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exo welcome to generation exo where addition is achieved by subtraction where a radically simple exoskeletal design sheds excess weight without sacrificing strength and performance and where mere ounces feels like a ton of fish-fighting muscle welcome to the next generation of quantum® performance tuned® ­ exo pttm reels exo cast control exo pttm baitcast features a micro-sized version of our exclusive acstm cast control system it offers a wide range of centrifugal brake settings that can be fine-tuned with the turn of a dial easily accessed under a removable side cover factor in the low start-up inertia of our exoskeletal exo casting performance the new lightweight spool on exo pttm spinning reels employs our maxcasttmii design greater casting performance is achieved by a variable oscillation system that lays line evenly on the spool the spool lip configuration is optimized for today s range of line types and smaller more compact rod guides the concave radius on the back of the

reels code model m/mm gear ratio retrieve weight ball bearings rrp £ spare spool rrp £ code model m/mm gear ratio retrieve weight ball bearings rrp £ spare spool rrp £ 0520 101 0521 101 accurist hpt accurist spt 133 0.33 133 0.33 7.0 1 6.3 1 71 cm 66 cm 213 g 213 g 6 6 153.50 153.50 0987 207 0987 207 17.95 17.95 0525 101 antix hpt lh 115 0.33 7.0 1 76 cm 235 g 10 98.95 0987 208 23.50 accurist lh between the top baitcasters and entry-level versions there is an increasing demand for models in the high-performance bracket the accurist ticks all the boxes many professionals and countless leisure anglers in the usa swear by quantum baitcasters and there are an everincreasing number of fans in europe antix lh very similar to our code reel but with a higher gear ratio and in a sleek blue design a future favourite for many a spinning angler standard features · cnc-machined aluminium housing frame and side elements · maxcast ultra-light skeleton spool · 10 stainless steel

rods hypercast sbirocaster hypercast ultra trout hypercast felche smart trout smart vairon manie hypercast sbirocaster the much improved and long awaited successor to our legendary hypercast dartcaster ideal for lake trout fishing with bubble floats dartcasters or spirolinos available in the three most popular lengths hypercast felche a range of rods with pronounced ultra-light and extremely sensitive tip actions originally designed for hegene fishing for whitefish in switzerland austria and south germany which demands fast actioned but very sensitive rods these rod are perfect for ultra light bait fishing for uk perch and real fun fishing for trout smart trout classic trout lake rod in three piece design two casting weight variants available to suit the required casting distance the affordable price makes this rod accessible to almost anybody who wishes to experience quantum quality first hand at the water s edge code model length sections c.w tr length weight rrp £ hypercast

plugs brown tail goby salmon spooky flower bird heat d iv in jungle pth g de 0m perch table dancer · swimming minnow the table dancer is the entrant into the yuwaku range at just 7.5 cm in length the lure is no giant but the fish landed with this impish surface lure are all the larger for it large perch have found this glider particularly irresistible as it jerks left and right when retrieved on the surface in a `walking the dog style angry sam size weight goby flower bird jungle minnow angry sam rrp £ rainbow trout two d in ginc lu e t a il s spar 7.5 cm 7g 3416 001 3416 002 3416 003 3416 004 3416 005 4.95 trout squad · sinking modern multi-jointed swimbait whose many individual segments create a stunning natural swimming action with its fast-sinking properties it is ideally suited for a three-dimensional exploration of a water the range of colours of the different designs has been specially selected by the quantum team anglers from natural to aggressive there is always the

hooks to nylon bubble float rig ready rigs attractive design irresistible to trout code colour size Ø mm hook rrp £ 5017 002 5017 004 red/yellow red/yellow m l 0.25 0.27 8 6 2.95 2.95 dart caster big trout extreme code size Ø mm rrp £ dart caster big trout code size Ø mm rrp £ dart caster big trout-bh code size Ø mm rrp £ trace length 120 cm 4738 006 6 4738 008 8 4738 010 10 4738 012 12 colour silver 10 per pack trace length 220 cm 1.95 1.95 1.95 1.95 4739 004 4 0.27 4739 006 6 0.25 4739 008 8 0.25 4739 010 10 0.23 4739 012 12 0.20 colour silver · without loop 10 per pack trace length 180 cm 4737 004 4 0.29 4737 006 6 0.27 4737 008 8 0.27 4737 010 10 0.25 4737 012 12 0.25 colour black nickel 10 per pack 1.95 1.95 1.95 1.95 1.95 0.25 0.25 0.23 0.20 1.95 1.95 1.95 1.95 1.95 5017 002 5017 004 trout pilot floating device floating device for trout rigs with groove for stretches trout paste hook code size Ø mm rrp £ trout code size Ø mm rrp £ line run fixed with silicon sleeves

reels crypton surf tx a surf reel that despite testing to vigorous standards in extreme circumstances produced outstanding results the key criteria for this type of reel is the largest possible long cast spool to enable the greatest possible casting distances yet at the same time the spool must be sufficiently flat to avoid the necessity for an excessive amount of backing line in order to fill the spool optimally with new mainline in addition the gears must be uncompromisingly strong to enable the angler to fight fish for hours or reel in rigs for bait checks without tiring smart surf top surf reels do not have to cost a fortune the smart surf fd is proof of that the model offers a high degree of functionality in addition the optimised long cast spool the powerful transmission and ergonomic handle knob are bound to impress high resistance to saltwater is an essential feature of the model standard features · flat surf aluminium long cast spool · 6 high performance stainless steel

lines norway-range quantum energy sea leader sea and deep sea anglers require a special leader material in thick diameters we have designed the energy sea leader monofilament specifically with them in mind stored on a spool the high diameter leader barely kinks at all its stretch properties also offer the sought after absorption effect in the rig either on the cast or while playing the fish the glassclear finish minimises suspicion from those wary fish we have included a small but comprehensive range of carefully hand-tied deep sea fishing traces in our range they can be relied upon 100 cod hunter rig leader specially designed for cod fishing in the deepest waters code hook Ø mm rrp £ 4290 008 2/0 3/0 rig length 115 cm 0.80 2.50 code Ø bs bs length rrp £ glowing squid luminous squid for creating your own deep sea rigs size orange hot pink pearl 2617 060 0.6 mm 2617 070 0.7 mm 2617 080 0.8 mm 2617 090 0.9 mm 2617 100 1.0 mm colour clear 22 kg 28 kg 37 kg 46 kg 60 kg 48 lb 62 lb

accessories pu coated world champion rod pod new surf rod pod with an extra touch of class incredibly robust with a firm footing and naturally corrosion-resistant with one particularly practical feature the front rod rests and rear rod holders are made from phosphorescent plastic when held under a torch these glow for hours on end helping the angler enormously when finding his/her way around in the dark code model length weight rrp £ 8404 003 exclusive pod 98 160 cm 2.6 kg 98.95 pu coated driftbag xxl extremely effective driftbag working on a similar principle to a paraglider packs away to a very compact size and unfurls to its full size underwater to put the brakes on a boat like no other driftbag when drifting code size rrp £ drift bag code model size rrp £ 8524 003 140 x 100 cm 28.50 8524 001 8524 002 l s 90 x 90 cm 62 x 57 cm 20.95 13.95 light sea tripod lighter tripod for surf angling excellent when fishing from a jetty stores away easily for transport and low in weight code

boilies additives ® radical white coconut boilie enticing boilie developed by the radical team in an extensive series of tests on the water the biggest reaction was caused by the attractive effect of coconut oil which has scarcely before been used in carp angling it makes this boilie irresistible particularly on heavily fished waters the bright and natural colours are designed to make the boilie stand out and to allow the fish to find it quicker than dark boilies the ingredients of radical white coconut are easily digestible for carp meaning the fish can eat continuously which produces more biting activity and guarantees catches almost all year round secret monster berry spicy fish cake radical boilie the wide ranging line up of varieties was designed by the radical test team in all kinds of angling conditions this has enabled us to further develop the most popular and trusted products on the market and to gain a significant advantage over the existing competition we have achieved

cyber bite alarm ® bite alarm set crrx crrx/crm bite alarm cyber bite alarm · choose between 4 different led colours on each cyber alarm just by pushing a button no more changing covers or assembly work necessary · 4 powerful leds for optimum bite indication · night light function low power consumption · night light function can be switched off while cyber alarm remains active · select between 3 different stylish design cover shells to set up your individual cyber alarm · battery control system ­ low battery level warning · easy to use big push buttons · soft touch rod rest for best possible rod protection · 4 magnet indicator wheel for sensitive bite detection · sensitivity range from 1cm to 8.0cm · weather proof housing · memory function settings remain after switch off · 9 different tone levels · high performance speaker · strong stainless steel screw system · protection case for safe transport · battery life span if one led remains constantly illuminated night

outdoor outdoor jacket bib and brace the days when specimen anglers sat at the water in second hand army clothes are over long sessions and severe weather call for first class clothing the new quantum outdoor clothing more than satisfies the requirements of a comfortable contemporary design combined with modern materials our testers were particularly impressed with the completely wind and waterproof water-x external material which is breathable to prevent sweating code size rrp £ code size rrp £ outdoor jacket 8948 001 8948 002 8948 003 8948 004 8948 005 100 nylon outdoor bib and brace 80.50 80.50 80.50 80.50 80.50 8947 001 8947 002 8947 003 8947 004 8947 005 100 nylon m l xl xxl xxxl m l xl xxl xxxl 69.95 69.95 69.95 69.95 69.95 m 00 m nce a 10.0 s t is t r re wate a b caps code model c rrp £ 9788 033 9788 015 9788 003 100 cotton a partisan cap b quantum c radical cap 6.95 6.95 6.95 key strap code model rrp £ 9949 005 radical 2.95 sticker quantum gold on transparent code size