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baitrunner radical carp teaser br radical rcf this run control reel has been designed for diehard angling we have deliberately dispensed with all of the frills whether on the big french reservoirs or the wild rivers of eastern europe this reel impresses with its extreme and unprecedented robustness the reel has enormous drag strength that will reliably stop even large specimens in their tracks the drag kicks in reliably and cleanly a masterpiece among carp reels ultra modern and innovative run control reel range for carp and predator sport fishing which is available in 5 sizes whether for moderate coarse fishing or extreme adventure you will be convinced that you have the right model to suit your requirements the two largest versions have been fitted with worm shaft transmissions to handle the additional load many carp will suffer defeat at the hands of the powerful transmission and refined drag of this reel range standard technical equipment · balanced rotor producing silky smooth

carp rod 2 and 3 piece code 16000 360 q 144 model length warchild ii 3,60 m 12 sections 2 tr length 1,87 m testcurve 2,75 lbs weight 399 g rrp £ 59.95 16000 361 warchild ii 3,60 m 12 2 1,87 m 3 lbs 405 g 59.95 16000 390 warchild ii 3,90 m 13 2 2,01 m 3 lbs 448 g 69.95 16000 391 warchild ii 3,90 m 13 2 2,01 m 3,5 lbs 475 g 69.95 code 16000 362 model length warchild ii 3,60 m 12 sections 3 tr length 1,28 m testcurve 3 lbs weight 403 g rrp £ 59.95 16000 363 warchild ii 3,60 m 12 3 1,28 m 3,5 lbs 404 g 69.95 16000 392 warchild ii 3,90 m 13 3 1,28 m 3,5 lbs 486 g 69.95 code 1567 360 model warchild tele carp length 3,60 m sections 6 tr length 1,22 m testcurve 2,75 lb weight 282 g rrp £ 49.95 1567 390 warchild tele carp 3,90 m 7 1,38 m 3,00 lb 383 g 59.95 warchild ii an incredibly slim carp rod for the price segment the pleasant semi-parabolic action is as well balanced for casting as it is during a fight limitless power without compromising on sensitivity classic

boilies regular resealable bags resealable bags pink tuna boilie pink and fishy – those are the attributes of our high-end boilie variety at times during testing our team anglers were overrun with carp whether in southern france in high temperatures or late autumn in germany the pink tuna will impress with its incredible attraction in any water temperature why is that the mixture of high-quality protein-rich basic components is enhanced phenomenally with fish meal the striking colour also makes carp curious the result continuous buzzing from your bite alarms special long-session boilie high level of attraction despite remaining on the hair rig for long periods yellow zombie boilie the fruitiest temptation since boilies began a bait for the future because naturalness counts and at radical we only use natural ingredients the success of our baits proves us right • real fruit for the “crack and crunch” effect • sweet fruit nectar instead of artificial

nylon blister basilisk carp braid basilisk main line extremely durable red-tinted high quality specimen line as good as invisible in the water since red is one of the first colours to disappear beneath the surface but extremely strong due to its special molecular structure and elaborate stretching process the basilisk carp braid represents absolute perfection when it comes to modern long-range angling high-quality braids are an absolute must big fish at long distances is what the basilisk carp braid is all about a perfect combination of high durability high breaking strain high knot strength minimal buoyancy and practically stretch-free with no bleaching of the line colour by the uv light code 2313 025 length 350 m bs colour 11,3 kg 25 lb red rrp £ 29.95 code 2615 030 Ø 0,30 mm length 300 m bs 6,6 kg 14,6 lb rrp £ 9.95 2313 030 350 m 13,6 kg 30 lb red 29.95 2313 035 350 m 15,9 kg 35 lb red 29.95 2615 033 0,33 mm 300 m 7,5 kg 16,5 lb 9.95 2314 025 350 m 11,3 kg 25 lb

singles carp wide gape code 4415 002 hook size content colour 2 10 pcs titan x carp continental strong carp chodda special rrp £ 3.95 code 4416 002 rrp £ 3.95 code 4417 002 hook size content colour 2 10 pcs titan x hook size content colour 2 10 pcs titan x rrp £ 3.95 4415 004 4 10 pcs titan x 3.95 4416 004 4 10 pcs titan x 3.95 4417 004 4 10 pcs titan x 3.95 4415 006 6 10 pcs titan x 3.95 4416 006 6 10 pcs titan x 3.95 4417 006 6 10 pcs titan x 3.95 4415 008 8 10 pcs titan x 3.95 4416 008 8 10 pcs titan x 3.95 4417 008 8 10 pcs titan x 3.95 carp curve shank elite longshank micro barb code 4418 002 rrp £ 3.95 code 4419 002 hook size content colour 2 10 pcs titan x hook size content colour 2 10 pcs titan x basilisk sinking carp rig basilisk specimen combi rig basilisk sinking carp rig the standard rig for a range of situations the rig accounted for by far the most fish over the year for our team basilisk specimen combi rig for long casts when on a ship or when faced with

accessory boxes radical combat unit ii a well designed tackle box for storing a multitude of various smaller boxes and leader dispensers the box holds everything an experienced carp angler could want at the water’s edge quick release clips ensure easy opening and closing particularly of benefit when you have cold hands to complete the range there are matching small accessory boxes available the large basic box comes with 4 big and 2 small accessory boxes code model 8061 022 combat unit ii width 29 cm height depth 23 cm 5 cm rrp £ 9.95 multifunction tool code 6602 021 rrp £ 10.95 boilie drill code 6626 001 length 55 mm content 1 pcs splicing needle rrp £ 3.40 code 6626 002 length 55 mm content 1 pcs rrp £ 3.10 solid rig case hard shell case for storing leaders in stretched out form boilie needle code 8061 014 code 6626 003 width height depth 34,4 cm 9,5 cm 4,7 cm rrp £ 4.40 length 55 mm content 1 pcs rrp £ 3.10 particle needle stick needle code 6626 004 code

electronic bite indicator 100 m reception range rod rest medium code 1849 006 content 1 pcs 1849 007 1 pcs rrp £ 1.90 1.90 high pod rest butt grip standard code 1849 009 code 1849 005 content 1 pcs rrp £ 1.90 content 1 pcs rrp £ 1.90 storm pole cyber crrx bite alarm set with receiver radical double stick buzzer the bite alarm that sounds in a new era cyber crrx bite alarms are the first to feature optional led colours furthermore the strategy of our r&d engineers was not only to achieve optimal functionality but to set a new benchmark for design and presentation we are more than impressed with the result which we are sure you will feel the same the set features 3 radio bite alarms and one receiver each supplied with batteries also provided is a complete set of replacement batteries the correct size screwdriver and – as a unique bonus – an alternative set of sample cases in camouflage design the transport case has space for a fourth bite alarm where required for

holdall radical desperado bs holdall our desperado big session holdall provides enough space to transport four rigged up rods to france or italy there is even additional room for a further two unrigged rods the holdall is a veritable storage miracle the four rods are no longer packed next to each other but at a 180-degree rotation this gives the holdall the capacity of a 2+2 holdall which means it can always fit into even small cars the robust thickly-padded side walls and central protective wall ensure your valuable rods are optimally protected the durable outer pocket also features additional compartments for banksticks a large umbrella landing nets and much more besides code 8511 001 length 2,10 m rrp £ 119.95 radical combat bag radical protection holdall high quality rods deserve the best protection the radical protection holdall offers precisely this the rods lie cosseted and protected in an extra-thick foam layer as if a precious baby thanks to its durable 600d material the

brolly umbrellas radical samba brolly radical warchild bivvy night sessions are not meant to be spent beneath a cramped umbrella the new samba brolly provides enough room to dance and erects in seconds our team angler robin illner designed the new model with fibreglass spokes breathable tent fabric height adjustment a back-door window mosquito and rain fronts and many more extras the samba brolly is supplied with storm poles and a groundsheet internally there is sufficient room for a bedchair a small chair and all the tackle you will need for a night session material 100 polyurethane 2100 pu a tent that extends into a bivvy in seconds the highly robust material is completely waterproof and windproof the spacious interior provides space for up to two anglers the bivvy is equipped with thick zip fasteners robust tent peg eyelets and strong tent poles to the front are two windows with mosquito nets and transparent film the doors can be opened from both sides with mosquito protection and

miscellaneous accessories net safe buoyancy aid for landing net handles also allows easier handling of larger nets in the water code 8517 018 rrp £ 3.70 radical carp landing net handle the slim-stick is one of the thinnest and most robust landing net handles on the european carp market and it is no thicker than a ring finger at the handle made from the finest carbon fibre the handle is almost unbreakable in testing our team angler robin illner not only netted huge carp but also used the handle for launching heavy balls of groundbait with the bait scoop in his own words he tried to destroy the slim stick under normal angling conditions the mission failed code 7158 180 length 1,80 m sections 1 rrp £ 31.95 carp cradle radical ultra stick landing net handle versatile landing net handle this ultra-strong handle is the normal 1.8 metre length but can be extended to 3 metres using the additional handle section supplied this extra length can make a big difference in certain situations

t-shirts t-shirt radical the radical t-shirts not only look ultra-trendy they are also made from high-quality robust material 100 cotton clothing with maximum functionality material 100 cotton code 8914 002 size colour m black rrp £ 15.95 hoody radical whether in strong wind beating sun or driving rain with the radical hoody you are prepared for any weather the hoody also looks ultra-modern smart clothing for modern anglers is the radical clothing philosophy material 100 cotton 8914 003 l black 15.95 code 8913 002 8913 003 8914 004 xl black 15.95 8913 004 xl black 33.95 8914 005 xxl black 15.95 8913 005 xxl black 33.95 fleece jacket perfect for the changing of the seasons when it’s no longer warm enough to sit at the water in a t-shirt but not sufficiently cold to pull out the thermal overalls this fleece jacket is the perfect choice material 100 polyester code 8990 001 size colour m black size m l colour black black rrp £ 33.95 33.95 fleece pants perfect for the