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Catalog Browning Reels & Accessories 2008

browning black magic 830 fd browning fishing feeder reels force feeder extreme reel browning black magic fd reels browning champions choice pole browning black magic pole 4 blade worm scissors champion choice aroma black magic 3 pole black magic pole zebco 33 reels browning carboxy browning beryllium pole browning carboxy match browning feeder braid browning pole float hollow antenna browning extreme distance feeder reel browning match trolleys browning force feeder browning fishing feeder rods browning fishing rods feeder browning fishing pole browning fishing poles feeder tips browning browning landing nets browning pole floats browning match reel browning c c float rod browning carboxy gold pole browning fishing feeder rods spares browning fishing feeder rods sections browning poles spares browning pole spares browning fishing pole spares browning black magic fishing feeder rods browning carboxy gold 2 browning fishing poles 2007 browning pole black magic browning fishing rod spares browning pole spare sections browning fishing box spares browning black magic sections zebco feeder rod zebco landing net zebco trophy feeder rods zebco world champion zebco size 50 code 5068 halibut bbq bob nudd syntec match rod black magic feeder pole rod rest pole champion choice syntec force extreme

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b lackmagic ® reels black magic®reels browning front or rear drag ­ your decision with a black magic® reel you are equipped for all scenarios again with the same strategy as rod development browning is not taking any gambles in the reel sector black magic® rd 8 with flat match spool black magic®fd compact and capable front drag reel which proved so popular in test sales in the 2005 season it was sold out in a flash now regularly available in the three major sizes the smooth transmission is even noticeable on the first turns of the handle and the large disc brakes in the spool ensure soft braking even when fighting the most stubborn adversary the successor to an established best seller we have completely reengineered the rear drag model in the black magic® range like its predecessor it bears the name of the now legendary black magic® poles the reel impresses by combining a no frills yet sleek exterior with uncompromising performance if you are looking for a match reel that will

f eederreels feeder reels browning special feeder reels why of course choose between the new `carboxy flatliner specially designed with a long cast spool for fishing at long distances or the force feeder extreme for extreme feeder fishing 8 nded ody for exte reinforced b y even when it gear durabil er fishing extreme feed force feeder extreme carboxy flatliner for years specialist feeder anglers have cried out for reels with large spools for fishing over long distances they have often turned to surf reels whose exaggerated size makes them no more than an emergency measure the new carboxy flatliner is the answer to all of their prayers the long cast reel is available in two sizes the machine cut wormshaft gears ensure perfect line distribution particularly important with braided lines to ensure friction free casts the high 5.5 to 1 gear ratio simply takes all of the effort out of distance fishing feeder fishing at 100 meters distance unthinkable some years ago now a standard distance

particles king groundbait reign supreme with king groundbait exclusively developed by the professional browning team with ingenious recipes for specialist use the high quality ingredients have been carefully blended to obtain optimum results particular effort has been made to ensure that all king groundbaits combine easily and work perfectly in conjunction with the tried and tested varieties of the browning champions choice groundbait range and champions choice additive soaked hemp scarcely any other particle bait can hold coarse fish in the swim for longer than soaked hemp roach in particular find it irresistible the main advantage of hemp is that the small compact grains allow it to be catapulted out and sink to the bottom relatively quickly even in strong currents without being carried away like maggots and casters browning hemp has a particularly high proportion of grains with a visible shoot the most important quality feature the 250g packet will generally see you through you

l ines lines the most important link between the angler and his catch his line browning has specially designed its monofilament to meet the needs of both pole and match anglers lines black magic® sinking line is a speciality for match anglers while the other lines are generally suited to feeder fishing also including the feeder braid described as one of the best braided feeder lines on the market by anglers mail england cenitan pole rig line `cenitan is back countless anglers still enthuse about the old cenitan and after a few years absence we are pleased to present the new cenitan we have retained the quality features of the old variant besides the necessary strength precise calibration is paramount for match anglers those who want to fish with a 0.08 mm line can not risk losing bites because they are actually using a 0.10 mm thickness there are no such worries with cenitan whose precision is guaranteed make sure you don t miss out on this advantage over the opposition 50 m code

floats we have extended the browning float range with two series of peacock wagglers for 2 rigs per winder carbon stem 4 interchangable balsa antennas multi-bolo no 1 stillwater stillwater canal stillwater slow rivers flowing water fast rivers small fish surface size 1.00 g 1.20 g 1.50 g 2.00 g 2.50 g 3.00 g 4.00 g 5.00 g 6.00 g 7.00 g 8.00 g 9.00 g 10.00 g 11.00 g 12.00 g 13.00 g 14.00 g 15.00 g 16.00 g 17.00 g 18.00 g 19.00 g 20.00 g code 5084 001 5084 002 5084 003 5084 004 5084 005 5084 006 rrp £ 5.99 available from janu ary 2008 rig winder tried and trusted rig winders to keep your ready made pole float rigs in order each winder can take two ready made rigs supplied with rubber anchors and stickers for labelling the rigs code model length 6784 000 winder 100 mm 6784 001 winder 150 mm 6784 002 winder 200 mm 6784 003 winder 250 mm 6784 004 winder 300 mm 6784 999 rubber anchors retail pack of 5 contents 5 pcs 5 pcs 5 pcs 5 pcs 5 pcs 10 pcs rrp £ 1.99 1.99 2.49 2.99 3.49 0.99

f eeder st due extremely robu to the cast lead baskets feeders flatty feeder a particularly effective feeder design for fishing `the method this feeder became a bestseller in no time accessories browning wiederer super feeder uk wire feeder standard wire feeder as demanded by english anglers attractive and fashionable finish code weight 6662 010 10 g 6662 020 20 g 6662 030 30 g 6662 040 40 g 6662 021 6662 031 6662 041 6662 051 6662 042 6662 062 6662 082 6662 102 20 g 30 g 40 g 50 g 40 g 60 g 80 g 100g Ø 2.5 cm 2.5 cm 2.5 cm 2.5 cm 3.0 cm 3.0 cm 3.0 cm 3.0 cm 4.0 cm 4.0 cm 4.0 cm 4.0 cm length 4.0 cm 4.0 cm 4.0 cm 4.0 cm 4.5 cm 4.5 cm 4.5 cm 4.5 cm 6.0 cm 6.0 cm 6.0 cm 6.0 cm rrp £ 0.99 0.99 0.99 0.99 0.99 0.99 0.99 0.99 0.99 1.49 1.49 1.49 the lead weight on this feeder is located around the cage giving it fantastic flight properties the lead weight can be easily slid towards the top of the cage and exchanged very simply code weight 6660 001 10 g 6660 002 20 g 6660 003 30 g 6660

b rowningseatbox browning seatbox our r&d team have certainly excelled themselves with the brand new seatboxes in our browning range the competition box marks a new era for browning match anglers a comprehensive system incorporating the seatbox platform trolley and accessories browning `standard seatbox the alternative model to the competition box supplied with four telescopic feet and the same modular construction interchangeable sections from the competition box are also compatible with this model comes as standard with two flat tackle sections a side drawer and a larger storage compartment underneath the box for light use when not so much luggage is required thick upholstered seating surface art nr modell 8028 002 browning `standard seatbox rrp £ 149.99 accessories code 8028 101 8028 105 8028 106 8028 108 8028 110 8028 120 8028 121 8028 122 8028 123 8028 124 8028 125 8028 126 8028 128 8028 129 model top cover module 41 x 29 x 2 cm basic module 41 x 29 x 4 cm flat tackle section

p oleandrodrests pole and rod rests premium quality pole and rods equally deserve first class rests that s what you get with the browning range pole roosts a choice of 2 roosts each featuring burgundy eva code model 8203 021 standard roost rrp £ 4.49 match pole rollers available for 6 or 12 kits supplied in pairs with the front roost in a thinner diameter than the rear size 12 roost with three screw threads for secure fixing in the ground code model 8203 010 kit roost set 6 rods d 8203 011 kit roost set 12 rods e rrp £ 8.49 9.49 code 8201 001 8201 002 8201 003 model mini standard 8 match a b c rrp £ 4.99 5.99 7.99 abdc pole roller the most popular design for shipping the pole behind you will stand firm on any type of ground with its individually adjustable legs code model 8201 006 pole roller rrp £ 24.49 e feeder rod rests three different rod rests all allowing individual positioning of the feeder rod to suit the requirements of every situation code 8202 018 8202 014 8203 012

c arryalls accessories carryalls the perfect companion to our range of premium quality holdalls carryalls net bags bait bowls and other essential accessories a c cc keepnet bag code 8518 011 8518 012 8518 013 model keepnet bag a double keepnet bag b keepnet bag c length 50 cm 55 cm 55 cm width 50 cm 50 cm 55 cm depth 10 cm 15 cm 10 cm rrp £ 12.99 16.99 13.49 transport tubes transport tubes for poles top kits and rods in three diameters available separately or in a set with all three tubes open at both ends offering practical use 8510 999 set 3 diameters 19.99 feeder tip case gone are the days when the feeder angler would go to the water s edge with one or two tips this case allows you to take a wide variety and store them in an easy to follow order code 8411 004 model feeder tip case length 70 cm depth 24 cm tube cap for 20 tips rrp £ 15.99 b extra robust tilt now with new c reinforced fabri mechanism and cc special keep netbag specially designed bag to fit the outer pocket of our

j ackets waistcoats clothing in answer to great demand we are pleased to present wind and waterproof team clothing for everybody now you can look great and enjoy pure comfort on the bank overtrousers water-x-bib and brace the ideal complement to the water-x-jacket particularly sensitive areas such as the knees and buttocks have been reinforced to prevent premature wear the high cut protects sensitive areas such as the angler s kidneys code model size 8956 001 water-x-bib and brace m 8956 002 water-x-bib and brace l 8956 003 water-x-bib and brace xl 8956 004 water-x-bib and brace xxl 8956 005 water-x-bib and brace xxxl 100 nylon rrp £ 78.49 78.49 78.49 78.49 78.49 waterproof overtrouser code model 8946 004 overtrousers 8946 005 overtrousers 100 nylon pvc-coated size xxl xxxl rrp £ 19.99 19.99 apron water-x-jacket water-x is the magic material it prevents wind and water from reaching the angler s skin but allows body moisture to escape reliably consequently the angler is always warm

promotional items promotional articles code 9963 002 9963 010 9949 042 9949 043 9949 044 9949 003 model badge sew-on badge sticker gold/transparent 15 x 12 cm sticker gold/black 24 x 15 cm sticker gold/black 15 x 7.5 cm key strap rrp £ 2.49 1.99 0.49 0.99 0.49 1.99 browning banner size 9963 503 banner 100 nylon 200 cm x 80 cm rrp £ 24.49 ball pen code 9963 004 model ball pen rrp £ 4.99 bob nudd gb hand towel code size 9789 003 hand towel 100 cotton rrp £ 4.49 b