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rods all rods on this page reel holder df fireball the fireball rod sees black cat introduce a world first to the market the team has developed this rod especially for modern fireball fishing and have tested it extensively the fast-action blank combined with the bear-like strength of the parabolic action enables perfect retrieval of fireballs and guarantees fatigue-free fishing for hours on end code length sections c.w tr length weight rrp £ 1172 200 2.00m 1 180-280 g 2.00 m 230 g 116.95 rhino black cat has established itself as a specialist in the catfish field over many years thanks to our team of specialists and our wide-ranging experience we are well-placed to react quickly to new trends and offer innovative technically-advanced products the famous fun stick is our best example it has become a firm favourite with catfish anglers and sparked new trends in ultra-light fishing for giant fish our mastery of materials during the production process has earned the trust of anglers our

rods df clonker ii a special rod for active fishing with a catfish clonk at 2.20m in length the rod is perfect for presenting baits directly off the boat close bait proximity to the clonk being essential when clonking the special power rings also allow the use of multipliers the parabolic power blank guarantees safety during the fight and prevents hook-pull with lightly hooked fish the inliner code length sections c.w tr length weight rrp £ inline rods have been the preferred choice of many french and italian catfish anglers for many years this rod type is ideally suited to active vertical angling clonking and jigging the carbon inline blank offers a fantastic and almost indestructible action line tangling in the rings is a thing of the past thanks to line guide excellent for freestyle catfish fishing where the angler holds the line in his hand and strikes by hand the true strength in this rod is particularly evident during the fight but for the catfish their efforts are in vain

rods df freestyle the new freestyle sees stefan seuß inject a little colour into angling stefan on the freestyle the coolest plaything ever the blank is indestructible the black metallic alps reel holder and matching black metallic special big big-game rings provide both fantastic visuals and a deluxe finish the freestyle is suited to all angling methods and has already created a storm in europe s catfish scene during testing the durafibre content in the blank makes the freestyle indestructible all rods on this page code length sections c.w tr length weight rrp £ 1170 280 2.80 m 2 300 g 1.46 m 510 g 172.95 reel holder cat lifter ii cat lifters are the ideal partners for the boat angler whether in italy kazakhstan spain or france ­ these rods are designed specifically for fishing from an anchored boat or for drift fishing now you can literally have the upper hand on catfish code length sections c.w tr length weight rrp £ 1145 240 1145 270 2.40 m 2.70 m 2 2 300 g 300 g 1.26 m 1.42

line the greatest strain is often on the tackle that is why we only produce line hooks and swivels of the highest quality swivel/hooks black cat single hook catline xh-o a high-performance catfish line for all methods of demanding catfish sport the orange colour provides perfect visibility in adverse weather conditions and in the beam of a head-torch at night extreme durability and a tight round braid with no water absorption are the hallmarks of this line endorsed by stefan seuß black cat power leader code size p/pack rrp £ black cat single hook mega code size p/pack rrp £ x -strong treble code size p/pack rrp £ the leader is the connection between the catfish and the angler only the strongest and most friction resistant materials will result in a successful fight black cat power leader is the optimal leader for all catfish angling methods stefan`s first choice when it comes to braided leaders code bs bs length rrp £ 4446 300 4446 500 4446 700 4446 900 3/0 5/0 7/0 9/0 5 5 3 3

accessories stefan seuß is renowned for his big catches but wary catfish can only be outwitted with the right rig and setup thanks to his special leaders now you too can be assured of a prolific bite rate deadbait rig code size bs pliers special pliers for a variety of applications in catfish angling the pliers have an ultra-sharp line cutter especially for monofilament and braided lines the powerful arms of the forceps allow the angler to firmly grip and remove the hook from the mouth of a catfish particularly important for the catfish angler is the opener that has been designed for fast and safe opening of snap rings code model rrp £ special ready rig for deadbait angling with noise notification capsule length rrp £ 6410 008 plier 47.95 4336 001 8/0 100 kg 80 cm 2.95 big bait rig code size bs special rig for deadbait angling with larger baits with two trebles and one single hook length rrp £ 4336 002 6/0 100 kg 110 cm 4.50 worm rig code size special rig for angling with worms

acc e ss ories accessories black cat easy change lead successful catfish angling is all about flexibility black cat easy change leads enable the angler to change the weight on the rig without the need to cut the line the tubes fit effortlessly even onto thick lines while the rubber stops ensure that the lead attaches firmly to the rig without slipping the leads are available in different weights making them a vital partner for buoy and boat anglers alike code weight p/pack rrp £ 6038 100 6038 130 6038 150 6038 180 6038 210 100 g 130 g 150 g 180 g 210 g 1 1 1 1 1 3.95 4.50 4.95 5.50 5.95 silent runner spoon spin rig world leader special spoon for wary catfish and heavily fished waters spoons often give themselves away from the moment they hit the surface with their rattling hooks and swivels the silent runner makes none of these metallic noises because the spoon is mounted directly on the line developed and tested on the river po weight bs copper silver rrp £ special rig for spinning

c lo n k clonk catfish clonk deep water code model special wels clonk for depths of 5 to 20 m the clonk creates incredibly strong pressure waves rrp £ 6328 005 catfish clonk deep water 21.95 s-clonk clonk teaser attractive lure which can be enhanced with worms or squid best positioned vertically under the boat when clonking code weight rrp £ stefan seuß swears by this clonk which has attracted countless fish to his hookbait unique in its design and function the clonk is suited to all water types and depths the model hails from bulgaria the catfish clonk s land of origin and where stefan received the clonk as a gift from an old fisherman many years ago today we are proud to offer the `s-class in our black cat catfish clonk range code model rrp £ 6047 120 6047 180 6047 240 120 g 180 g 240 g 7.95 9.95 11.50 6328 006 catfish clonk s clonk 41.95 special catfish clonk for use on calm waters with depths of up to 6 m catfish clonk shallow water model clonk lead code weight p/pack rrp

b ag s bags are often exposed to mud and rain when catfish fishing holdalls must be sufficiently large in order to provide room for even the largest fixed-spool reels particularly for boat anglers the bags must also be waterproof and thoughtfully designed to make all parts quickly accessible the special black cat bags have evolved from hands on experience with all weather elements considered bags spinning bag bag with two plastic boxes for spinning anglers plenty of space for your spoons shads leaders and swivels the bag is easy to carry and water and mud-resistant code length height width rrp £ 8521 004 39 cm 25 cm 12 cm 46.95 black cat team premium bag compact carryall in tear-proof and waterproof tarpaulin material waterproof coated nylon the top accessory pocket contains a rig wallet and can hold an additional flat tackle box like all black-cat-team bags all external pockets on the premium bag are finished with a robust waterproof zip to provide all-round protection for your

acc e ss ories accessories drift bag xxl extremely effective driftbag working on a similar principle to a paraglider packs away to a very compact size and unfurls to its full size underwater to put the brakes on a boat like no other driftbag when drifting code size rrp £ 500 d nylon pvc coated 8524 003 xxl 140 cm x100 cm 28.50 boat bag waterproof transport bag for clothing sleeping bags and other indispensable items on extreme trips extremely robust material 100 waterproof code model capacity size rrp £ 8521 015 boat bag 60l 98 x 45 cm 39.50 420 d nylon pu coated xxl 500 d nylon pvc coated s&l drift bag s l drift bag for all types of boat fishing on lakes and rivers either as an l version when using a brake parachute at the bow or stern of the boat or as a smaller design for using a drift bag at either side of the boat extremely robust yet easy to store design in nylon with 4 strong hangers each two sides of the opening are equipped with buoyancy aids and two with weights

acc e ss ories hooded sweatshirt code size accessories black cat jacket and brace even adverse weather conditions require first class items of clothing with a comfortable contemporary fit to guarantee freedom of movement by using the most modern materials on the market the new black cat clothing more than meets these requirements particularly impressive is the completely wind and waterproof water-x external material which is breathable to prevent sweating bib and brace code size rrp £ warm sweatshirt for cooler times in the year with the striking black cat design rrp £ 80 cotton 20 polyester jacket code size rrp £ 8925 001 8925 002 8925 003 8925 004 l xl xxl xxxl 30.95 30.95 30.95 30.95 8964 001 8964 002 8964 003 8964 004 8964 005 100 nylon m l xl xxl xxxl 86.95 86.95 86.95 86.95 86.95 8963 001 8963 002 8963 003 8963 004 8963 005 100 nylon m l xl xxl xxxl 94.50 94.50 94.50 94.50 94.50 100 nylon back side 65 cotton 35 polyester 100 nylon over jacket 100 nylon pvc coated the grand

r hino acc e ss ories black cat dip the matching dip for black cat chunks with a base of strong smelling extracts with aromas of blood meat and liver ­ perfect for giving black cat chunks or catfish pellets an additional boost particularly pasty and binding for lasting attraction code contents rrp £ 3939 020 150 ml 10.95 black cat chunks highly attractive catfish boilie thanks to its huge dimensions the boilie is highly distinctive and stays on the rig for long periods while pellets for example need replacing more often strong smelling ingredients attract the barbel hunters to the bait from great distances the aroma has been optimised during prolonged testing by the black cat team a genuine alternative to deadbaits and pellets code Ø contents rrp £ 3939 001 50 mm 3 kg 39.50 lanyard code lanyard to prevent any objects from being lost in the water description rrp £ 9949 006 lanyard 2.95 sticker code description rrp £ sticker black cat code description shop window sticker 42 cm x