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in lbs in kg m 55 cm x 35 cm x 25 cm browning black magic fishing feeder rods 14 set screws in the 1 14 length browning match reel browning rod tube holder browning hook length wallet 4 blade worm scissors landing net handle telescopic landing net handle elbow male and femal fishing nets to be used with a rod storage boxes with lids large storage boxes with lids small in oz to in lbs storage boxes with lids wall display unit storage boxes with lid and carry handle it is right to give thanks 4 mm tube to 8 mm thread part numbers of spare parts browning xitan browning margin pole bolo rod browning browning feeder rods browning poles spares browning fishing pole browning fishing feeder rods browning fishing poles browning feeder browning pole spares browning fishing feeder rods sections browning pole sections xitan z browning carp pole browning fishing pole spares browning fishing feeder rods spares feeder tips browning browning xitan cup kit browning fishing carp pole browning pole spare sections fishing tackle browning brownning poles browning black viper browning pole black magic browning c c float rod browning a 5 stock browning fishing rods browning black magic sections browning black magic 3 browning fishing rods feeder browning black magic fd reels browning float rods browning match rod browning pro canal 950 ball bearing brown

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competition poles code 10215 110 model sphere zero-g power partner length 10,50 m sections 7 tr length 1,75 m weight 645 g rrp £ 799.00 sphere zero-g power partner browning’s sphere zero-g partner pole provides sphere pole owners with a fully section compatible 10.5m pole ideal for any situation needing some extra strength ideal for margin fishing as a back-up pole or just for general summer fishing at shorter lengths made of sphere quality carbon so is very stiff and weighs only 645gr at 10,50m can be safely used with the sphere butt sections and fished at longer lengths the power partner is supplied “pole only” but is fitted with a sphere multikit it’s a “must have” for any sphere owner code 10216 115 10216 116 10216 996 10216 905 10216 997 10216 992 model sphere zero-g power perfection set 11,50 m multi kit l 2/1 4,5 mm duo bush d section kit 3/1 multi cupping kit length 11,50 m 11,50 m 2,75 m 1,60 m 4,15 m 2,75 m sections 7 7 2 1 3 2 tr

carp power poles code 10404 950 10404 952 10404 999 10404 996 model pole set 9,5 m extension 11 m kit 3/1 length 9,50 m 9,50 m 1,85 m 3,90 m sections 6 6 1 3 tr length 1,85 m 1,85 m 1,85 m 1,53 m weight 811 g 811 g 276 g 118 g s e t ki t confi gurati on code 10404 952 model set 9,5 m kit 3/1 1 cup kit 1 hypercarp hc20 9.5m set comprises • 9.5m hypercarp hc 20 pole • pole protector to fit 9.5m section • 1x hyprecarp 2/1 cupping kit • hypercarp pole holdall code 10405 600 model pole length 6,00 m sections 4 rrp £ 229.00 399.00 115.00 165.00 hyper carp hc 20 hypercarp hc20-950 hypercarp poles are extreme poles for extreme situations all poles in the hypercarp range are specialist poles specifically designed for catching the largest carp on the strongest tackle these pole take over where normal “power poles” are found to be too weak they are constructed using high quality carbon – essential to keep the pole stiff – however the

feeder rods the sphere rods are truly from a different world the rods have been developed using the highest quality carbon available and every other aspect of their design has been engineered to produce a product that is as “perfect” as we can possibly make it all sphere rods feature the slimmest lightest high-modulus carbon blanks available a unique ergonomic and weight reducing handle which transmits more “feel” to the angler sphere rods look and feel like no other rod on the market we believe that these are the most advanced match style fishing rods available sphere spliced-tip river specialist match float rods from the sphere range developed specifically for river fishing both rods feature a 50cm solid carbon tip carefully spliced into the top section this creates the ultra-fast and stiff action needed to pick up line and connect with bites in flowing water but with the soft and forgiving tip needed for fine lines and small hooks these are the ultimate in

feeder rods in 2010 browning were amongst the very first to offer new styles of short rod which challenged the need for traditional length rods on commercial fisheries our force 8’ wand and 9’ micro waggler were big sellers and soon copied we have refined our designs further to stay „ahead of the game“ the result is our range of 13 commercial king rods these rods are based around ultra slim and light high modulus full carbon blanks we have carefully considered every aspect of the rod not just the action they are absolutely perfect and look superb these rods are typically half the cost of similar quality rods from other suppliers we challenge anybody to find an equal performing rod at these prices the commercial king range has been further improved and refined commercial king² wand try one of these and you will never use a long rod again the ultimate rods for close range tip fishing the 8’ length dramatically improves accuracy and lands fish

front drag spinning backfire ii fd a slick yet functional edition of the most successful browning match reel in recent years its outstanding feature is the large diameter shallow spool which minimises the irritating and tangle causing coiling which often occurs when using thicker lines on small spools the large spool also adds to casting distances a compact and perfect reel for pellet waggler bomb or small method feeder fishing code 0285 030 0285 040 b74 model 830 840 m mm gear ratio retrieve 180 0,20 5.1:1 95 cm 130 0,30 5.1:1 97 cm bb 8 8 drag f 6,8 kg 15 lbs 11,3 kg 25 lbs weight 285 g 360 g rrp £ 71.95 75.95 backfire ii bf standard technical equipment all features of our backfire fd reel but with the added benefit of a reliable run control system fans of run control reels have a choice of two sizes of backfire the larger size being perfect for heavy feeder method and big waggler fishing the big spool adds meters to casting distances with thick lines ··robust nylon

flavours powdered bitter almond toffee caramel spicy gardon super vanilla chicken liver strawberry brasem orange lacto green mussel attractors in powder form have become indispensable for match angling these allow groundbait to be quickly adapted to changing water conditions a new scent on the scene can send fish with closed mouths back into a feeding frenzy the cc power additive range is the result of years of experience of our test anglers who have worked meticulously on the recipes take advantage of their experience and bumper catches are guaranteed contents bitter almond toffee caramel spicy gardon super vanilla strawberry brasem orange lacto sweet appetizer 250 g 3927 001 3927 002 3927 003 3927 004 3927 005 3927 006 3927 007 3927 008 cheese/kingcrab red bubble gum orange contents chicken liver pineapple bubble gum green mussel monster crab garlic 80 g 3903 001 3903 002 3903 003 3903 004 3903 005 3903 006 80 g 3903 101 3903 102 3903 103 3903 104 3903 105 3903 106 cheese spicy

feeder sets b108 feeder wire match small display feeder wire match medium display feeder specialist m display feeder specialist xl display each 6x 6662 010 020 030 040 051 061 each 6x 6662 021 031 041 051 062 082 each 6x 6667 020 030 040 050 060 080 each 5x 6667 041 051 061 081 101 121 code 6662 997 code 6662 998 code 6667 998 code 6667 999 content 36 pcs rrp £ 53.95 content 36 pcs rrp £ 55.95 content 36 pcs rrp £ 62.95 content 30 pcs rrp £ 67.95 feeder wire match xl display feeder easy speed display coated feeder display jet feeder display each 6x 6662 021 031 042 062 082 102 each 6x 6669 020 030 040 050 060 080 each 6x 6657 020 040 060 and 6657 120 140 160 6x 30 g 40 g 60 g s 6x 30 g 40 g 80 g l code 6662 999 code 6669 999 code 6657 999 code 6606 999 content 36 pcs rrp £ 57.95 content 36 pcs rrp £ 67.95 Ø size colour 3,0 cm m brown+green rrp £ 84.95 Ø 2,8 cm rrp £ 115.00

seat box station cruiser trolley a “formula 1” trolley the tricycle design is stable and very easy to push without any lifting however on areas of rough ground it can still be lifted and pushed as a conventional “wheelbarrow” trolley all wheels are fitted with ball bearings for effortless pushing and the handle is height adjustable for comfort the design is compact and stores nearly flat when taken apart for easy transport has a removable “drop” bag that sits between the base frame tubes and is useful for clothing etc suitable for browning and most other similar seatboxes on the market code 8705 007 xitan compact seat box length 87,00 cm width 47,00 cm weight 13,5 kg rrp £ 215.00 an alternative xitan box for anglers looking even lighter weight and greater flexibility the frame of the compact box frame is around 25 lighter than other xitan boxes the height adjustable top frame allows trays to be stacked above the frame but still allows the

holdall black magic® cool bag black magic® rod carrier medium high quality fully padded and foil lined cool bag essential for keeping bait fresh in warmer weather good for food drink also material 100 nylon padded protective rod carriers with a full zip opening and pouch large enough for larger reels fitted with padded shoulder strap and carry handle 2 sizes for different section lengths material 100 nylon code 8527 009 length 150 cm width 18 cm height 8 cm rrp £ 31.95 code 8527 012 length 30 cm width 18 cm height 20 cm rrp £ 33.95 black magic® deluxe tackle bag black magic® rod carrier long high quality multi-purpose tackle bag the main compartment is padded and the lid is semi-rigid for full protection has three spacious external zip pockets carry handles and a padded shoulder strap material 100 nylon padded protective rod carriers with a full zip opening and pouch large enough for larger reels fitted with padded shoulder strap and carry handle 2 sizes for

brolly umbrellas xitan silverfish x-strong keep net umbrella browning sometimes the heavens open but with browning umbrellas you can stay dry in the fiercest downpours the large burgundy umbrella in conventional design has undergone a further pvc coating and reinforcement since previous years code 9972 250 Ø 2,50 m tr length 1,35 m rrp £ 73.95 top quality silverfish keepnet a more compact partner version of the xitan x-strong carp keepnet tough mesh throughout with external metal rings which eliminate wear at the corners top ring fitted with an ultra strong 1 piece screw fitting with no moving parts to fail code 7050 001 length 2,50 m width 40 cm height mesh 50 cm 2 x 2 mm rrp £ 87.95 xitan carp x-strong keep net top quality keepnet for big catches tough carp mesh throughout with external metal rings which eliminate wear at the corners code 7014 001 length 2,50 m width 40 cm height mesh 50 cm 2 x 2 mm rrp £ 75.95 7014 002 3,00 m 40 cm 50 cm 2 x 2 mm 80.95 7014 003 3,50 m