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boat baltic trolling inline an innovation for inline fans these rods make line tangling around the rings a thing of the past the rods’ hallmark is their sensitive through action that leaves nothing to be desired when it comes to power also a good choice for light pirking threader included code 1456 210 model baltic trolling inline length 2,10 m sections 2 c.w 10 20 lbs tr length 1,13 m weight 280 g 1456 211 baltic trolling inline 2,10 m 2 8 16 lbs 30 70 g 1,13 m 270 g 1456 240 baltic trolling inline 2,40 m 2 15 25 lbs 1,24 m 305 g 1456 270 baltic trolling inline 2,70 m 2 20 30 lbs 1,41 m 294 g trolling team rigger witch this special downrigger rod makes trolling a magical experience with its trendy design to match the dive master this rod will soon find many friends the tough blank will take all the strain that occurs when trolling code 13019 210 model trolling team rigger witch length 2,10 m 13019 240 trolling team rigger witch 2,40 m sections c.w tr length 2 12 20 lbs

spoon black shiner black devil beluga copper blue dolphin gold/green dolphin rainbow trout swedish flag king salmon furuncle rhino steel trace nylon-coated with a loop at both ends rhino steel trace code model 2324 005 7x7 nylon-coated with a loop and treble hook length 0,5 m Ø 0,34 mm bs 5 kg content 2 pcs 2324 008 7x7 0,5 m 0,38 mm 8 kg 2 pcs 2324 012 7x7 0,5 m 0,42 mm 12 kg 2 pcs 2325 005 7x7 0,7 m 0,38 mm 5 kg 2 pcs 4204 008 7x7 6 2325 008 7x7 0,7 m 0,34 mm 8 kg 2 pcs 4204 012 7x7 5 2325 012 7x7 0,7 m 0,42 mm 12 kg 2 pcs 4204 015 7x7 1 0,6 m code model 4204 005 7x7 trade pack 10 pieces hook size 8 length 0,6 m Ø 0,34 mm bs 5 kg content 1 pcs 0,6 m 0,38 mm 8 kg 1 pcs 0,6 m 0,42 mm 12 kg 1 pcs 0,45 mm 15 kg 1 pcs trade pack 10 pieces rhino trolling spoons rhino steel trace nylon-coated with a loop and single hook code model 4205 008 7x7 hook size 2 length 0,6 m 4205 012 7x7 1/0 0,6 m 0,42 mm 12 kg 1 pcs 4205 015 7x7 2/0 0,6 m 0,45 mm 15 kg 1 pcs trade pack 10 pieces r10 Ø

spoon rügen copper master herring gold swedish flag beluga copper bl dolphin rainbow trout svenstrup special natural copper blue dolphin last try king salmon crystal frog old witch master slapper nat copper dolphin nat gold dolphin super shiner green poison rhino trolling spoons you want to catch big fish right and you want to troll medium and large lures with the same speed this is where rhino trolling spoons really come into their own category the lures have been specially designed by our trolling experts for trolling in the baltic sea in open water and during the herring run salmon and sea trout often prefer larger baits we have put together an optimum range of colours for you whether you are fishing off rügen fehmarn bornholm simrishamn or the gulf of finland – you will always be well prepared the agile almost aggressive swim action also attracts predators to take the bait at a trolling speed to match that used by most boats length 115 mm model mag weight 16 g 150 mm

spoon copper master herring gold swedish flag natural copper blue dolphin beluga gold green dolphin nat gold crystal frog last try super shiner swedish dream pulled frog bloody jackson lollipop royal flush rhino lax spoon a tried and trusted design.it is difficult to go wrong with this trolling spoon in terms of retrieval speed with a slow retrieve it wobbles alluringly and with a faster retrieve the spoon kicks quickly without rotating we are sure many a trolling fan will be adding this design to his lure box alongside previous rhino spoons length 115 mm model l weight 12 g 150 mm xl 18 g trade pack 5 pieces r16 content copper master herring gold swedish flag natural copper blue dolphin last try super shiner swedish dream 1 pcs 3398 032 3398 034 3398 037 3398 046 3398 047 3398 049 1 pcs 3398 132 3398 134 3398 137 3398 146 3398 147 3398 149 freddi flutter ultra-agile flutter spoon for trolling for cod sea trout and salmon the honeycomb structure provides tantalising light reflexes

spoon coho copper rainbow trout orange frog beluga king salmon crystal frog 20 euros orange lollipop moen special natural copper blue dolphin pulled frog bloody jackson mette royal flush pink flush freddi flutter salmon doctor ultra-agile flutter spoon for trolling for cod sea trout and salmon the honeycomb structure provides tantalising light reflexes which combined with the colour designs put together by the rhino trolling team make the freddi flutter irresistible and as a total innovation for the market the model is also available as an ultra-large 190 mm salmon spoon always a tremendous asset when the silver torpedoes are preying on herring every angler should always have an adequate supply of both sizes on board an unusually heavy trolling spoon with a somewhat thicker blade and a fascinating unconventional action this is explained by the fact that the salmon doctor is mounted with the wide area of the spoon facing the swivel while the narrow end faces the hook the action is

special leads gold swedish flag black shiner gold/green dolphin rainbow trout king salmon michael jackson master herring gold swedish flag black devil king salmon gold green dolphin glow black shiner last try ambulance fire angel stops the line twist anti kink new xl size available a trolling aid that reliably prevents line twist and thanks to a wide variety of designs also an effective attractor can be used above spoons or natural bait rigs length 115 mm content master herring gold swedish flag black devil king salmon gold green dolphin glow black shiner last try fire angel 1 pcs 6231 001 6231 002 6231 003 6231 004 6231 005 6231 006 6231 007 6231 008 trade pack 5 pieces trolling clip with pin page r25 flasher with softfish lure provides a high contrast when fishing in the depths extremely successful for many years this colour combination is now available in a flasher combi length 20 cm weight 85 g 28 cm 105 g trade pack 5 pieces r22 content hook size 1 pcs 1/0 1 pcs 1/0 leader l Ø

trolling leads paravan lead free head weights deliver the bait to the desired depth enabling effective angling at a variety of water depths customary paravanes however have a distinct disadvantage they require a leader and the leader is dependent on the length of the rod to enable you to still land the fish not so with the rhino paravan this clip-on weight can attach anywhere to the line without causing damage it neither affects the agile behaviour of the bait nor alarms the fish because seaweed has become tangled up with it etc all of this means less time with the rod in your hand than without the rhino paravan pro stow box a revival of the hugely successful lure box specially designed for trolling anglers much demanded designed in collaboration with mike luner and capable of accommodating all types of lure – whether spoons wobblers or pirkers – in separate compartments the box combines a range of benefits • numerous lures up to 20 cm long can be transported

boat rod holder new rhinosteel coating rhino xtra tube rod holder rhino xtra rod holder rhino salmon gripper ultra-sharp single hook with upstream swivel can be fished on a trolling spoon in place of a treble and often takes a firmer hold than treble hooks code 4466 200 hook size content colour 2/0 5 pcs rhinosteel 4466 400 4/0 5 pcs rhinosteel 4466 600 6/0 5 pcs rhinosteel trade pack 5 pieces made from robust plastic and designed to produce the lowest of production tolerances can be attached to the deck and has 12 rest positions with 360° rotation thanks to a built-in notch the rod can only be set in one position and cannot shift into the other positions unwanted through shaking the tilt mechanism is securely attached via fixed snap-in points and a robust adjuster bolt the rod can be secured against jumping out via a rubber clamp weight 400 g code 8207 001 weight 400 g rhino alu turn&tilt railing rod holder deck holder as with the standard xtra rod holder 8207 001 but with a

spare parts rhino blx accessories code model 9930 101 part 1 prop 9930 102 part 2 prop nut 9930 103 part 3 washer 9930 104 part 4 motor unit 9930 105 part 5 wire protective sleeve 9930 106 part 6 shaft 9930 107 part 7 mount assy 9930 108 part 8 depth collar assy 9930 109 part 9 screw 9930 110 part 10 sealing ring 9930 111 part 11 clamp 9930 112 part 12 screw 9930 113 part 13 locking nut 9930 114 part 14 bushing 9930 115 part 15 bolt 9930 116 part 16 bottom cover 9930 117 part 17 usb step-down controller 9930 118 part 18 connector 9930 119 part 19 potentiometer assembly two 9930 120 part 20 locking washer 9930 121 part 21 fixed frame 9930 122 part 22 wire guard 9930 123 part 23 top cover assy 9930 124 part 24 fixing clamp top 9930 125 part 25 fixing clamp bottom 9930 126 part 26 spring 9930 127 part 27 connecting shaft 9930 128 part 28 handle assy 9930 129 part 29 screw 9930 130 part 30 spring 9930 131 part 31 water joint 9930 132 part 32 seal cover 9930 133 part 33 rubber plug 9930

spare parts always keeping you moving repair kits rhino cobold outboard motor with all important spare parts small and manageable but effective with its 18 lb of thrust the cobold is designed for use with dinghies or canoes like its big brother the cobold boasts optimal power consumption enabling longer operation for the same battery capacity features a switch for ‘forwards’ ‘off’ and ‘backwards’ also offers a choice of two speeds the propeller depth in the water and steering pressure are continuously adjustable via screws the tiller can be lowered into the motor head to save space during transport finally the shaft comes with an ingenious fastener allowing the motor to fold up should it come up against any obstacles overall the rhino cobold handles easily comfortably and safely code 9921 018 weight 2,45 kg speeds 2v/2r max weight of boat 500 kg shaft length 0,60 m length of battery cable volt 1,60 m 12 trade pack 2 pieces code model 9925 930

predator landing net super-robust predator landing net with all-round metal frame the rubberised mesh provides optimal protection for the fish and dries in no time available in the two most popular sizes code 7003 240 length 2,40 m width 60 cm height 70 cm size material tr length mesh xl rubber net 1,05 m 24 x 16 mm 7003 255 2,55 m 80 cm 90 cm xxl rubber net 1,05 m 24 x 16 mm measure tape sticker material 100 cotton special high-tech boat sticker with certified seawater resistance highly uv-resistant thanks to the use of screen printing the uv resistance lasts several years depending on use and the intensity of the actual radiation material polychlorid adhesive film p4 polyacrylate high-tech adhesive with certified seawater resistance code colour 9788 072 black code 9949 038 trade pack 5 pieces trade pack 5 pieces rhino cap width height 119 cm 12,4 cm rhino sticker with rhino motif black/red code 9949 039 width 20 cm height 7 cm trade pack 10 pieces r34 rhino sticker code 9971 958