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general specifications dimensions thd+n=1 1khz 8�Ωbridge 2�Ωper channel 20ms burst 4�Ωbridge constant stereo mode voltage line bridge mode 20hz-20khz stand-by idle 2750 3000 1800 5500 6000 4100 8200 2750 3000 1800 5500 6000 4120 8240 108db din audio 1/8 2 2�Ω pink noise 1800w 2500 2200 1300 5000 4400 3480 6960 2500 2300 1300 5000 4600 3600 7200 100v line 1250w 8�Ω 200v line 2500w 16�Ω 107db 20w 100w 1600w 2200 1900 1100 4400 3800 2990 5980 2200 2000 1100 4400 4000 3050 6100 432 429 30 1khz 2�Ωper channel 4�Ωper channel 8�Ωper channel 4�Ωbridge unit mm tx4n 120vus 230veu 1 120vus 230veu 1 120vus 230veu 1 output power w sn ratio power consumption w tx5n 405 415 461 tx6n 106db 1500w 1/8 power consumption at 1/8 maximum output power all models rl=8�Ω po=1w 10hz-20khz channel half power rl=8 Ω � ,1khz att max input 600 Ω � shunt separation damping factor rl=8�Ω 1khz

— 3000 watts per channel into 4 ohms — 2500 watts per channel into 2 ohms — 2200 watts per channel into 2 ohms • high power for touring applications plus stable 2-ohm drive capability for line array speaker systems • yamaha dsp technology provides extensive monitoring control input/speaker processing and protection functions built in • card slot makes it easy to match the amplifier’s i/o configuration to the system –– analog or digital • failsafe redundant input configuration using both the analog xlr and the card slot inputs • legendary yamaha quality control for consistently superior sonic quality and reliability solid power and stunning audio quality with built in processing there was a time – not so long ago – when all a professional power amplifier had to do was amplify but with increasing system demands and requirements for reproduction quality the need for additional support equipment

superlative power performance combined with cutting-edge dsp and unrivalled flexibility versatile onboard dsp always maintaining headroom stable operation at 2 ohms when speakers are connected in parallel often the case with subwoofers or line arrays stability at lower impedance becomes extremely important the actual impedance curve of a speaker unit is complex and its load varies greatly depending on frequency the actual impedance of a speaker is often lower than its nominal impedance under certain frequencies putting excessive stress on the amplifier especially if multiple speakers are connected in parallel the txn series are designed to perform with ease even under demanding low impedance conditions always maintaining top quality performance some of the many refinements implemented to provide stable low-impedance drive capability include newly developed thin-film power transistors and flat-wire power transformer windings to minimize heat loss many other details contribute but the

system examples m7cl-48 basic aes/ebu setup with analog backup analog txn amplifiers are fed digital signals via aes/ebu txn can be configured to automatically switch to analog input when fault is detected on the aes/ebu input flexible input configuration in addition to balanced analog inputs and throughputs that are permanently installed on the rear panel the txn series amplifiers feature a yamaha mini-ygdai standard card slot that comes supplied with an aes/ebu i/o card for digital input and throughput the analog and digital inputs can be used independently or signals can be applied to both and mixed or switched automatically for emergency announcements for example the original aes/ebu i/o card can be replaced with compatible yamaha mini-ygdai cards that provide other digital or analog input/output formats or with network cards that allow full compatibility with cobranet or ethersound audio networks amp editor aes/ebu cat5 control monitoring tx6n full ra nge full range tx6n yamaha