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band and entertainment band and entertainment small stage large outdoor stage this small-but-serious system will cover small to medium-sized live venues with thoroughly professional quality and versatility the mg206c mixer offers plenty of input capacity foh sound is delivered by p5000s and p7000s power amplifiers driving s115v c115v full-range speakers and sw118v cw118v subwoofers respectively for monitoring a pair of sm15vs cm15vs is powered by a p5000s amplifier with a q2031b equalizer for feedback control an spx2000 professional multi-effect processor could be added for additional vocal processing the system also features a stagepas 150m portable pa system for keyboard monitoring with the main pa mixer s aux send 3 connected to input 5 mono of the stagepas mixer the stagepas speaker is able to operate as a monitor in addition input from keyboards and synths can be mixed on the stagepas mixer and then sent to the main pa â–  system chart mic 1 16 channels scale-big line 4

band and entertainment band and entertainment festival county fair this system is designed for optimum sound coverage from a central stage surrounded by the audience special attention must be paid to monitoring in this type of situation so each performer is provided with his or her own monitor speaker the mg166cx console provides ample mixing and signal-processing capability while dual p5000s power amplifiers driving four s115v c115v speakers on stands effectively cover the required area the built-in spx digital effects make it convenient and easy to add high-quality reverb and delay for band performances â–  system chart mic 1 10 channels scale-big line 2 4 stereo for speech for music scale central outdoor stage audience 100 300 people county fair type events combine announcements with competitions and music requiring substantial sound-reinforcement capability and since the area to be serviced can be quite large ample power and coverage are essential in this system foh power

party and dj tips 1 pa basics live music at home the term “pa” traditionally stands for “public address,” and “pa system” refers to an electronic system for amplifying the voice of a speaker addressing a large crowd or people distributed throughout a large building these days the term is often applied to the main amplification system at events and concerts as well although such systems are sometimes called “sound reinforcement systems,” or simply “sound systems.” the main functions of a pa or sound reinforcement system are summarized below input mixing and processing • the sound from acoustic sound sources such as speech or singing drums pianos acoustic guitars and electric guitar amplifiers is initially picked up using microphones microphones sources are input to the sound system’s mixer via its microphone or “mic” inputs • as its name implies a “mixer” is a device which is used to

party and dj school and business outdoor dance event acoustic music this relatively large s ystem is designed to deliver dynamic full-spectrum sound that will keep dancers and revelers on the floor the high-capacity mg32/14fx console comfortably handles a wide range of sources and signal-processing while four p5000s power amplifiers driving four s215v c215v speakers and sw118v cw118v subwoofers lay down sound the dancers will delight in monitor sound is delivered via p3500s amps and sm12v cm12v monitor speakers and graphic eq for feedback control ■ system chart mic 1 24 channels scale-big line four stereo for speech for music scale public area with stage set up for music and a dance floor audience 500 people—audience and dancers acoustic instruments often need amplification to be heard and appreciated by more than a handful of people here’s a little system that is ideal for such applications with room to spare plug your electric-acoustic guitars and microphones

school and business lecture hall small but powerful for lectures and addresses source speakon cable xlr cable usb cable mics 1~16 cd player etc good reasons for choosing yamaha mixer note pc mg206c-usb st out l for music input a b p7000s a b speaker audience 50 100 people p7000s • the p7000s is used to power the main speakers ys processing delivers optimum performance from the club v-series speakers c115v s115v • a perfect match for power amplifier with built-in ys processing c115v s115v mg102c mg102c • built-in channel compression aids in achieving optimum intelligibility with fewer level fluctuations • compact lightweight design means the mixer can be used anywhere and easily moved around as required • optional bms-10a mic stand adaptor allows microphone-stand mounting for easy placement and access for speech for music scale-small scale large room or restaurant with dinner tables st out l r speaker audience approximately 50 people msr100 or ms101iii

product lineup tips 3 product lineup the yamaha pro audio lineup includes everything you need to achieve professional sound in applications ranging from small events to large concerts for serious power and system versatility there is an excellent selection of independent components—mixers amplifiers equalizers speakers but when convenience and ease are the main criteria there s a good range of powered mixers and speakers to choose from as well whatever your live sound needs yamaha has the solution recorder pocket recorder pocketrak c24 pocketrak w24 mixing console powered mixer mg102c mg124c mg166c mg166c-usb mg206c mg206c-usb mg82cx mg124cx mg166cx mg166cx-usb emx212s emx312sc emx512sc p 27 signal processor mixing console digital mixing console im8-24 im8-32 im8-40 01v96vcm sound processor graphic equalizer feedback control • although you might think of graphic equalizers as precision sound-shaping tools and they are one of their main uses in live-sound applications is

product line up—mixers product line up—mixers mg32/14fx mg24/14fx s pec ific ations emx5016cf mixing consoles serious capacity for live sound installations i f your application is live sound reinforcement you’ll want all the channel capacity you can get— just in case with 24 and 32 input channels respectively the mg24/14fx and mg32/14fx are ready to handle all but the most ambitious sound-reinforcement setups and with dual spx digital effect systems on-board you won’t need racks of outboard gear to get the sound you need there’s also a comprehensive range of group and auxiliary busses to make even complex mixes easy powered mixers mg24/14fx total harmonic distortion 0 +1 -3db 20hz – 20khz +4dbu st out input hum noise 1 -128 dbu equivalent input noise 99dbu residual output noise 20hz – 20khz rs=150Ω input gain=maximum input pad =off crosstalk -70db 1khz phantom power +48 v ch st high pass filter 80hz 12db/octave mic 16 1

product line up—signal processors power amplifier topic spx2000 q2031b the spx2000 while inheriting the standard interface and common programs from its predecessors brings a new sound quality with the ”rev-x” reverb algorithm and the 24 bit/96-khz audio dsp yamaha graphic equalizers offer features and performance that meet today’s equalization needs whether they be in sound reinforcement recording a v production electronic musical instruments broadcasting music listening or any other applications where precise sound tailoring is essential professional multi-effect processor graphic equalizer p.t yamaha music manufacturing asia —manufacturing the electronic instruments and pa products from the initial design to final manufacturing all production processes for the yamaha emx series powered mixers and mg series mixing consoles are performed entirely inside the company moreover every product that comes off our production line must pass strict quality

product line up— sr speakers product line up—sr speakers and pocket recorders msr series speakers powered speakers msr400 800w msr250 p owered speakers offer many advantages over their passive counterparts whether used on the road or in permanent installations you don’t need separate amplifiers or the extra cables and connections required so setup is fast and easy while reliability is significantly improved the ability to plug directly into the speaker inputs can eliminate an entire rack of amplifiers in a modest-size system but the benefits go beyond mere convenience optimum matching of amplifiers and speakers involves much more than simple impedance figures and can be a formidable engineering task given the vast number of choices available the yamaha msr-series power amplifiers have been ideally mated to their respective speakers in every way possible delivering reproduction quality that only the most stringent matching can achieve there are also a significant

product line up—powered monitor speakers product line up—peripherals msp studio series speakers speaker brackets wall brackets wall brackets baton brackets ceiling brackets y for msr100 stagepas300 for msr400/stagepas500 • bws50-190 • bws50-260 • bws50-320 • bws251-300 • bws251-400 for msr100/msr400 stagepas300/stagepas500 for msr100/msr400 stagepas300/stagepas500 • bbs251 • bcs251 powered monitor speaker amaha’s ”studio” series monitors have been designed without compromise for serious monitoring years of experience and development have been applied to achieve reference-quality reproduction precision that lets you hear sonic details rather than flattering sound these studio-class speakers carry on in the tradition of the venerable ns10m studio which was the definitive near-field monitor in an overwhelming majority of professional studios throughout the world for many years from the 80s onward but technology this document is printed on chlorine-free ecf paper with soy