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0p1-7 christmas.qxp:layout 1 christmas 10/20/15 2:31 pm page 2 greeting cards sl104 sl132 sl101 religious cards #1 religious cards #2 traditional greeting cards have manger angels and holy family scenes with embr bilingual 4.5 x6.5 traditional greeting cards have manger holy family scenes with embr carollers bilingual 4.5 x6.5 sb200 set 12 cards $12.95 sb201 set 12 cards $12.95 c sl130 holiday art cards by larisa sembaliuk-cheladyn 5 x7 blank inside single $3.00 set 4 $10.00 sl104 malanka top single sl104s malanka set of 4 sl101 bread top right single sl101s bread set of 4 carollers greetings glossy reproduction of watercolors by n starovoytova bilingual ukr/engl greeting inside 5 x7 single or set:4 sl130 single girls $3.00 sl132 single group $3.00 sl129s set 4 2 of ea $10.00 ards from ukraine madonna cards gold foil with various ukr folk-style madonnas in rich hues in ukr 4 x6 sg948 set of 12 $15.95 paintings fine art depicts regional christmas scenes from ukraine in

0p1-7 christmas.qxp:layout 1 christmas 10/19/15 cd $17.95 $17.95 ide zvizda chudna s fedyna known for lemko music sings ukr carols classics and lessheard carols a wonderful recording dc130 $17.95 a bandura christmas detroit bandurist chorus presents a truly beautiful collection of traditional carols shchedrivky dc390 6 $19.95 c koliadky ta shchedrivky viv singer oksana mukha presents a new recording of traditional as well as lesserheard carols enjoy beautiful arrangements and heartfelt performances of 15 carols with acoustic and folk instrumental accompaniment and guest vocalists-carollers angels came down from heaven christmas new year’s theophany carols blessings liturgical selections superb sound and musicality dc273 page 6 cds l dc160 8:43 am velyka koliada musicus bortnianski st demetrius choir perform 29 ukr christmas classics that are the mainstay of the repertoire bandura christmas joy larisa pastuchiv-martin performs solo instrumental ukr and world carols in

0p8-11 kitchen novelty:layout 1 10/19/15 8:59 am page 9 cookbooks ukrainian baking and decorating korovai organic halychanka wheat our daily bread this raw non-gmo certified organic wheat has its’ roots in traditional ukr bak ukraine it is produced on a ukr family farm in manitoba and is ing instruc recipes now available here great for your holiday kuttja recipe on back td101 dvd english 30 min $27.95 td102 2 dvds engl $35.00 baba’s kitchen ukrainian soul food a humorous compelling and totally original approach to cookbooks r stone presents an entertaining read with heart-wrenching and hilarious stories and 190 recipes learn to make delicious ukr dishes home remedies pick up choice cultural tidbits and prepare to be amused with both onand off-color quips from baba b&w 384 pp in engl bj334 softcover kitchen $26.95 fp001 400 g halychanka wheat taste of ukraine hailed as the 2014 benchmark book on the food of ukraine and winner of prestigious international gourmand

0p12-17 gifts:layout 1 gifts b 10/19/15 4:12 pm page 12 floral shawls $29.00 ea acrylic fringed floral shawls right floral-designs will be a striking accent for your wardrobe size 46” square nice weight yarn fringe uf817 butter uf818 black uf816 magenta uf815 white uf813 blue uf811 burgundy uf812 green uf814 red f loral shawl purses #u uf819 purple uf820 bright royal colorful shawl-design purses woven folk purse colorful shoulder bag has an upper zipper closure and front pocket zipper pocket embr colors vary size 10” tall 2” m ade by a talented ukraine artist these colorful handcrafted accessories will decorate and enhance your outfit they are made of floral shawl fabric coat felt gabardine and cotton complementary-tone lining and have a metallic snap closure on the front flap the reinforced shoulder strap length is 48” and there is an inside pocket size 10.75 x 8.75 x 2.5” a yevshan exclusive note limited quantities available see

0p12-17 gifts:layout 1 10/19/15 3:31 pm page 15 embroidered stretch ts c ladies’ black tricot blouses s oft stretchy blouses and tunics are machine embroidered in front and on the 3/4 sleeves and look great on everyone comfortable in both milder and cooler temperatures with an adjustable drawstring neckline ladies’ s:small fits girls note these are cut small so we suggest ordering a size larger than you would normally take add size letter to item when ordering delicate wash inside-out flat dry will not shrink omfortable slimming ur221 fall floral tunic ur221 size s m l xl xxl $39.00 fall floral tunic ur221 size 3xl 4xl $42.00 poppy field top ur218 size s m l xl xxl $34.00 poppy field top ur218 size 3xl $36.00 red wave top ur219 size s m l xl xxl $32.00 red wave top ur219 size 3xl $34.00 c gifts ur219 tunic style above is very flattering with a shark bite hem otton t’s for men ur218 red blue silver men’s short-sleeved open collar black ts b

0p18-19 blouses art:layout 1 gifts 10/19/15 3:41 pm page 18 embroidered blouses shirts h omespun fabric bukovynian design blouse homespun cotton blouse has a substantial feel with full gathered sleeves and rich multicolor cross-stitch design it’s simply gorgeous and appropriate for special events holidays performances etc available in sizes s xxl borshchiv design blouse this stunning blouse made on homespun cotton fabric reflects the charcteristic borshchiv region design elements in a combination of flat stitch and cross stitch stand out in this totally amazing blouse available in sizes s xxl ws507 size s m l xl xxl bukovynian highlands blouse $105.00 ws516 size s m l xl xxl t borshchiv blouse $98.00 red/black floral design blouse the rich poppy-floral design embroidered in cross-stitch on homespun white cotton has full gathered 3/4 sleeves on elastic and neckline with tassle tie nice contemporary detail made in ukraine sizes s xxl rose floral design blouse traditional

0p20-23music 2015:layout 1 music 10/19/15 9:55 am page 22 zabava hits sale kozak system has its’ roots in the well-known ukraine group “haydamaky” their folk-rock style is edgy with a dub-reggae feel they perform kozak and contemporary songs with their own unique sound and arrangements madheads 8 ukrajinska very similar to n american the newest recording by this zabava style great listening popular group is a hit $14.95 dr155 dr391 zhyvy i liuby new $14.95 dr390 pisni samonavedennja $14.95 $16.95 dr156 zabava music from ukraine toe-tapping series includes lively polkas and kolomyjkas presented with humor and wit you don’t have to be at a wedding to enjoy these energetic performances from ukraine $12.95 ea dz101 dz102 dz103 dz104 dz105 dz106 vesilnyj hit #1 vesilnyj hit #2 vesilnyj hit #3 vesilnyj hit #4 vesilnyj hit #5 vesilnyj hit #6 dz101 dz107 vesilnyj kankan tik vesilnyj 10 year retrospective dz108 hop tsa tsa #1 well-received at the

0p24-27books 2016.qxp:layout 1 10/19/15 3:45 pm page 25 books history documentary ukrajina evropejska krajina this fantastic new gift edition is both informative and beautiful it covers many areas of interest symbols main cities history culture religion traditions cooking kozaks medicine theater music coins art sports tourism and important persons and includes facsimiles of key historical documents created as a joint project with the national museum of ukrainian history ukraine is presented as a key element within the european context and civilization richly illustrated large format 124 pp in ukr with titles in english this will make an impressive addition to your library ukraine crisis what it means for the west challenges prevailing wisdoms and explains the origins in the west’s failure to create an equitable european order after communism’s collapse 297 pp engl well-informed analysis places ukraine in russia’s ambitions and reveals how putin’s agenda

0p28-29 dvds 2016:layout 1 dvds 10/19/15 3:03 pm page 28 history documentary “a tiv al w freedom or death td122 dvd $25.95 ukrainian-american filmmaker damian kolodiy narrates and directs this documentary the story unfolds with the shift from peaceful demonstrations to violence and chronologically tracks how the civil uprising in kyiv became a hybrid war with russia having global ramifications in ukrainian russian with english subtitles 73 min ntsc holodomor hollywood film documentary of the cold-blooded calculated destruction of human life which has been silenced for decades 93 min engl ty130 ukrainian canadians traveling from halifax to edmonton 2011 on the historical train of ukr pioneers a well-made film mostly in ukr with some engl 62 min td128 dvd ntsc $24.95 klitschko captivating story of brothers boxers vitaliy and volodymyr history development preparation for fights a fascinating portrait of two exceptional athletes 113 min td110 dvd ntsc $36.95 dvd $24.95 the

0p30-31childrens layout.qxp:layout 1 10/19/15 barabolya series $16.95 $16.95 $19.95 dk255 $11.95 dk800 dk523 $14.95 let’s sing in ukr zoreplavtsi dobryden’ dk792 vyjdy sonechko 49 classic songs shcho za hamir children’s album maria burmaka olya fryz dk793 2 cds $16.95 dk794 bc638 hardcover $34.95 ukraine coloring book bc829 softcover $10.50 $17.50 bc275 hardcover vol 2 $38.00 bc277 hardcover vol 3 $38.50 chytajka boxed set of 36 heavy cards each representing a letter of the alphabet includes illustrations for each letter and suggestions for parents and teachers tg208 card set toll-free order line 1.800.265.9858 $22.50 kolysanky 21 lullabies dk525 $14.95 ukr children’s folk songs dk248 $13.95 baba’s babushka series bc065e engl softcover $11.50 bc065u ukr softcover $11.50 abetka v kartkakh 0 $19.95 history activity books 100 kazok series children’s stories with delicious ukr food themes great award winning anthologies

orysia tracz is a writer researcher and speaker on all things ukrainian her main interest is culture rituals and customs in this first in-depth english-language book about ukrainian christmas traditions she explains the origins of ukrainian christmas the symbolism and the continuation of the traditions in ukraine and the diaspora excellent much-needed reference work full color illust 9”x10” softcover 144 pp electronic service requested #bt597 first star i see tonight book $42.95 page 2 presort standard u.s postage paid jackman me 04945 permit 5 for new embroidery-design printed tablecloths 7:43 pm yevshan corporation see p.19 10/20/15 po box 1075 champlain ny 12919 www.yevshan.com 0pc1-c4catalog 2016:layout 1 ukrainian weddings are laden with rituals traditions and unique colorful clothing ukrainian-canadian artist terry pitts illustrates the elements and rich symbolism of a traditional carpathian village wedding with decorated hat ornate woman’s headpiece