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Catalog Quantum Fishing Tackle 2011

hypercast sea right handed multiplier reels deep water anti tangle boom zebco quantum world champion super jig quantum hypercast pro tour twitch quantum spin store rod bag quantum sea landing net quantum world champion rod pod 025 stainless steel ball bearings quantum fishing reels quantum fishing reel bearings quantum fishing reels zebco sports europe quantum hypercast special dorade quantum hypercast micro spin quantum carp rcf 760 quantum spinning reels q vex quantum hypercast pro tour zander quantum radical guardian quantum hypercast pro cast quantum cyber rod pod quantum pro tour twitch quantum spinning reels quantum energy reels quantum energy travel spin rod quantum carp system quantum simply superior quantum rods and reels quantum big pit fishing reels ball bearing swivels fishing fishing ball bearing snap swivel snap ball bearing swivels fishing quantum fishing tackle box zebco cool carp rods hypercast special dorade hypercast distance surf cyber bite alarm smart vairon manie cyber rod pod pro tour twitch carp reel carp pro tour jerk radical old school carp pro tour spin 240 zebco fishing tackle pro tour spin 300 rod and reel vertical jigging stand up gimbal energi slim line carp cod liver oil hybrid ceramic ball bearing sizeing spinning rod tip carp fishing tackle quantum fishing quantum fishing travel spin quantum fishing rods

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reels ® radical big pit vast waters and monster fish call for ultimate fighting machines now carp anglers can present their baits at remote locations also catfish anglers will have enough in reserve on the reel even if they have loaded an ultra thick line on their spool the incredible line capacity makes anything possible for both sets of anglers the powerful gears have to be experienced to be believed in the big pit ­ your future partner for extreme conditions radical br radical br the sister model to the radical big pit for those who love run control reels carp anglers especially will appreciate the facility to switch flexibly between a fight anti reverse setting and a preset run control the gears are equipped with 9 high performance stainless steel ball bearings and 1 needle bearing which is a unique feature for reels of this size and price stoppage to ensure optimal run control function quantum radical big pit band countless 40lb fish will be caught across europe next season

reels code model m/mm gear ratio retrieve weight ball bearings rrp £ spare spool rrp £ 0225 020 0225 030 0225 040 tour edit 20 tour edit 30 tour edit 40 130 0.25 150 0.28 210 0.30 5.2 1 5.2 1 5.2 1 61 cm 65 cm 72 cm 298 g 306 g 357 g 12 12 13 276.95 285.50 290.95 0987 093 0987 094 0987 095 26.50 26.50 26.50 energy pti-b energy pti-b an impressive high performance reel in three small sizes for all forms of light freshwater fishing with low line diameters when energy tour edition-b energy tour edition-b without doubt the best invention to ever leave the drawing board of the quantum engineers the tour edition represents yet another big step in quality since the already elite standard pti see right the soft silky smooth winding properties of the extra hardened pt gears are simply legendary all spinning anglers can only dream to have such a quality reel within this price point range not to mention that visually the energy tour edition is a serious head-turner supplied with a rigid

rods ® radical stiff stick radical after dark quantum radical pro carp all rods radical stiff stick designed primarily for boat fishing and short distance fishing from the water s edge the `stiff stick is everything that you could hope for the parabolic blank sensitively absorbs fights at close range and offers sufficient power in reserve to keep even large specimens away from obstacles its predecessor the `crypton slimline was a huge hit in france with a test curve of 3.5 lb now available in a second lighter and more sensitive model radical after dark the new ultra cool carp rod for fanatics to whom no session is too hard core with its fantastic casting action and huge range the model also boasts sufficient backbone to break the resistance of specimen size carp radical pro carp this introductory level within our `quantum carp system range are reliable workhorses made in carbon and offered at staggeringly low prices with 6 different models including 2 or 3 piece options predicted

rods crypton shotgun l crypton shotgun lm lie d w it hrodssuppho ld a ll ro d c o rd u ra crypton shotgun l a light spinning rod with a fast action and stiff backbone the tip action enables precise bite indication and accurate bait presentation ideal for ultra light for perch trout and chub with small baits as well as drop shot sport available in three lengths to cover all distances crypton shotgun lm the mid range model of the shotgun range with pronounced tip action and firm backbone with its firmer tip the lh version is more suited than the l when using small rubber fish for perch and zander the fast and super slim blank lends itself perfectly to precise and longrange casting crypton shotgun lh the fast tip action and firm backbone define the most durable version of the slender shotgun range not only is this an incredible all-round spinning rod for use with all small and medium-sized lures it is also outstanding when used with rubber fish for light zander and pike sport ideal as a

avs advanced youth system more and more youngsters are being bitten by the angling bug reason enough for us to offer a tailor made range to cater for this new generation our aim was clear from the start to provide robust and practical fishing tackle with an ultra modern design at an affordable price the advanced youth system offers the ambitious young angler the highest in quality and functionality at a genuinely fair price the trendy avs range now makes the hunt for pike zander carp trout and other species even more fun and is guaranteed to provide countless thrilling experiences and fights wherever your venue avs spinning rod avs telescopic rod all rods avs spinning rod this two section spinning rod offers almost limitless flexibility when fishing the tip action is pleasantly smooth yet the rod has sufficient backbone to set an uncompromising strike even over large distances the reasonable price makes the rod particularly attractive for young anglers without sacrificing the

accessories ® cyber cr bite indicator set electronic bite alarm set three bite indicator heads spraywater protected with volume and tone adjustment also includes a radio-operated sounder box range approx 200 m supplied together in a robust plastic hard case includes 2 batteries for the sounder box bite indicator requires normal 9-volt block batteries not supplied code model rrp £ buzzer bar high quality buzzer bars made of aluminium ­ strong and yet very lightweight can accommodate either 3 or 4 rod rests or bite alarms code model size rrp £ 8200 001 8200 002 3 rods 4 rods 50 cm 53 cm 11.50 12.50 6808 999 b alarm set 159.00 multibaiter handle handle for screwing onto a bait scoop code model size rrp £ 8177 999 handle 30 cm 11.50 radical swing indicator the newest generation of bite indicators with adjustable weight control supplied with three different colour bobbins for attaching to the line the bobbins can also accommodate a snap light code size weight rrp £ bank stick high

clothing ® radical tec pants robust well fitting outdoor trousers durable material which dries quickly in radical tec polo functional polo shirt with high comfort code size rrp £ case of getting wet code size rrp £ radical tec pants 8959 001 8959 002 8959 003 8959 004 8959 005 m l xl xxl xxxl 55.95 55.95 55.95 55.95 55.95 radical tec polo 8961 001 8961 002 8961 003 8961 004 8961 005 100 cotton m l xl xxl xxxl 21.50 21.50 21.50 21.50 21.50 100 polyester/micro radical thermo tec shirt light and yet warming long-arm shirt for wearing underneath a top layer or even as a top layer all year round code size rrp £ quantum radical thermo tec pants light and yet highly insulating thermal trousers code size rrp £ radical thermo tec shirt 8957 001 8957 002 8957 003 8957 004 8957 005 m l xl xxl xxxl 30.95 30.95 30.95 30.95 30.95 radical thermo tec pants 8958 001 8958 002 8958 003 8958 004 8958 005 m l xl xxl xxxl 24.50 24.50 24.50 24.50 24.50 100 polyester 100 polyester radical fleece-jacket

jigs hot lips chestnut japan red red/glow split ring pliers code size rrp £ super strong pliers code size rrp £ 6410 005 16 cm 12.50 6410 004 19 cm 54.00 black pearl chartreuse red sunrise blue/glow fizzer jig head special weight heads for sea bass sport code size weight p/pack rrp £ sea fat boy mega-twister for sea fishing irresistible to halibut and large pollock size p/pack 16 cm 20 cm 2 8.50 3230 101 3230 102 3230 105 3230 106 3230 107 3230 108 12.50 3230 103 3230 104 25 cm 2 8.50 3230 201 3230 202 3230 205 3230 206 3230 207 3230 208 15.50 3230 203 3230 204 3 rrp £ 8.50 hot lips 3230 001 chestnut 3230 002 japan red 3230 005 black pearl 3230 006 chartreuse/red 3230 007 sunrise 3230 008 rrp £ red/glow blue/glow 11.95 3230 003 3230 004 s in ook j ig h u a li t y er own ame q g b ig sea hunter jighead special jig heads for sea fishing all models come with super-glow colours and holo-eyes extremely long light life and new light colours now available in blue and red light designs

plugs firetiger star wars red pirat dark knight firetiger rainbow trout smolt master red pirat tri burner · floating innovative two piece jerkbait can be jerked fantastically jerky retrieve but also impresses with its own voluntary movements four fixing eyes as well as rattle balls in its body size weight firetiger red pirat star wars dark knight rrp £ 8.50 8.95 brown trout holoredhead holo blue mackerel silver ghost flat sided one piece lure imitates high backed foraging fish in uncomparable fashion recorded incredible catch rates in tests size weight firetiger brown trout rainbow trout red pirat silver ghost smolt master holo bmackerel holoredhead rrp £ 8 cm 13 cm 19 g 75 g 3310 001 3310 101 3310 010 3310 110 3310 014 3310 114 3310 015 3310 115 9 cm 12 cm 18 g 34 g 3309 001 3309 101 3309 003 3309 103 3309 004 3309 104 3309 010 3309 110 3309 012 3309 112 3309 013 3309 113 3309 018 3309 118 3309 020 3309 120 9.95 11.50 red pirat firetiger iceman arctic devil brown trout firetiger

shads freddie shad revolutionary rubber fish with action slot the deliberate cut in the rear third of the underside creates extreme movement on an upward retrieve the forked tail and neat hollowed-out channel on the upper side ensure optimal hook presentation our test anglers were unanimous this is the best vertical lure enabling casting and retrieval like a twister and with exceptional attraction the smaller of the two sizes comes with a groove along the stomach for use with offset hooks e.g when dropshot fishing designed for clean placing of the hook with a dent at the mouth inventor and quantum test angler fredrik harbort used the freddie shad to land zander up to 23 pounds even during testing size sunset limo pink lady opening night poison geronimo zulu swampy pcs pack rrp £ hot brownie salt n pepper 12 cm 15 cm 3243 001 3243 101 3243 002 3243 102 3243 003 3243 103 3243 004 3243 104 3243 005 3243 105 3243 006 3243 106 3243 007 3243 107 3243 008 3243 108 5 3 3.95 3.50 pink lady