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match poles xitan revolution z12 z12 revolution ­ we ve been told that it s the best pole in the world and we agree the z12 revolution caused a real stir in the pole market when introduced for 2012 no other pole on the market offers so many features combined with the optimum balance between stiffness strength and weight the z12 is an ultra high performance professional level competition pole for anglers who take their sport seriously and demand the best a top-seller in 2012 it has firmly established itself at the top the z12 is ultra stiff when striking or fishing in side winds but has been designed to have some action in the middle sections when under extreme load to absorb the pressure from hard fighting fish and over enthusiastic strikes the z12 s rigidity makes it unmatched for fishing fast or long for shy biting fish however fitted with the supplied power c section it can be a real bagging tool the z12 is a true length at 16m remember no cutting back and extends to 16.8m

margin and starter poles browning was the first to develop and sell extra-strong poles for fishing for the big fish close to the bank other makers followed our lead and the choice in margin poles is now huge however browning`s vast experience shows in the superior design quality and strength of our latest models we have also applied the same top quality and design standards to our ranges of low-cost poles drag n net re-introduced by popular demand but with performance improvements and a modern look this version of our famous drag n net margin pole will not disappoint slim light but incredibly strong it will handle those zoo creatures that lurk in the margins the thick tip needs no cutting back for heavy elastics on th is pa ge ar e al l br ow nin g po les gr ad e of ca rb on me sa su pp lie d w ith th e t th e po le w e do no on as ts ki eir th in s er rn co y or cu t an su bs tit ut e qu al ity code 1209 550 1209 993 model drag n net kit 2/1 length 5.70 m 2.45 m sections 5 2 tr

telescopic rods practical to store and quick to set up telescopic coarse rods have firmly established themselves and thanks to modern construction are much better than their reputation suggests in comparison to conventional rods force tele match fans of telescopic rods are certain to welcome the force tele match despite being a telescopic rod the force tele match has a fantastic action and enough guides to guarantee perfect line run it also demonstrates perfect balance in the hand code 1911 390 1911 420 1911 450 model force tele match force tele match force tele match length 3.90 m 4.20 m 4.50 m sections 7 7 7 c.w 2-25 g 2-25 g 4-30 g tr length 1.08 m 1.08 m 1.08 m weight 220 g 240 g 265 g rrp £ 66.50 70.50 72.95 ambition tele feeder mh a sensation in the rod market a telescopic feeder rod extremely easy to transport and yet with astonishing performance more than just a quick fix solution for the occasional angler to change the tip the end ring must be removed hot melt adhesive

feeder rods pro cast force feeder a superb range of feeder rods under the syntec brand available in the lengths 12 to 14 3.60 to 4.20 m we have spent much time and effort developing this range of exceptional feeder rods the introduction of this range underlines browning s expertise in feeder rod design code 1609 360 1609 390 1609 420 model pro cast force feeder pro cast force feeder pro cast force feeder length 12 3.60 m 13 3.90 m 14 4.20 m sections 3+3 3+3 3+3 c.w 100 g 120 g 150 g tr length 1.27 m 1.37 m 1.47 m weight 290g 335g 375g rrp £ 90.95 99.95 106.95 all rods distance force feeder when longer casting distances are the order of the day the distance force feeder is the more powerful alternative in the browning force rod range the rod has substantial backbone and will launch even the heaviest feeders to the horizon code 1608 360 1608 390 1608 420 model distance force feeder distance force feeder distance force feeder length 12 3.60 m 13 3.90 m 14 4.20 m sections 3+3 3+3

feeder and allround reels dual-distance-clip -concept 3 ambition the perfect partner for our match and feeder rods in the ambition range they may be economic but they work seamlessly and they look great too we are confident that these reels will break sales records once again highly versatile all four models are accessible to the price-conscious angler in sizes 30 and 40 and with a choice of a front or rear drag design features · anti corrosion housing · computer balanced rotor · aluminium spool with hardened front edge for longer casting distances · slim line handle · perfect line distribution · high gear ratio providing rapid line retrieval · finely adjustable rear drag rd and front drag fd · 3 high performance ball bearings · spare spool o ° view 360 webs our it n e force feeder extreme feeder fishing at 100 meters distance unthinkable some years ago now a standard distance for many pros however rather than resorting to a traditional surf reel they should really take a

groundbait reign supreme with king groundbait exclusively developed by the professional browning team with ingenious recipes for specialist use the high quality ingredients have been carefully blended to obtain optimum results particular effort has been made to ensure that all king groundbaits combine easily and work perfectly in conjunction with the tried and tested varieties of the browning champions choice groundbait range and champions choice additive crispy carp when it comes to selectively attracting big fish such as carp and bream and then holding them in the swim for long periods a very coarse groundbait with plenty of particles is ideal crispy carp binds well and therefore allows large amounts of additional loose feed to be included in the mix with its light colour and intensive fruity aroma the groundbait is perfect when large numbers of big fish are expected as is traditional from browning we only use the highest quality ingredients for our crispy carp the special feature

floats 5080 999 streamrunner flat float with wings for presenting baits securely on the bottom indispensable when targeting large specimens on rivers while rounded floats positively vibrate when holding back in turbulent waters the streamline with its intelligent hydrodynamic design and lateral stabilising wings stands firm in the water even when the waves are rising the silky smooth movements of the float ensure the bait is presented firmly on the bottom even in choppy waters meaning no specimen will swim by without noticing your offering even in autumnal currents the flat float provides optimal bait control and a direct line to the fish the streamline also features interchangeable tips to allow optimal adaptation to all light conditions the height of the hollow tips on the carbon body is also adjustable code 5155 001 5155 002 5155 003 5155 004 5155 005 5155 006 model streamrunner streamrunner streamrunner streamrunner streamrunner streamrunner bs 10 g 15 g 20 g 25 g 30 g 12 g rrp £

accessories hook slave a miracle accessory a battery powered hook tier that saves hours of fumbling with the business end of the rig produces clean knots with optimal line protection during tying operated by 2x aaa batteries not included code model 9912 003 hook slave rrp £ 32.50 catapults you can simply never have enough of them catapults are increasingly called for in modern coarse angling we offer them in three sizes and supply all spare parts code 6791 001 6791 002 6791 003 code 6791 101 6791 102 6791 103 model match catapult s match catapult s/m match catapult m model spare pouch s spare pouch s/m spare pouch m model spare elastic spare elastic spare elastic Ø elastic 3.0 mm 2.5 mm 4.0 mm size 30 mm 40 mm 50 mm size contents 30 mm 1 a 40 mm 1 a 50 mm 1 a contents 2 2 2 rrp £ 7.50 8.50 8.95 b a b c d 2.50 2.50 2.95 disgorger knot picker disgorger leaders can knot very easily but it is not always necessary to change them with the knot un-picker the solution is at your

pole rollers kit roosts rests worm chopper those who like to cut up large quantities of worms for feeding during fishing have so far had to make do with triple blade scissors the browning worm chopper is a far more convenient and energy saving solution simply lay the worms on a surface or bowl and roll over them as many times as necessary easy to clean code 6531 001 model worm chopper rrp £ 3.95 pole roosts burgundy eva roost with 6 supports code model 8203 021 standard roost e rrp £ 6.50 e roosts a b f pole clips 51 cm by using a length of elastic this clip fits various pole diameters the standard design has an additional joint for adjusting the angle the deluxe design has an extra soft clamping elastic ­ ideal for high quality poles code model 8201 005 pole clip 8201 007 pole clip deluxe a b rrp £ 2.95 4.50 available for 6 or 12 kits supplied in pairs with the front roost in a thinner diameter than the rear size 12 roost with three screw threads for secure fixing in the ground

landing net handles using our extensive experience in rod building we now offer a comprehensive series of high quality landing net handles the result a series of superbly strong yet lightweight handles in a choice of telescopic or put over designs in glass fibre or carbon a e 1 0 0 se cu re v ha es dl an h s a ll n et d ri v et ed th re ad br as s gl ue d an bcdefgh xitan even longer a take-apart code model 7100 360 xitan even longer 7100 500 xitan even longer length sections tr length 3.60 m 3 1.45 m 5.00 m 4 1.46 m material carbon carbon weight 347 g 568 g rrp £ 49.95 84.95 black magic slimstar power b take-apart code model 7102 280 slimstar power 7102 400 slimstar power length sections tr length 2.80 m 3 1.56 m 4.00 m 2 1.45 m material carbon carbon weight 191 g 310 g rrp £ 48.95 69.95 ambition power net handle f take-apart code model 7175 340 power net handle 340 7175 420 power net handle 420 length sections tr length material 3.40 m 3 1.35 m composite 4.20 m 4 1.15 m

promotional items promotional articles code 9949 042 9949 043 9949 044 9949 035 9971 956 9971 957 9949 003 model browning sticker 15 x 12 cm browning sticker 24 x 15 cm browning sticker 15 x 7.5 cm hybrid sticker 10.5 x 7.5 cm browning sticker 50 x 20 cm hybrid sticker 50 x 20 cm browning key strap a b c d e f g rrp £ 0.50 0.95 0.50 0.50 1.10 1.10 2.50 bacdefg browning banner code size 9963 503 banner 100 nylon 200 cm x 80 cm rrp £ 30.50 peter thomas gb hand towel code size 9789 003 hand towel 100 cotton rrp £ 5.50 b