader configuration adapts to a wide range of channel layouts the ql5 is a compact console with large-scale capabilities • mix channels 64 mono 8 stereo • busses 16 mix 8 matrix input to matrix supported • local i/o 32 in 16 out • fader configuration 32 2 master • stainless steel ipad support stays common ql features all basic specifications other than numbers of inputs/outputs and faders are the same for both models so you get full ql performance and capability regardless of system size wellintegrated operation is ensured throughout systems that use multiple ql consoles rear panel 3 ql5

it all begins with natural sound in order to take maximum advantage of evolved processing potential to sculpt creative new soundscapes the engineer must have uncolored natural sound as a starting point yamaha’s unwavering natural sound philosophy is fully implemented in the ql series resulting in accurate reproduction that is faithful to the source every component contributes to superior sonic precision full creative freedom can only be achieved when the sonic foundation is accurate uncolored and faithful to the source the same pure natural sound that is a highly regarded feature of the cl series is achieved in the compact ql series consoles as well every detail from mechanical construction through port location power supply grounding and individual components 5 has been painstakingly analyzed and brought together in a system that affords extraordinary audio quality noise that can affect digital mixer performance in a number of ways has also been thoroughly scrutinized and

refined interface for intuitive control operators coming from analog or digital consoles will quickly become comfortable with the ql consoles years of accumulated knowhow and feedback from users worldwide have been applied in creating an interface that is simple while providing refined operation that responds fully to the demands of a broad spectrum of real-world applications straightforward “touch and turn” operation touch and turn operation introduced in the cl series has been enthusiastically adopted by sound engineers everywhere the ql series offers the same operational advantage touch the parameter you want to control on the screen then rotate the touch and turn knob that is below and to the right of the screen to adjust as required the color displayed below the knob changes to match that of the selected parameter for quick confirmation and error-free control it’s simple responsive and very intuitive the yamaha selected channel system the yamaha selected

an expandable all-in-one solution for small to medium scale live sound and corporate speech events

flexible network capability in an all-in-one console network capability is essential in today’s live sound applications and the ql series offers all you need in addition to their all-in-one capabilities ql series consoles come with the widely implemented dante digital audio networking protocol developed by audinate as a standard feature that means the ql consoles can be combined with other dante capable devices such as cl series consoles and r series i/o rack units to flexibly create systems for applications of just about any scale or complexity primary switch 11 secondary switch one console may be all you need superior dante networking built in redundancy for reliability each ql series console provides extensive built-in input and output capacity that can handle a variety of applications without the need for stage boxes or other external equipment 32 inputs and 16 outputs on the ql5 and 16 ins and 8 outs on the ql1 for many jobs all you need is one console and that means

everything you need for creative engineering ql series console include a virtual processing rack that lets the operator approach selecting and patching internal processors in a way that’s similar to working with external rack-mounted devices all of the high-quality processors that received rave reviews in the cl series are provided in the ql series consoles as well top-quality sound-shaping tools for creative engineering are ready and accessible whenever they’re needed 13 premium rack effect rack geq rack up to eight vcm processors including the portico processors developed in cooperation with rupert neve designs that are standards in leading recording studios throughout the world can be mounted in the virtual rack and used to deliver the kind of performance that only high-end analog outboard processors have previously been capable of more importantly that studio quality and musical tonality are available for live sound applications up to eight of the 46 available

2-track/multitrack recording and playback whether you want basic 2-track recording and playback or full-blown multitrack recording and playback capability the ql series consoles make it easy there’s direct 2-track recording to standard usb flash drives or serious multitrack recording to a daw via dante multitrack playback is handy for “virtual sound checks” when the musicians aren’t available and 2-track playback is for background music and sound effects 15 convenient 2-track recording to usb flash drive smooth support for multitrack recording a standard usb flash drive plugged into the front-panel usb port serves as media for direct 2-track recording in mp3 format there’s no need to carry external recording equipment around and the recording can be handed to performers as soon as the show is finished for example sound files in mp3 aac or wma format saved on the flash drive from a computer or other source can be played back too for convenient bgm or

tight ipad and computer integration today’s mix data for tomorrow’s show with the “ql stagemix” app for ipad it is possible to mix remotely from audience seating or the performer’s positions in front of floor monitors for example the ql5 even includes stays that will support an ipad on the left side of its panel sleekly integrating of the ipad into the ql interface there’s also the “ql editor” application for windows and mac computers allowing console parameters to be set up via the computer on or off line the ql editor is a great way to manage scene and patch list data for example and keyboard entry capability can be a timesaving advantage for typing channel names etc ql stagemix and ql editor are great time savers and they can be used simultaneously since ql and cl series mix data are compatible data created on either type of console can be directly read and used by the other the time and effort spent setting up mix data for one

general specifications internal sampling frequency analog output specifications 44.1khz 48khz external 44.1khz +4.1667 +0.1 –0.1 –4.0 ±200ppm 48khz +4.1667 +0.1 –0.1 –4.0 ±200ppm defined level maximum non-clip level +24db default +4dbu 1.23v vt+24dbu 12.3v +18db –2dbu 616mv +18dbu 6.16v 8Ω phones – 75mw 6 150mw 40 Ω phones – 65mw 6 150mw load impedance 75 Ω 600 Ω lines omni out 1-16 7 less than 2.5ms input to omni out fs 48khz fader 100mm motorized resolution=1024steps +10db to –138db –∞db all faders frequency response +0.5 –1.5db 20hz-20khz refer to +4dbu output @1khz input to omni out total harmonic distortion 3 less than 0.05 20hz-20khz 4dbu into 600Ω input to omni out input gain min hum noise 4 –128dbu typ equivalent input noise input gain max –88dbu residual output noise st master off dynamic range 112db typ da converter 108db typ input to omni out input gain