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high-tech products of uncompromising qualit y with a long tradition for use in extreme situations with its roots in big game angling today s product line boasts optimal products for a range of other forms of sea angling which will also prove popular with freshwater big specimen

code model m bs gear ratio retrieve weight ball bearings rrp £ marquesa 2 speed 0622 012 0622 016 0622 020 0623 020 0622 030 0623 030 ma12 ma16 ma20 ma20t ma30 ma30t 245 m 15 lb 265 m 20 lb 275 m 25 lb 330 m 20 lb 295 m 30 lb 410 m 20 lb 6.1 1 6.1 1 6.1 1 6.1 1 6.1 1 6.1 1 109 cm 109 cm 130 cm 130 cm 130 cm 130 cm 560 g 588 g 750 g 750 g 770 g 770 g 6+1 6+1 6+1 6+1 6+1 6+1 253.95 261.50 279.50 295.50 279.50 295.50 big-game sprinter marquesa precious gem the ultimate offering of precision strength and refinement marquesa is ideal for fishing the new thinner braided superlines in a new platform design that is lighter faster and stronger than anything you ve ever seen on the water marquesa is precision-machined from 6061-t6 aluminum and features one of the strongest drag systems ever put into a reel stronger in fact than many international-type reels that are much bigger and heavier the marquesa series comes in two models types a topless model for easy spool access and

full power fin-nor code model m/bs gear ratio retrieve weight ball bearings rrp £ 0620 012 0620 016 0620 025 0620 030 0620 050 0620 130 sa12 sa16 sa25 sa30 sa50 sa130 820 m 12 lb 820 m 16 lb 720 m 20 lb 720 m 30 lb 665 m 50 lb 1100 m 1.10 mm 700 m 50 lb 820 m 50 lb 910 m 80 lb 2.48:1/5.58:1 2.48:1/5.58:1 1.75:1/4.15:1 1.75:1/3.79:1 1.75:1/3.17:1 1.10:1 2.40:1 1.75:1/3.79:1 1.75:1/3.17:1 1.35:1/3.07:1 55 122 cm 55 122 cm 48 114 cm 48 104 cm 53 96 cm 34 74 cm 48 104 cm 53 96 cm 52 121 cm 1155 g 1177 g 1915 g 1990 g 2385 g 5188 g 2095 g 2517 g 4000 g 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 491.50 523.95 556.50 581.50 588.95 964.00 613.95 621.50 810.50 0621 030 sa30w 0621 050 sa50w 0621 080 sa80w w wide spool the santiago® drag system allows you to fine-tune your settings to your line strength and type of fishing fin-nor recommends that customized drag adjustments be done with the push-button drag lever in the free position the drag lever offers a wide range of drag and activates your

ready set go ready for the fight sportfisher lever drag sportfisher star drag the fin-nor sportfisher conventional series was created for anglers wanting a versatile large-line-capacity strong and durable reel with a 30-size or a 50-size spool these stardrag reels carry plenty of line and are strong enough to be used for any type of blue water fishing built for the value-minded angler who demands fin-nor s legendary quality sportfisher creates an opportunity for those who may have never previously fished with fin-nor we used the latest materials and built in all of the features that today s anglers demand sportfisher is the perfect reel for summer fishing party boat fishing or tournament fishing easy-to-use and durable sportfisher reels are sure to become mainstays on just about every type of fishing boat the fin-nor sportfisher lever drag series has been specially developed for fans of lever drag reels designed to combine the legendary fin-nor quality with a lightweight reel and to

the salmon angler s favourite sportfisher trolling sd sportfisher trolling ld a functionally attractive fin-nor multiplier with a highly robust drag disc system and level wind in use this rock solid model is practically foolproof available in the two most common sizes for trolling and lighter forms of natural bait fishing with high-performance gears and carbon drag discs that allow the drag system to bring its full strength to bear trolling anglers will quickly appreciate the easily audible clicker which acts as a bite indicator the people s multiplier ­ a reel for all purposes popular star-wheel drag multiplier as used by countless thousands of anglers every day on the world s oceans whether trolling or using natural baits this easy-to-handle and indestructible fin-nor multiplier is expected to become a best seller standard features · robust gear housing made from stainless steel reinforced fibre plastic · star-wheel drag with magnum carbon drag discs · 5 stainless steel ball

code model m/bs gear ratio retrieve weight ball bearings rrp £ 0602 016 0602 020 0602 030 code ofl16l ofl20l ofl30l model 240 m 20 lb 245 m 30 lb 255 m 40 lb rrp £ 4.3:1 4.3:1 4.3:1 86 cm 86 cm 86 cm 666 g 668 g 709 g 5+1 5+1 5+1 175.50 178.50 183.95 the fin-nor offshore star drag reels are built to carry on the family tradition but do so in a smaller faster lighter and stronger casting reel design there s no doubt about strength because no other reels have as large of a main gear anti-reverse or ball bearings there s no question about heart because offshore star drag reels were born with salt in their veins 0984 013 0984 014 0984 015 alu spare spool offshore l16l alu spare spool offshore l20l alu spare spool offshore l30l 33.95 35.50 37.50 a dream for trolling the all round weapon stardrag levelwind standard features · diecast aluminum body and sidecovers · machined aluminum spool · 5 double-shielded stainless steel bearings · oversized stainless steel main gear with brass

fighting machines when it comes to landing truly giant fish delicate reels are not the order of the day lightweight reels and smooth gear actions are just not on the shopping list what the angler needs is a reel that will never let him down the fin-nor offshore is the fighting machine that ticks all the boxes this is no fashion accessory it is a no-frills powerhouse standard features · strong aluminum body sideplate and rotor · machined stainless steel drive and pinion gear · stainless steel center shaft · 4 double-shielded stainless steel bearings · forged aluminum spool · oversized multi-stack offshore drag system · powerful 4.4:1 gear ratio respectively 4.7:1 oversized multi-stack offshore drag system fin-nor s offshore® spinning reels feature up to 10 carbon fibre aluminum and stainless steel drag washers that are designed specifically to handle the ocean s biggest fish code model rrp £ 0984 025 0984 026 0984 001 0984 002 0984 003 0984 004 alu spare spool offshore 45 alu

the free spool master the champion of the coast sportfisher teaser for many types of fishing with natural baits free-spool reels are sheer poetry now fin-nor present the sportfisher teaser available in either size 60 or 80 the baitrunner is adjusted at the rear of the housing carp pike and catfish anglers will quickly take the sportfisher teaser to their hearts as surely will many a sea angler inshore spinning a supreme spinning reel tailor-made for using on the sea with salt-water-resistant components throughout highly robust design that can withstand use with braided lines for months on end in a fight the inshore s front drag with magnum carbon drag discs means the angler always has control the spool has a special anti-slip core meaning braid can be directly wound onto the spool standard features · metal body · forged aluminium spool · front drag with magnum carbon drag discs · 5 stainless steel ball bearings · continuous anti-reverse · super-hard brass transmission

the workhorse sportfisher code model rrp £ 0984 060 0984 061 0984 020 0984 021 0984 022 0984 023 spare spool sportfisher sp fs30 spare spool sportfisher sp fs40 spare spool sportfisher sp fs50 spare spool sportfisher sp fs60 spare spool sportfisher sp fs70 spare spool sportfisher sp fs80 13.95 13.95 22.50 22.50 24.50 24.50 code model m mm gear ratio retrieve weight ball bearings rrp £ 0628 030 0628 040 0628 050 0628 060 0628 070 0628 080 fs30 fs40 fs50 fs60 fs70 fs80 150 m 0.22 mm 210 m 0.25 mm 180 m 0.33 mm 220 m 0.36 mm 280 m 0.43 mm 300 m 0.45 mm 5.2 1 5.2 1 4.9 1 4.9 1 4.9 1 4.9 1 81 cm 86 cm 75 cm 80 cm 89 cm 94 cm 363 g 366 g 560 g 570 g 660 g 685 g 4+1 4+1 4+1 4+1 4+1 4+1 74.50 78.50 82.50 75.50 80.50 88.50 the fin-nor sportfisher has earned its rightful place in the fin-nor range of fixed-spool reels available in four sizes this workhorse covers a range of applications in sea angling the reel contains no delicate components and comes with an anti-reverse that

all rods on this page offshore boat offshore hard work offshore deep sea offshore uptide offshore boat a range of boat rods with removable handles developed for light to moderate sport on the high seas e.g the mediterranean or norway strong enough to tame even the most ferocious quarry without a fighting chair all models impress with their perfect fight action and first-class finish including ornate and under-whipping of the robust rod rings offshore uptide uptide rods are the perfect solution when using live baits and the angler wants to combine a powerful backbone with a sensitive tip for sensitive bite indication despite its bearlike strength the offshore uptide impresses with its almost feather-light blank and separation into two pieces of equal length farewell to the difficulties of transporting standard uptiders with a long tip and short handle code model length sections line class tr length weight rrp £ offshore boat 1770 210 1770 211 boat boat 2.10 m 2.10 m 1+1 1+1 20 lb 30

offshore downrigger all rods on this page offshore vertical jig offshore super pilk megalite spin lure lengths and strengths with an optimal firm action for precise bait control yet very light in the hand to allow long comfortable sessions ­ and of course with bear-like strength for when the moment comes offshore downrigger robust downrigger rod for targeting cod sea trout and salmon with sufficient power for when it comes down to it can also be used perfectly for fishing with a side planer offshore vertical jig for speed-jigging ultra-light short rods that punch above their weight originally only used in warmer climates such as the mediterranean for tuna and similar also perfectly suited to nordic regions megalite spin lure powerful stiff spinning rod for heavy use in fresh water but also equipped for light sea spinning the slim hm carbon blanks provide for long casting distances with outstanding precision whether fishing for pike or zander cod or pollock with the megalite spin

tycoon big-game rods the name tycoon is synonymous with the most significant big-game rods in the history of big-game angling alfred glassel s tycoon bimini king rod and his 12/0 fin-nor reel still hold the world record for black marlin 1,560 lb from 1953 now the name is back in the fin-nor rod range complete with state-of-the-art innovations and optimum quality in the tradition of its renowned predecessor the completely re-developed tycoon range has been designed for anglers who do not want to make compromises and who have their eye on records quality components such as aftco roller guides are implicit the range includes standup rods and trolling rods for use in a fighting chair available with either straight or curved handles the tycoon standup bigfoot rods are particularly appealing to the european market coming into their own for tuna sport in the mediterranean tycoon stand-up alle ruten dieser seite tycoon chair code model butt guides tycoon standup 1800 175 fbgsu50rs 1800 176

fin-nor caps code model rrp £ 9788 044 9788 045 gold sand 6.95 6.95 fin-nor was born during a time when legendary anglers captains and authors came together in pursuit of the true giants of the seas especially marlin and tuna fin-nor reels played a key role in the years that followed and accounted for a few-hundred world big game fishing records catches of the largest black marlin and swordfish ever taken on rod and reel 1,560 pounds and 1,182 pounds respectively still stand today many believe we are once again entering a period when another chapter can be added to the history book anglers are better and more mobile than ever opportunities abound for modern day adventurers to visit expanded frontiers whatever the destination and species fin-nor is poised and ready to prove it is the next and finest generation of saltwater rods reels and accessories ever made let you be the judge the fin-nor story is one of enormous fishes exotic places legendary characters and mechanical wizardry