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catfish angling ­ an extreme adventure that calls for extraordinary equipment the `black cat collection by renowned stefan seuß delivers everything you could wish for in this hardcore pursuit and has been tested against the toughest opponents swimming in europe s rivers r

co ntent reels black cat about us reels black cat 770 rods cat lifter cat buster fun stick joy stick clonker big baiter accessories line swivel hooks floats rigs shads spoons bags accessories r31 r32 r34 r36 r37 r38 r39 r40 r41 r44 black cat ­ the specialist and benchmark range for all catfish anglers when it comes to specimen catfish angling only the best materials will suffice stefan seuß one of the most successful catfish anglers in the world has developed a range for the `rhino brand that offers specialist catfish anglers precisely what they have been looking for all these years the finished products have been tested extensively for two years and have had to endure stefan s rigorous demands during test tours no fewer than 150 catfish were landed including three specimens with weights over 90 kilos 97.4 kilos 98.5 kilos 102.8 kilo now everybody has the opportunity to successfully take on the biggest freshwater predators with the right equipment best wishes stefan seuß 7

ro d s without question scarcely any other form of angling has resulted in as many broken rods as catfish sport it would now appear the catfish have met their match `black cat rods from rhino made from tried and tested df material and with a lifetime guarantee on the blank rods cat lifter cat lifters are the ideal partners for the boat angler whether in italy kazakhstan spain or france ­ these rods are designed specifically for fishing from an anchored boat or for drift fishing now you can literally have the upper hand on catfish code length sections c.w tr length weight rrp £ 1109 240 1109 270 2.40 m 2.70 m 2 2 up to 300 g up to 300 g 1.25 m 1.40 m 465 g 521 g 103.49 112.49 alle ruten dieser seite cat buster cat busters are the ideal all-rounders for bank fishing now you can cast even the heaviest baits with confidence and ease whether fishing with underwater floats buoys or catfish pellets cat busters make catfish angling more enjoyable in any form these rods are also ideal for

ro d s rods fun stick the fun stick is for those who like to be diverse whether for delicately presenting natural baits or rubber fish from a boat or belly boat the fun stick is the ideal rod for light catfish sport the sensitivity of the blank translates the sensation of bait retrieval directly to your fingertips code length sections c.w tr length weight rrp £ 1108 210 all rods on this page 2.10 m 2 100 g 1.10 m 284 g 89.49 joy stick the joy stick is a workhorse for the lure angler the powerful blank can carry rubber fish and spoons wherever catfish may lurk or hide whether from the bank or the boat the joy stick is sure to impress the slim rhino-df blank guarantees outstanding quality when casting and during a fight code length sections c.w tr length weight rrp £ 1111 280 2.80 m 2 150-180g 1.45 m 344 g 105.99 clonker at last there is a specialist rod for catfish clonk anglers the clonker offers everything required of a rod for clonk angling the flexible yellow tip enables anglers

li n e the greatest strain is often on the tackle that is why we only produce line hooks and swivels of the highest quality sw ivel h ooks black cat single hook black cat power leader code size p/pack rrp £ black cat single hook mega code size p/pack rrp £ black cat treble hook code size p/pack rrp £ the leader is the connection between the catfish and the angler only the strongest and most friction resistant materials will result in a successful fight black cat power leader is the optimal leader for all catfish angling methods stefan`s first choice when it comes to braided leaders 4446 300 4446 500 4446 700 4446 900 3/0 5/0 7/0 9/0 5 5 4 2 1.49 1.49 1.99 1.99 4375 400 4375 600 4375 800 4375 110 4/0 6/0 8/0 10/0 5 4 3 2 1.99 2.49 2.49 2.99 4376 600 4376 700 4376 800 6/0 7/0 8/0 3 3 2 4.49 5.49 6.99 black cat power braid a main line in a class of its own with extreme high load capacity at low diameter the special braid resists any effects of friction even against mussel beds a

f loat s black cat floats the perfect bite indicators and buoy systems strong buoyancy and highly robust design stefan seuß is renowned for his big catches but wary catfish can only be outwitted with the right rig and setup thanks to his special leaders now you too can be assured of a prolific bite rate deadbait rig code size bs ri gs special ready rig for deadbait angling with noise notification capsule length rrp £ 4336 001 8/0 100 kg 80 cm 1.99 vibro-underwater float with several noise-making capsules code bs rrp £ big bait rig code size bs special rig for deadbait angling with larger baits with two trebles and one single hook length rrp £ 5565 001 5565 002 15 g 20 g 1.99 1.99 4336 002 6/0 100 kg 110 cm 2.49 treble bait fish rig code size bs length special rig for deadbait angling with larger baits with noise notification capsule rrp £ catfish float aroma underwater float with two microporous psp surfaces for soaking with flavours code bs rrp £ code bs 4336 007 8/0 100 kg 80

shads spoons catfish on lures of course more and more anglers are discovering the catching potential of using rubber fish and spoons to entice a bite black cat shad bags bags are often exposed to mud and rain when catfish fishing holdalls must be sufficiently large in order to provide room for even the largest fixed-spool reels particularly for boat anglers the bags must also be water tight and thoughtfully designed to make all parts quickly accessible the special black cat bags have evolved from hands on experience with all weather elements considered special rubber fish with turbulent tail action specially designed for fishing from the bank belly boat or powered boat rubber baits of this size are irresistible to catfish size white yellow glow p/pack rrp £ white spinning bag 20 cm 3228 001 3228 002 3228 003 25 cm 3228 101 3228 102 3228 103 3 3 5.49 6.99 yellow bag for spinning anglers with two plastic boxes plenty of space for your spoons shads leaders and swivels the bag is easy to

b ag s select holdall bags special holdall featuring one main section and three single rod sections with ample reel storage space also takes multiplier reels the main section has sufficient space for a bivvy umbrella and rod pods code length Ø rrp £ 8521 006 2.00 m 19 cm 3 bags outside 62.99 210 d nylon 210 d nylon special tackle carryall carryall a carryall without comparison features three plastic boxes a weight pocket a securing system for clonkers and much more makes everything easily accessible at a miraculously low volume code length height width rrp £ special bag with sufficient space for everything you need for a multi day catfish trip features a large internal black cat plastic box for small tackle and enough storage for clothes and reels the universal carryall for any catfish angler with multi function code length height width rrp £ 8521 001 55 cm 35 cm 25 cm 50.49 holdall 210 d nylon special rod holdall for three made up catfish rods with ample reel space the side

r hino acc e ss ories black cat is successful black cat is cool show the world that you belong 65 cotton 35 polyester cap code description rrp £ 9788 024 black cat cap 3.99 t-shirt code size rrp £ 9825 002 9825 003 9825 004 l xl xxl 8.99 8.99 8.99 sticker code description rrp £ 9949 036 oval sticker 12 x 8 cm 0.99 carbon clonker code description special deluxe clonker for all water depths made from carbon includes transport bag rrp £ 6328 003 carbon clonker 23.99 black cat flag nylon 115 g/m2 150x80 cm code description rrp £ 9963 512 black cat flag 29.99 clonker special clonker for all water depths even beginners can quickly hit the right note with this clonker code description rrp £ 6328 002 clonker 14.49 sticker black cat code description shop window sticker 42 cm x 14,8 cm rrp £ 9949 037 sticker black cat 2.99 r