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led moving heads pictoled pictoled is a moving head projector with a led source capable of providing a power sufficient for the replacement of the more traditional motorised wash machines with discharge lamp there are 37 12w rgbw/fc led that constitute a colour synthesis system based on today’s full colour technology using osram led chips that provide a brilliant performance throughout the entire chromatic scale cutting-edge zoom technology combined with dedicated optical guides ensure perfect mixing of the four colours during the digital control of the zoom trolley with a 15° to 55° range in addition to the extreme luminous intensity the projector allows individual control of 4 circular sections designed to customise any light show with a lot of creativity offering a wide range of visual effects and coloured beams in the air sg pictoled pictoled light source led refresh frequency >400hz flicker-free mounting points 1 pairs of ¼-turn locks automatic repositioning of

stage led sagoled warm white sagoled ww is a profile spot led featuring a 120w white “array” led source with a colour temperature 3200k due to its extreme luminous intensity this projector is able to replace the normal profile 575 with hpl lamp offering a reduced weight thanks to a strong cabinet made of black abs plastic the projector is compatible with all traditional optics for profile 19° included 26° 30° 50° optional gobos included and iris optional holder sg sagoledww sagoled warm white sg casesagoled sagoled warm white case 4x sg sagoledww light source forced air fan cooling system with electronic control 1x120w led warm white 3200k power supply led lifespan >50.000h input voltage ac~100-240v 50/60hz led refresh frequency >400hz flicker free switching power supply unit optic system power consumption 150w beam angle 19° included power supply cable 1,5 mt optional 26° 36° 50° weight and dimensions luminous flux 2950 lux @5mt 19° net

cob projectors cobetwo cobetwo is part of an innovative line of projectors called cobe that use modern cob led light sources of varying power designed for a variety of needs in the world of entertainment its unique cob led source has been designed by listening to the needs of many lighting designers trying to make the most of all the mechanical and electronic aspects that this new technology offers the combinations of the reflector the reflection “texture” the diode layout and the power supply of the 120w light source ensure a powerful wide and homogenous emission of all shades maintaining the propagation of light and colour in a unique and outstanding manner this feature makes the cobetwo a projector suitable for the chromatic aspects of any show involving soft and homogenous colours projected onto large surfaces or stages thanks to its emission width close to 90° given its versatility there had to be the possibility to choose two dimmer curves a “fade” one

led moving heads club beam the club series was designed by listening to the needs of indoor and outdoor entertainment professionals the winning features of this new line are the luminous efficiency the compactness and the functionality three core values in today’s market the club beam has been designed to give the possibility to enter the dance entertainment industry with the functionality and performance of similar machines in the field of live entertainment with a compact body with low consumption there are many functions as well as the possibilities to mix the various effects with 14 colours including two conversion filters such as ctb and cto 17 fixed gobos which thanks to the 8-sided prism and 4 selectable “steep iris” make the machine special effects unique sg clbeam club beam sg caseclub club beam case 4x sg clbeam reset via dmx structure and cabinet color temperature 5600k black aluminium/metal housing and plastic materials with high resistance led

ledbeam effects new b-ray 8 mini designed for the dj world and for occasional users designed in every detail to offer maximum possibilities to those approaching the world of lighting or indoor entertainment for the first time today the operator can choose from a wide range of latest generation beam effects the innovative b-ray 8 mini range offers to professionals a double parallel bar with all of 8 beam outputs with a 4° projection angle powered by powerful rgbw single colour led sources the double 120° tilt movement of each bar is controlled individually and generates incredible movement effects with long range light beams that controlled individually offer many creative possibilities suited to the field of use the internal software was designed using one of the most intuitive interfaces of the market giving the user many customisation possibilities that can be recalled directly from the control panel or are available in dmx mode sg bray8m mini b-ray 8 light source ip rating

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