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Catalog Browning Fishing 2011

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match poles xitan power z7.5 ­ the sensible choice the completely new xitan z7.5 power provides lower priced alternative to the range-topping z9 the z7.5 has the z9 s dna in its blood and like its more expensive brother will set a new performance standard and benchmark in its price range the z7.5 shares most of the z9 s advanced design features superb quality of finish and high manufacturing standards this is a well balanced strong stiff and reliable pole which maintains it rigidity to 16 meters and compares very well with the z9 at normal fishing lengths the use of nano-carbon fibres makes the pole very durable and able to shrug off the knocks and bangs of catching big weights of fish the butt sections are strengthened to prevent elbow and spray bar damage and are finished with a minimal paint finish to aid shipping in damp conditions this complements the standard microfine sanded diamond surface finish of the lower sections the pole packs into the 14.5m section and the standard

poles the right whip for every budget the highlight for the 2011 season is undoubtedly the force pro canal truly the best canal whip we have ever produced in this price segment and is now extendable to 11 m for the first time force pro canal the finest canal whip we have ever produced in this price segment with thousands of anglers having fallen in love with browning pro canal poles we thought the time was right for a complete makeover the result is impressive incredibly light and stiff for a pole in this price range one major change is the removal of the highly visible spiral reinforcement that was a visible feature of old pro canal poles thanks to modern materials and production methods this had now become superfluous the new force has only a telescopic top 2 sections this retains the correct action for a whip but also allows the flick tip to be removed and the pole easily elasticated if required now for the first time also extendable to 11 m code 1348 800 1348 950 1348 999 model

match rods xitan ultra match browning through sheer dedication and commitment our test engineers can really create special products at affordable prices all models have excellent balance and weight ratio and this only serves to assist the delicate action making it a pleasure to use the quality of the xitan ultra match is seen to be on a par with the legendary carboxy super match all rods code 1135 360 1135 390 1135 420 1135 450 model xitan ultra match xitan ultra float xitan ultra float xitan ultra distance waggler length sections c.w tr length weight 12 3.60 m 3 6-15 g 1.26 m 205 g 13 3.90 m 3 10-20 g 1.36 m 220 g 14 4.20 m 3 15-25 g 1.46 m 250 g 15 4.50 m 3 15-35 g 1.56 m 290 g rrp £ 109.95 123.95 134.95 137.95 champions choice match commercial waggler this 2 piece 11`6 ultra slim and light carbon rod has been designed as an all round waggler rod for both carp and quality silver fish the rod has a full parabolic non-lock action but also has a slightly softer and more forgiving

feeder specialist rods hot rod feeder 10 11 the 10 version is perfect for short distance fishing on carp fisheries or small rivers a slightly stiffer action than the typical match-style bomb rods makes it ideal for close range feeder or method fishing supplied with 3 tips of 1 1.5 2oz the 11 feeder rod designed with a powerful action for fishing with method feeders with strong lines for bigger fish although very powerful the abbreviated handle design allows the rod to bend throughout its length giving an amazing through action this rod is also perfect for river fishing for chub and barbel supplied with 3 tips of 1 1.5 2oz code model 1274 300 hot rod carp bomb 1275 330 hot rod carp feeder length 10 3.00 m 11 3.30 m sections c.w 3+3 15-40 g/3-8 lb 3+3 15-40 g/3-8 lb tr length 1.08 m 1.20 m weight 200 g 222 g rrp £ 59.50 61.95 browning hot rod power feeder a real flexible friend this attractive range of multi-purpose feeder rods is firmly aimed at general coarse fishing they

rear and front drag reels ° view 360 webs our i feeder and allround reels available from janu ary 2011 available from janu ary 2011 another member of the black magic family of over-sized reels with same specialist design features and wormshaft gearing as the other two reels in the range but incorporating a free-spool facility an alternative to conventional carp-oriented free-spool reels perfect for long-distance fishing with finer lines or braid for species like bream and tench check our range specialist king long-distance and power feeder rods on page b36-37 browning are experts in this field our rods are designed by experts and have some of the most advanced features available on the market browning onte ww w z e b om co-europe.c black magic fd feeder 650 fd ® browning have a lot of expertise in producing specialist tackle purpose designed for the long-distance feeder fishing which is common in mainland europe the black magic feeder 650 is an example of a specialist reel packed

groundbait im pr ov ed fo rm ul a accessories browning gardons specifically developed for targeting larger roach on canals and rivers gardons has just the right properties to attract and hold specimen fish in your swim and to keep them feeding with few active ingredients the fish will concentrate directly on the feeding area the distinctive aroma of ground spices is irressistible to large roach and bream grain size large adhesion medium code model 3970 011 gardons contents 1 kg rrp £ 5.14 red roach a roach groundbait without an equal the rich red colour of the groundbait provides an unbeatable advantage on coloured waters and in spring only the best high quality ingredients are used for red roach the distinctive scent of roasted hemp combined with a special mixture of additives is irresistible to large roach and skimmer bream red roach can be used on slow flowing canals and stillwaters and is perfect for use with bloodworm grain size medium adhesion medium contents 1 kg rrp £ 5.14

dart waggler dart waggler there are many different brands of wagglers available but all are very similar in design and can only really be distinguished by the colour of the paint now the brainstormers at browning have breathed new life into waggler design we are certain that our innovative new dart waggler will soon be setting european match anglers pulses racing in the words of product developer jürgen masuch this is a new evolutionary stage in waggler design not a simple re-development code 5123 001 5123 002 5123 003 5123 004 5123 005 5123 006 5123 007 model dart waggler dart waggler dart waggler dart waggler dart waggler dart waggler dart waggler weight 10 g 12 g 14 g 16 g 18 g 20 g 25 g bs 1g 1g 1g 1g 1g 1g 1g rrp £ 9.95 9.95 9.95 9.95 9.95 9.95 9.95 code 5123 990 5123 991 5123 992 5123 993 5123 994 5123 995 5123 996 5123 997 5123 998 5123 999 model tip with flights 1 piece peacock feather 1 piece peacock feather with flights 1 piece 4,5mm hollow tips 6 pieces 2.0mm

accessories rigs swimfeeders easy swap swivel 5x 5x practical side mounting system with ready-positioned line stops simply tie on and away you go e.g for use with wagglers code 6147 001 model 5 rrp £ 0.95 code hook size Ø/mm 4603 014 14 0.12 mm 4603 016 16 0.10 mm 4603 018 18 0.08 mm 4603 020 20 0.08 mm leader length 20 cm 10 hooks to nylon per pack rrp £ 2.95 2.95 2.95 2.95 code hook size Ø/mm 4604 014 14 0.12 mm 4604 016 16 0.10 mm 4604 018 18 0.10 mm 4604 020 20 0.08 mm 4604 022 22 0.065 mm leader length 20 cm 10 hooks to nylon per pack rrp £ 3.95 3.95 3.95 3.95 3.95 code hook size Ø/mm 4605 014 14 0.12 mm 4605 016 16 0.12 mm 4605 018 18 0.10 mm 4605 020 20 0.08 mm 4605 022 22 0.08 mm leader length 20 cm 10 hooks to nylon per pack rrp £ 2.95 2.95 2.95 2.95 2.95 5x 5x match/feeder assortment small tub with the most popular swivels for match and feeder angling code model 6100 002 match/feeder assortment rrp £ 9.95 instant snap swivel link swivels for a multitude of uses

boxes riddles storage groundbait bucket/cover d large capacity bucket with handle for mixing volumes of groundbait giant 40 liter model with optional cover with zip top opening the 30l bowl is supplied with lid and round bait bowl code 8514 005 8514 010 8514 007 8411 028 model bucket 17 liter bucket 30 liter with lid and bowl bucket 40 liter groundbait bucket cover 40 liter a b c d rrp £ 11.50 27.50 25.95 9.95 bait boxes five different sized bait boxes with lids as you can never have enough of them we are pleased to offer them at very competitive prices code 8172 001 8172 002 8172 003 8172 005 8172 006 model baitbox baitbox baitbox baitbox baitbox size 0.60 l 1.25 l 2.50 l 1.00 l 1.50 l a b c d e rrp £ 1.50 1.50 1.50 2.50 2.50 abccade dip holder b insert for bait boxes for storing bait dips in such a way that they cannot tip over fits to 8172 002-003 code model 8173 001 dip holder rrp £ 2.50 bowl cover with bait box intelligent solution this waterproof cover for our 17l 8514 005

carryalls accessories multi-purpose bag for storing reels spare spools forceps feeders catapults etc the applications are endless for this handy transport accessory with allround zip fastener code 8523 013 model size multi-purpose bag 19 x 10 cm rrp £ 10.50 re si st an t to p qu al ity im pa ct tu re s ra ev en at lo w te m pe transport tubes is ts su pe ri or qu al ity re er w ea th cr ac ki ng in co ld transport tubes for poles top kits and rods in three diameters available separately or in a set with all three tubes open at both ends offering practical use waterproof keepnet bag a totally waterproof way of transporting wet nets our bags are made from top quality nylon that resists premature wear and cracking ­ not to be confused with cheaper products on the market code 8401 001 8401 002 model keepnet bag keepnet bag length 55 cm 55 cm depth 55 cm 55 cm width 12 cm 25 cm rrp £ 42.50 44.50 code 9972 110 bait umbrella small 4 spike umbrella to protect the side tray from rain or

promotional items promotional articles code 9949 042 9949 043 9949 044 9949 003 model sticker gold/transparent 15 x 12 cm sticker gold/black 24 x 15 cm sticker gold/black 15 x 7.5 cm key strap rrp £ 0.95 0.95 0.50 2.95 browning banner code size 9963 503 banner 100 nylon 200 cm x 80 cm hand towel code size 9789 003 hand towel 100 cotton simon colclough gb rrp £ 8.49 b