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carp rods hypercast spod rod smart carp 2 pcs all rods quantum smart carp 3 pcs le va ilabalsoaie ce in 3-p hypercast spod rod an amazing rod which offers extraordinary capabilities which should be in every carp angler s holdall the spod rod can launch food particles over long distances using bait rockets the incredible 4 1/2 lb test curve ensures that power will not be a problem if this is not enough then the price should also interest you smart carp this introductory level within our `quantum carp system range are reliable workhorses made in carbon and offered at staggeringly low prices with 6 different models including 2 or 3 piece options predicted to be our best selling quantum carp rod range for the coming season code model length sections testcurve tr length weight rrp £ hypercast spod rod 1116 360 spod smart carp smart carp smart carp smart carp smart carp smart carp 3.60 m 3.60 m 3.60 m 3.90 m 3.60 m 3.60 m 3.90 m 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 4.50 lb 2.75 lb 3.00 lb 3.50 lb 2.75 lb 3.00

sea fishing rods world champion surf unlimited now le ava ilab also m in 3.45 world champion jigger unlimited quantum world champion uptide unlimited all rods world champion downtide unlimited world champion seaspin world champion surf unlimited for years the sea angling scene has sat up and taken notice whenever quantum launches a new world champion surf the latest unlimited version is sure to be an instant hit offering limitless performance the acceleration is sensational while the powerful backbone won over the test anglers immediately the special low rider ring configuration enables world class casting distances with both monofilament and the increasingly popular braided lines equipped with high quality ultra slim reel holder world champion uptide unlimited uptide rods are the preferred choice when using live bait the rods with their powerful backbone are combined with a sensitive tip for bite indication the uptide unlimited excels in this respect with ox-like strength and a

sea fishing rods crypton firefly surf adjustable reel seat hypercast distance surf quantum smart surf crypton firefly surf a sure fire hit with all ambitious surf anglers the highly modulated carbon blank was pushed to its limits by our test anglers which produced some exciting results the firefly catapults rigs over enormous distances using monofilament and braids thanks to the intelligent ring combination all rods hypercast distance surf those anglers who want to graduate from the level of occasional angler and intend to pursue beach fishing seriously would do well to check out the newly developed hypercast distance surf the stiff carbon fibre blank is as impressive when casting as it is when playing monster fish a genuine workhorse for inshore fishing fans perfectly suited to weights of up to 150 grams but can accommodate weights up to 200 g code model length sections c.w tr length weight rrp £ crypton firefly surf 1353 420 1353 450 1354 390 1354 420 1354 450 1909 500 firefly

sea fishing rods hypercast vertical jigging supplied with high quality embroidered cordura transport tube energy travel boat all rods quantum hypercast trolling hypercast stand up hypercast vertical jigging a new rod for a new trend speed jigging ultra light short rods which are virtually indestructible which were previously only used in warmer climates such as the mediterranean for tuna etc also ideally suited to use in the nordic regions can be used with multipliers or fixed spool reels code model length sections c.w tr length weight rrp £ energy travel boat high quality boat rod which is practical travel friendly and supplied in a four piece design modern rod technology means that the ultra short transport length does not have to come at the cost of a harmonious fighting action supplied with high quality embroidered cordura transport tube hypercast vertical jigging 1071 180 1071 210 1071 181 1071 211 code vertical jigging vertical jigging vertical jigging vertical jigging model

sea fishing rods crypton tele surf hypercast tele surf mediterraneo smart tele surf quantum hypercast special dorade nally andfi ve rsions n ge r anuar y 2008 j two lo m b le froava il a all rods code model length sections c.w tr length weight rrp £ crypton tele surf 1916 420 1916 450 1722 420 1722 450 1304 400 1305 400 1176 250 1024 300 1024 350 tele surf 420 tele surf 450 tele surf 420 tele surf 450 4.20 m 4.50 m 4.20 m 4.50 m 5 5 6 6 4 4 2+2 2+2 2+2 80 120 g 120 170 g 80 120 g 120 150 g 100 g 140 g 50/100 -100/200 g 120 150 g 150 300 g 1.35 m 1.50 m 146 m 147 m 1.20 m 1.20 m 1.00 m 1.26 m 1.50 m 350 g 425 g 425 g 460 g 410 g 430 g 215 g 300 g 360 g 86.99 99.49 99.49 108.49 45.49 51.99 61.69 69.99 78.99 crypton tele surf a telescopic beach fishing rod in two different lengths for casting weights of up to 110 grams perfect for the medium beach fishing enjoyed by thousands of angling enthusiasts across the mediterranean the rod is also ideal for eels and predator fishing smart

sea fishing rods crypton tele legering crypton barca hypercast escarossa crypton tele legering all rods hypercast escarossa new four metre telescopic rod designed for use in the mediterranean available in two different casting weight variants the sensitive solid glass tip provides perfect bite indication the wound twin strut rings are a feature the experts in this branch of angling require in a rod a completely innovative rod for sea fishing based on the mediterranean style like a feeder rod the crypton tele legering has a sensitive glass tip which detects even the most delicate of bites this in turn allows smaller baits to be used which would normally be stolen of the hook unknown by even the angler or the movement of the tip hypercast tele boat perfectly designed for the requirements of the mediterranean boat angler the tele boat has a sensitive glass tip for reliable bite indication from sea bream and other mediterranean species particularly impressive is the surprisingly light and

specialist rods supplied with high quality embroidered cordura transport tube energy travel spin supplied with high quality embroidered cordura transport tube energy tele spin all rods quantum crypton cross guard spin hypercast pro tour spin hypercast tele pack code model length sections c.w tr length weight rrp £ energy travel spin a dream of a spinning rod for those who love to travel or when space is limited feather light blank with a desirable rod action that makes long casts and precise bait presentation in the tightest areas almost child s play supplied with high quality embroidered cordura transport tube energy travel spin 1999 210 1999 240 1999 270 1997 210 1997 240 1997 270 1502 180 1502 210 1502 240 1502 270 1502 271 1502 300 1507 180 1507 210 1507 240 1507 270 1507 271 1507 300 1313 210 1313 240 1313 270 travel spin travel spin travel spin tele spin tele spin tele spin cross guard spin cross guard spin cross guard spin cross guard spin cross guard spin cross guard spin pro

specialist rods hypercast pro tour jerk all rods hypercast pro tour bass quantum smart manie smart spin hypercast pro tour jerk special rods designed for pike and zander fishing using large jerk baits and plugs with these rods you can create just the right action with your lure finely tuned carbon fibre rods equiped with sic-rings cork handle and hook retainer smart manie the smart manie makes the quantum specialist world accessible on any tight budget this rod is no soft fibreglass truncheon and sacrificing the cork handle brings the decisive price benefits that we can pass on to you hypercast pro tour bass black bass spinning rods in american style are only usually available in one piece blanks our hypercast bass is manufactured in two sections allowing you to transport it much more easily despite this it retains the robustness and quickness of action required for presenting spinners and spin baits to fish in an ideal fashion without the rod bending right to the handle as soon as

specialist rods hypercast dartcaster special hypercast ts quantum hypercast microbite all rods smart trout smart vairon manie smart vairon manie a feather light 3 piece trout rod in high modulus carbon well balanced with backbone throughout the entire blank a rod that is simply fun and well suited for use with the smallest dead baits code model length sections c.w tr length weight rrp £ hypercast dartcaster special after the unbridled success of the quantum dartcaster it was only logical that we develop a range of rods around it which make full use of the dartcaster s attributes the three piece rods offer the perfect blend of tip sensitivity for optimal bite recognition and a dynamic casting action allowing the dartcaster to be catapulted over record distances hypercast microbite 6 10 a rod series with a pronounced tip action for ultra light extremely sensitive twister fishing the hypercast microbite gives you full control over the lure you can even feel the wiggle of the twister

specialist rods energy extens crypton cross guard tele smart tele spin smart adjust all rods code model length sections c.w tr length weight rrp £ energy extens 1200 500 1200 600 energy extens energy extens cross guard tele cross guard tele cross guard tele cross guard tele cross guard tele cross guard tele tele strong 39 tele strong 42 tele strong 45 tele spin tele spin tele spin tele adjust 400 pack adjust 400 5.00 m 6.00 m 2.70 m 3.00 m 3.30 m 2.70 m 3.00 m 3.30 m 3.90 m 4.20 m 4.50 m 2.10 m 2.40 m 2.70 m 4.00 m 3.80 m 5 6 5 6 6 5 6 6 5 5 5 5 6 6 5 6 40 g 40 g 40 g 40 g 40 g 60 g 60 g 60 g 8 18 g 30 50 g 40 60 g 30 g 40 g 50 g 30 g 30 g 1.40 m 1.45 m 0.85 m 0.82 m 0.87 m 0.84 m 0.84 m 0.84 m 1.35 m 1.40 m 1.42 m 0.58 m 0.58 m 0.58 m 1.20 m 0.95 m 220 g 295 g 230 g 295 g 320 g 220 g 260 g 275 g 218 g 265 g 304 g 130 g 180 g 215 g 270 g 220 g 117.49 162.49 52.99 59.49 61.99 55.49 61.99 64.49 56.99 64.49 66.99 25.49 27.49 29.99 36.99 37.49 energy extens a range of telescopic