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star drag bc² black cat passion fd standard technical equipment for newcomers to catfish sport and young anglers in particular black cat offers a reel that stands up to the harsh requirements of catfish angling in every department the high line capacity combined with twist-free axle and power handle make the black cat passion reel a perfect partner to the catfish rod code 0279 060 model p860 m mm gear ratio retrieve 230 0,40 5.5:1 103 cm bb drag f 8 15 lbs 0279 080 p880 360 0,40 8 r 34 4.5:1 93 cm 22 lbs weight 425 g rrp £ 74.95 705 g 84.95 · balanced rotor producing silky smooth action · ergonomically designed handle knob for optimal power transfer · robust power gears · deep aluminium spool · continuous anti-reverse spare spool 0986 044 model sp.spool bc passion fd860 material alu rrp £ 10.95 0986 045 sp.spool bc passion fd880 alu 17.95 baitcaster reels are the latest trend in active catfish fishing black cat challenged itself to bring a robust practically

catfish code 16404 200 code 16406 270 r 40 model battle cat vertical length 2,00 m sections c.w tr length 1 200 g 2,00 m weight 312 g rrp £ 157.95 battle cat vertical model battle cat boat length 2,70 m sections c.w tr length 2 400 g 2,03 m weight 508 g rrp £ 226.50 battle cat boat the workhorse for active fishing the battle cat vertical combines a light yet indestructible blank with immense power the speed and sensitivity of this rod are incredible every knock on the vertical bait is felt right down the rod blank continuous raising of even heavy lures is effortless thanks to the sophisticated arrangement of the handle reel holder and rings the rod reacts instantly to a bite transmitting the angler s strike brutally and directly to the fish with no cushioning the battle cat vertical can be fished with a fixed-spool or multiplier reel the battle cat boat has been specially designed for modern boat fishing the rod is equally suited to drifting or fishing taut rigs from an anchored

catfish code 1170 301 code 1827 260 model df joy stick iii length 2,60 m sections 2 c.w 120 200 g tr length 1,35 m weight 325 g rrp £ 147.95 1827 280 df joy stick iii 2,80 m 2 120 200 g 1,45 m 345 g 157.85 code 1170 280 model df freestyle cat length 2,80 m sections 2 c.w 300 g tr length 1,46 m weight 510 g rrp £ 212.95 1170 300 df freestyle cat 3,00 m 2 300 400 g 1,54 m 527 g 234.50 model df freestyle cat black edition length 3,00 m sections 2 c.w 300 400 g tr length 1,54 m weight 527 g rrp £ 275.50 df freestyle cat black edition length 3,00 m sections 2 c.w 300 400 g tr length 1,54 m weight 593 g rrp £ 219.95 the cat ii code 1831 300 r 46 model the cat ii df joy stick iii the joy stick is a workhorse for the lure angler the powerful blank can carry soft lures and spoons wherever catfish may lurk or hide whether from the bank or the boat the joy stick is sure to impress the slim rhino-df blank guarantees outstanding quality when casting and during a fight df freestyle

hppe blister spliceable spliceable catline xh-o catline spin/clonk specially developed high-performance line for vertical fishing the tight braid and low water absorption of almost 0 enable perfect lure retrieval with incredible strength and durability a line specially designed for spinning and clonking for big catfish the tight braid combined with high durability and a minimal water intake of almost 0 enables longer casts and results in fewer tangles on the cast the orange colour makes the line highly visible to the angler even in poor weather and enables bait movements to be perfectly controlled the low water resistance pays off when clonking and means even tentative bites are immediately transmitted to the rod code 2350 050 code 2348 038 battle cat line spinning special braided line for spinning the special braiding process creates a smooth and round line profile ensuring long casting distances smoother line retrieval onto the reel and practically zero water absorption code 2350

pliers crimping plier plier special pliers for a variety of applications in catfish angling the pliers have an ultra-sharp line cutter especially for monofilament and braided lines the powerful arms of the forceps allow the angler to firmly grip and remove the hook from the mouth of a catfish particularly important for the catfish angler is the opener that has been designed for fast and safe opening of snap rings code 6410 008 rrp £ 55.00 black cat unhooker special forceps for catfish and big fish anglers for safe and fast removal of the hook from the fish s mouth the special bend creates a powerful lever that removes even firmly-seated hooks quickly and without harming the fish code 6410 011 length 22 cm rrp £ 19.75 black cat outdoor lamp monster digital scales for reliable weighing of fish up to 200 kg operates on 3x aaa batteries not included water proof and extremely energy efficient outdoor lamp which can be used standing or hanging thanks to the clip system at night the

side planer u-float with pin reflex float new underwater float with a pin for clipping onto the main line or hooklength the supplied pin holds the float fast to braided lines or monofilament without the angler having to use a line stopper the float is also balanced with a small lead weight so that it does not start to spin in the current special outrigger float for fishing to trees hedges bushes or using a stick rig the outrigger is very light and lifts out of the water perfectly when the rig is tightened the reflective strip allows the swim to be quickly spotted at night with the use of a headlamp code 5557 001 bs rrp £ 10 g 3.25 5557 002 30 g 3.50 5557 003 60 g 3.95 adjustable outrigger special outrigger system with line clip in signature yellow colour the adjustable outrigger can be quickly and flexibly adapted to a variety of casting distances to an obstacle or buoy the clip system enables fast and durable fixing of the release line side planer planers in two different sizes

rigs black cat fireball rig carp special fireball rig with an additional treble provided for the flank of the fish this system ensures that false bites are a thing of the past the rig is fished vertically beneath the boat allowing either large baitfish or rubber shads to be presented attractively on the fireball system the rig has already accounted for enormous catches during testing on the ebro po and french rivers japanese koi code 4335 001 hook size 6/0/1/0 weight 90 g bs 100 kg content 1 pcs rrp £ 12.50 4335 002 6/0/1/0 120 g 100 kg 1 pcs 12.95 4335 003 8/0/2/0 150 g 100 kg 1 pcs 13.95 4335 004 8/0/3/0 180 g 100 kg 1 pcs 14.25 4335 005 8/0 210 g 100 kg 1 pcs 14.55 black cat vario fireball rig baby carp universal active lure in natural design the baby carp caused a sensation during testing as its special retrieve action and natural design put any catfish into attack mode the lure can be cast and retrieved slowly or can also be attractively presented by jigging along the bottom

carryall black cat catfish clonk shallow water special catfish clonk for use on calm waters with depths of up to 6 m code 6328 004 length 37 cm rrp £ 19.95 black cat stefan seuss special clonk stefan seuß brings another absolute gem among catfish clonks to the market in this special catfish clonk design thanks to its special shaft design the clonk can be quickly mastered even by beginners to create clean pressure waves beneath the water that will attract catfish code 6328 008 r 74 length 40 cm rrp £ 39.50 black cat catfish clonk deep water special catfish clonk for depths of 5 to 20 m the clonk creates incredibly strong pressure waves code 6328 005 length 37 cm rrp £ 19.95 black cat spinning bag black cat catfish clonk s-clonk 3 bag with two plastic boxes for spinning anglers plenty of space for your spoons shads leaders and swivels the bag is easy to carry and water and mud-resistant material 420 d nylon the s clonk ii was specially developed and tested by stefan

miscellaneous hard core cat bag drift bag xxl extremely effective driftbag working on a similar principle to a paraglider packs away to a very compact size and unfurls to its full size underwater to put the brakes on a boat like no other driftbag when drifting material 420 d nylon pu coated code 8524 003 width height 140 cm 100 cm rrp £ 32.00 the special weigh and transport bag for catfish anglers eight carrying loops ensure safe and gentle transport for large catfish even in rough terrain the catfish rests securely in the bag and is protected from slipping out by accident the bag can be carried by two persons perfectly suited for safely weighing specimens of more than 100kg special drainage holes made from mucous membrane friendly material are located at the underside of the bag especially boat anglers can take care of the catch directly on board while protecting the boat from dirt and mucus material 210 dnylon/tarpaulin code 8503 001 length 210 cm width 156 cm rrp £ 82.95

caps crochy cap crochy cap code model 9788 059 visor code 9788 058 content 1 pcs rrp £ 25.65 content 1 pcs rrp £ 25.65 fleece pants fleece jacket comfortable fleece pullover with tight-fitting hood in stylish black cat design the special fleece offers protection from the wind and cold material 100 polyester code 8992 001 size colour m black/yellow comfortable functional fleece trousers with robust water-resistant protectors in the knee and buttock areas in stylish black cat design the trousers can be worn when stationary fishing or as a thermal fleece layer when in a sleeping bag material 100 polyester rrp £ 56.95 code 8993 001 size colour m black/yellow rrp £ 49.95 8992 002 l black/yellow 56.95 8993 002 l black/yellow 49.95 8992 003 xl black/yellow 56.95 8993 003 xl black/yellow 49.95 8992 004 xxl black/yellow 56.95 8993 004 xxl black/yellow 49.95 8992 005 xxxl black/yellow 56.95 8993 005 xxxl black/yellow 49.95 cap code model rrp £ 9788 024 black cat 6.55 rapper cap

black cat lighter black cat led-pen combined pen and flashlight indispensable while traveling code 9949 062 rrp £ 1.95 gas lighter tried and tested construction also works in windy conditions lighter fluid not included code 9949 061 rrp £ 4.25 black cat lanyard keychain lanyard to prevent any objects from being lost in the water code 9949 006 rrp £ 3.30 floating key hanger the floating key hanger protects important items such as boat keys and house keys from sinking in the water sticker black cat black cat catfish sticker code 9949 007 code 9949 008 code 9949 033 rrp £ 3.15 width height rrp £ 21,0 cm 14,8 cm 1.10 width 9,0 cm height rrp £ 7,5 cm 0.35 black cat sticker code 9949 036 width 12 cm height rrp £ 8 cm 1.10 black cat flag code 9963 512 width height 150 cm 80 cm rrp £ 20.25 sticker black cat code 9971 955 r 90 width 42 cm height rrp £ 10 cm