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Catalog Browning Rods 2008

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c cmatchpoles match poles the successful and popular beryllium concept receives a new flagship model the `carboxy gold we are confident that the price versus quality will impress both retailers and consumers alike beryllium mspec the `beryllium mspec is versatile enough to be used on stillwaters canals or rivers supplied with power kits it can handle even the toughest of opponents following its introduction it achieved record sales meaning that it was browning s new all time best match pole in its price category not surprisingly for our r&d as the performance is unprecedented and reliability comes as standard the beryllium mspec has one of the lowest breakage rates of top match poles in its class owners and futures owners of a beryllium mspec can put their faith in a truly remarkable product code model 1620 146 set berylli mspec 1620 130 berylli mspec 13 m mini ext 1620 997 kit 5/1 1620 999 extension 14.5 m 16 m miniextension length 14.50 m 13.00 m 6.10 m 1.75 m sections 10 9+1

m atchpoles match poles a successful set of poles the black magic® force is the high flier silicium and thallium are spin offs of the beryllium match pole concept ­ and all of them are set to be a success throughout the 2008 season black magic® force browning our best seller of the 2007 season after numerous requests for a version of the black magic with push over joints we are proud to announce the `black magic® force with all the same benefits and features offered by the black magic iii but with the advantage of push over joints when 11 meters will suffice the angler with the black magic® force has a clear advantage over competitors with poles designed for fishing at 12.5 meters and beyond recommended elastic rating ­ up to size 16 equipped with power kit up to 20 code model 1028 126 set black magic force 1028 110 black magic force miniext 1028 993 power kit 2/1 1028 995 kit 3/1 1028 997 kit 5/1 1028 999 extension 12.5 m miniextension length 12.50 m 11.00 m 2.35 m 2.65 m

m arginpoles margin poles browning browning was the first company to market special strong poles for fishing immediately at the water s edge why not benefit from this expertise all models are top performers in their price category carp man slim and powerful the carp man is guaranteed to make an instant impression even heavyweight opponents can be coaxed into the landing net in no time sections are based upon the mandrel concept of the popular and successful iron man power kits 2/1 kits 3/1 and 4/1 can also be used with it further down the sections are longer to produce optimum balance recommended elastic strength up to size 20 code 1626 101 1626 100 1626 994 model carp man set carp man kit 2/1 length 10.00 m 10.00 m 2.55 m sections 8 8 2 tr length 1.50 m 1.50 m 1.50 m weight 613 g 613 g 41 g rrp £ 199.00 239.00 39.00 aggressor margin maestro the successor to our best seller the `margin master is now considerably slimmer and lighter as before the rod is strong enough to land the

p oles poles another great addition to the range of put over starter carbon poles the pro canal is available in a choice of 6 to 9.5 meters it has an amazingly light action for a pole at this price level code 1866 700 1866 800 1866 950 model pro-canal 7 m pro-canal 8 m pro-canal 9.5 m length 6.90 m 7.90 m 9.40 m sections 6 7 8 tr length 1.45 m 1.45 m 1.50 m weight 370 g 495 g 664 g rrp £ 86.99 101.99 130.99 browning the right pole for every price point that was our aim while the pro canal is specific to silver fish the ambition pro and first carbon choice have universal purposes set kit configuration code model 1001 951 amibtion pro set 1352 951 first premium set length power kit 2/1 kit 3/1 9.50 m 1 ­ 9.50 m 1 ­ kit 5/1 ­ ­ pro-canal rods 2/1 power kits no w available ambition pro a superb new carbon pole ideal for beginners or young budding pole anglers alike it is ideal for short distance fishing on canals lakes and other small waters excellent value for money w available

w hips whips browning code 1173 700 1173 800 model first choice first choice length 6.50 m 7.50 m sections 5 6 tr length 1.55 m 1.55 m weight 530 g 850 g rrp £ 27.99 32.49 beryllium tele fans of telescopic poles took the acqua azzura to their hearts last year with the beryllium tele we are proud to present an improved stiffer model ideal for `fishing to hand i.e with a long line when the fish are biting you will be lightning fast with this pole code 1016 600 1016 700 1016 800 model beryllium tele beryllium tele beryllium tele length 6.00 m 7.00 m 8.00 m sections 6 7 8 tr length 1.36 m 1.36 m 1.36 m weight 295 g 360 g 450 g rrp £ 96.99 134.99 185.49 ambition tele everybody starts somewhere but why should young or uninitiated anglers be excluded from the browning experience children especially are excited by the browning brand and those who make their first steps with browning are likely to return throughout their lives code 1038 400 1038 500 1038 600 1038 700 1038 800 model ambition

p olespareparts pole spare parts pole sections can break even with the very best of poles no problem we have replacements parts available for all our current models and even for many of those which no longer feature in our range all items are separately packaged and supplied marked with a barcode sticker g194312 code previous popular models cc 1000 mspec cc1000 cspec power kit cc1000 cspec cc-995 a/1 l186711 l186811 l186810 j163211 j163201 j163311 j163301 e185411 e185401 e185410 j163411 j163401 j163611 j163601 l186411 l186410 g167711 g167701 g167710 l161811 l161810 l162411 l162410 h105911 h105901 h103311 k101511 k103711 l101011 j186511 k102711 k106311 k106411 h106031 j102311 j106111 l116611 b/2 l186712 l186812 l186820 j163212 j163202 j163312 j163302 e185412 e185402 e185420 j163412 j163402 j163612 j163602 l186412 l186420 g167712 g167702 c/3 l186713 l186813 d/4 l186714 l186814 e/5 l186715 l186815 f/6 l186716 l186816 g/7 l186717 l186817 h/8 l186718 l186818 i/9 butt j/10 butt butt butt

m atchrods match rods for years browning has exhilarated the market with its diverse selection of match rods every angler will find his or her dream rod here finely balanced and finished to perfection a brand new also as el super light 12 mod there is a cry from many admirers of bob nudd that further recognition should be given for all his effort and support he has given to angling we will keep working on this but when an 11 time world champion develops a match rod outstanding results are guaranteed the new legend series from bob nudd is a testimony to that principle fantastic blanks give the rods unprecedented balance and the angler an undreamt of ability to react the perfect balance of the rings and handle length will satisfy even the most demanding match angler the matt blank prevents unwanted reflections on the water code 1120 360 1103 390 1104 390 1105 420 1105 450 model bob nudd legend match bob nudd legend match bob nudd legend match bob nudd legend match bob nudd legend match

f eederrods feeder rods in matthias weigang browning also have a german feeder rod expert in their ranks when matthias won the 2003 king of clubs final koc in ireland it was clear that we had to construct a special feeder rod to meet his requirements the result is this masterpiece which truly proves its worth over long casting distances the blank is optimally designed for the cast catapulting the feeder over huge distances almost effortlessly and when it comes to the fight every angler will fall in love with the new king-feeder code model 1241 390 king feeder length 3.90 m/13 sections 3+3 c.w 140 g tr length 1.50 m weight 320 g rrp £ 167.49 browning king of club winner matthias weigang has now completed his beloved king feeder rod range with an extreme rod for river fishing the range now covers all major eventualities the two other king rods were best sellers the river will be no exception to the rule king feeder rods king feeder all seasons a new dream rod for feeder anglers based

f eederrods feeder rods browning browning is synonymous with perfectly designed feeder rods among match anglers ­ almost even more so than match rods highlights in the range are surely the three legend rods of eleven time world champion bob nudd bob nudd legend feeder three feeder rods of the very best quality two 12 3.65 m models one for allround feeder fishing and another with an ultra-light through action particularly suited for use with braided lines the range of extremely slim feeder rods is rounded off with a 13 3.95 m model enabling quality angling at long distances code 1239 360 1240 360 1240 390 model bn stillwater feeder bn medium feeder bn power feeder length 3.60 m 12 3.60 m 12 3.90 m 13 sections 3+3 3+3 3+3 c.w 80 g 100 g 120 g tr length 1.25 m 1.25 m 1.35 m weight 245 g 259 g 297 g rrp £ 137.49 149.99 162.49 all rods syntec force feeder a superb choice of feeder rods under the syntec brand choose between the 11 to 14 3.30 to 4.20 m models with corresponding

f eeder specialist feeder specialist rods whether feeder fishing or specimen hunting for large coarse fish such as bream or tench browning has the right rod for the task now available quality combos for feeder fans browning ambition feeder as with the ambition match we have made the purchase of browning products more affordable than ever before with the feeder rod versions the angler does not have to make any major compromises on quality as always this is guaranteed the blanks of these rods are intelligently designed and the result of years of experience equipped with comfort grip and two coloured eva handle code 1100 300 1100 330 1100 360 1100 390 1100 420 model ambition feeder ambition feeder ambition feeder ambition feeder ambition feeder length 3.00 m 10 3.30 m 11 3.60 m 12 3.90 m 13 4.20 m 14 sections 2+2 3+2 3+2 3+2 3+2 c.w 60 g 90 g 120 g 120 g 140 g tr length 1.55 m 1.15 m 1.25 m 1.37 m 1.47 m weight 300 g 275 g 280 g 365 g 398 g rrp £ 36.99 40.49 42.99 45.49 50.49 e

r odaccessories rod accessories as a supplier of premium poles match and feeder rods we offer a comprehensive range of accessories including replacement tips and cleaning equipment here are some of our most popular items hollow solid carbon tips browning pole cups pole cups are now allowed in matches under cips rules making them indispensable in all forms of fishing available in a set containing the most common sizes marked with mil-litre measures to enable precise measuring of feed pole cups are fitted using the supplied adapters or with the special cupping kits or power kits code size 6789 003 pole cup set 100 ml 150 ml 250 ml rrp £ 3.99 code 1680 006 1680 007 1680 008 1680 009 1680 005 model length carbon tips 80 cm carbon tips 80 cm carbon tips 100 cm carbon tips 110 cm carbon tips-display 40 pcs Ø int 2.20 4.60 mm 2.20 4.90 mm 2.40 5.30 mm 2.80 5.60 mm rrp £ 4.49 4.99 5.49 5.49 162.49 250 ml 150 ml 100 ml including 2 adaptors pole cones 2 new sizes for thick diameters