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100 vac to 240 vac 50 60 hz 12 v dc to 20 dc power supply switch mode power supply 16 position rotary switch 12 volt dc to 48 volt dc converter 2 channel pre amp with pre amp in main out high performance low sound audio high pass filter soft dome tweeter soft dome tweeters 48v dc power supply 24 volts dc class ab linear amplifier 48v power supply 24 volt dc speaker stand adapter pulse width modulation 12 volt dc battery ac dc power supply 12 volts pulse width module pulse width modulator 4 position rotary switch 5 position rotary switch 6 position rotary switch 8 position rotary switch 3 position rotary switch 2 position rotary switch position rotary switch 5 position rotary switch 240 v usb microphone on off switch full range speaker short circuit protected 120 volts ac to 2 volts transformer usb memory sticks 24 position rotary switch 2 meter pre amp with pre amp in main out mains on off switch 40 position rotary switch microphone with built in echo 120 ac to 13 volt dc converter switching power supply high pass filter 10 position rotary switch high power low frequency 120 volts ac to 12 volts transformer c type to n type connector adapter 48 volt dc to 250 volt dc 6 volt converted to 12 volts 12 volt dc to 9 volt dc converter 48 volt dc to 12 volt dc converter 12 volt dc to 12 volt dc converter 3 volt dc to 12 volt dc converter 12v to 12v 12v 24 volt to 5 volt 30 v dc to 5 v dc converter 12 volt dc to 55 volt dc converter

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m series after providing for many years thousands of satisfied users with the best mixing tools the latest generation of m series compact mixers is still offering a superior audio quality a full set of features and the highest number of mic inputs in the category together with ‘intelligent’ functions such as usb routing and channel compressors all the models feature the proel 24bit profex dsp one of the finest digital effect of its class providing 256 studio-grade algorithms including mono and stereo tap delay and tap delay reverb and a convenient lcd display designed and engineered in italy by proel r&d m mixers are hosted in an ultra-rugged stylish metal case with abs sides providing extended durability for a stage-proof use as a unique feature in the category all the models include as standard both a padded carrying bag and metal brackets for 19” rack mounting the ultra-portable m602fx with 2 mono and 2 stereo channels provides the most demanding performers with

system type direct100a direct100p 1 channel active di 1 channel passive di tube100usb system type input section tube mic preamp with usb microphone input input impedance >250 kohm >250 kohm impedance 2.5 kohm max input level +6 pad at 0 +26 pad at 20 dbu +10 pad at 0 +30 pad at 20 +50 pad at 40 dbu sensitivity from 0 to -60 dbu connectors 1 x xlr-f 1 x 1/4 jack unbalanced 1 x 1/4 jack unbalanced connectors xlr-f balanced link 1 x 1/4 jack unbalanced 1 x 1/4 jack unbalanced instrument input output section output transformer balanced fully isolated transformer balanced isolated with shielding insertion loss 0 db 26 db load impedance 600 ohms or greater 600 ohms or greater connector xlr male xlr male impedance >1 mohm sensitivity from +10 to -50 dbu connector 1/4 jack unbalanced insert impedance send 100 ohm impedance return 10 kohm nominal out level 0 dbu 0.007 connectors 1/4 jack unbalanced analog output system performance distortion thd 50÷20k hz 0dbu 0.005 noise


v hda series following the worldwide success of v series proel introduces two brand new models offering advanced transducers amplification and dsp technology in the stylish and ultra-compact v package v hda feature carefully designed transducers combined with a powerful 1200w class d amplifier and proel high-resolution core processing for an unmatched performance in their class the high-excursion 3” vc woofers combined with celestion precision compression drivers mounted on the v series wide coverage waveguide produce an impressive sound pressure level with a flat and extended response and a sound you usually expect from top-class professional systems the 1200w class d smps amplifier module hosted in a fully sealed aluminum box provides a massive amount of power in a surprisingly compact and lightweight package raising the system’s portability to a new standard for processing the v hda the proel’s r&d lab has developed a new version of the proprietary core dsp able

lt15a lt215a • active 2-way loudspeaker systems • active 3-way loudspeaker systems • 1” compression driver with 1.35” vc on a constant coverage 90° x 60° • 1” compression driver with 1.35” vc on a constant coverage 90° x 60° horn horn • 15” woofer with 2.5” vc • 2x15” woofer with 2.5” vc • 600 w peak power • 1200 w peak power • spl max 126 db • spl max 132 db • frequency response 45 hz 20 khz • frequency response 40 hz 20 khz loudspeakers lite

foto di gruppo xeos su fondo scuro utilizzare quella esistente rilavorata xeos series xeos is a series of installation speakers including a selected number of surface-mount and ceiling models designed for contractors and installers looking for a wide choice of cost-effective elegantly designed speakers with good quality sound the elegant front baffle of the three surface-mount models with a full protection grille and a new stylish and unobtrusive aluminium logo allows these speakers available in black or white to blend perfectly in any environment the horn-loaded dome tweeters and the carefully designed crossover filters provide a smooth and detailed response suitable both for paging and background music applications all the three models feature built-in line transformers and c-shaped brackets for an easy installation in vertical or horizontal position the two square-shape 2-way ceiling models provide hi-fidelity sound and feature a low impedance input while the round shape ceiling

eikon 10s new • active vented sub-woofer • 10” woofer with pp cone • 150 w continuous class ab power amplifier • stereo balanced 1/4” jack and xlr-f inputs • stereo balanced xlr-m outputs plus balanced xlr-m link • optimized crossover design • hi-cut and lo-cut frequency control • volume and phase control • clip limiter • spl max 110 db • frequency response 40 hz 150 hz • laminated mdf cabinet with mdf front panel eikon 5 eikon 6 eikon 8 eikon 10s system type 2-way vented enclosure 2-way vented enclosure 2-way vented enclosure vented sub-woofer high frequency device 0.75 “ dome tweeter on elliptical waveguide 1 “ dome tweeter on elliptical waveguide 1 “ dome tweeter on elliptical waveguide low frequency device 5.25” woofer with fiberglass reinforced cone 6.5” woofer with fiberglass reinforced cone 8” woofer with fiberglass reinforced cone angular coverage 90° h x

freepack65lt new • all-in-one luggage-style sound system with two speakers power mixer and media player • 2 mic/line mono inputs • 2 line stereo inputs • 2-band channel eq • 16-preset digital multieffect • mp3 player with usb/sd slot bluetooth and lcd display • 1x4-led vu-meter • aux and pre-amp outputs • dual 75w class d power amplifier with smps • 2-way speakers with 2x3” tweters and 1x6.5” woofer • 2 x 7.5mt proel power cables with metal ¼” jack • 2x12 rechargeable batteries • convenient accessory compartment freepack65lt freepack65 freepack812 2 mic in line in xlr f jack 2 line in mini-jack jack 2xrca high 15db 10 khz low 15db 100 hz 16 presets digital multieffect with 1 parameter pre-amp out 2xjack rec out 2xrca aux out jack speaker out 2xjack 1x4-led vu-meter 7 mic in line in combo 1 line in mini-jack 2xrca high 15db 10 khz low 15db 100 hz 16 presets digital

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