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control over acous cs a first class team of professional audio engineers an industry professionals all origina ng from europe founded the germany based company aimline the target was to engineer and build reliable column speakers for the install market these include ac ve passive digital steerable and fixed beam loudspeakers with both analogue and digital inputs it was decided the focus being on musicality and clrear speech reproduc on for acous cally difficult environments and challenging spaces part of this same strategy was to focus on slim and unobtrusive designs to sa sfy the con nuing demand of discreet op mum visual integra on through this focus many important projects have been already realised with aimline columns i.e german government facili es churches universi es theatres conference-centres sport-complexes and outdoor water theme parks aimline alm-series the aimline alm-series consists of a family of ac ve 2-way-column-speakers each model is built as a true

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