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Catalog Rhino Fishing 2011

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rh inodfl leea ro s n rr hi no ro llen hi no df s ea rhino df sea travel xh a fantastic spinning rod with short sections and powerful action 120 g casting weight for sea fishing ideal for those travelling in search of bigger or hard fighting spieces from norway to florida the sea travel is the ideal all rounder for fishing lures such as large lead-heads soft rubbers light to medium-sized pirks wobblers and spoons code length sections c.w tr length weight rrp £ all rods on this page 1284 240 2.40 m 4 120 g 0.67 m 355 g 114.65 rhino df boat travel xh more and more deep sea anglers are heading for far-flung destinations that can only be reached by plane our boat travel rods have short sections that can be packed in a suitcase ­ farewell to bulky and lost in transit rod tubes the boat travel xh is a true all-rounder with a powerful but pleasantly mellow action code length sections line class tr length weight rrp £ 1285 210 2.10 m 4 20 lb 0.60 m 440 g 116.25 rhino xtra boat the two

rh inot ro llingspoons rhino trolling spoons r hi no tro lli ng s po o ns you want to catch big fish right and you want to troll medium and large lures with the same speed this is where rhino trolling spoons really come into their own category the lures have been specially designed by our trolling experts for trolling in the baltic sea in open water and during the herring run salmon and sea trout often prefer larger baits we have put together an optimum range of colours for you whether you are fishing off rügen fehmarn bornholm simrishamn or the gulf of finland ­ you will always be well prepared the agile almost aggressive swim action also attracts predators to take the bait at a trolling speed to match that used by most boats mag length colour rrp £ xtra mag length colour rrp £ 3395 001 3395 002 3395 003 3395 004 3395 005 3395 006 3395 007 3395 008 3395 009 3395 010 3395 011 3395 012 3395 014 3395 015 3395 016 1 in a pack 115 mm 115 mm 115 mm 115 mm 115 mm 115 mm 115 mm 115 mm

rh i n o ro l l hn lderd eo rail mount r hi no hi no ho lder r ro d ro llen rhino alu turn tilt rod holder ­ for railing mounting rhino alu turn tilt rod holder ­ for deck mounting made from highly robust plastic complement to the deck holder when it needs to be mounted on a railing includes 4 bolts with self-locking nuts in stainless steel weight 70 g code model rrp £ deck holder 8207 992 rail mount 9.95 made from highly robust plastic with the lowest of production tolerances with 12 rest positions and 360° rotation can be installed from above or sideways since the actual rod holder can receive the rod in one of two ways weight 140 g code model rrp £ 8207 990 deck holder 12.05 tube rod holder in polished aluminium rods can be taken out at great speed the upper tube edge is designed to protect the rod handle with a soft plastic sleeve with anti-twist device for rods with cross slots the tilt mechanism is adjusted via a push button through 90°-60°-30°-0° 360° rotation is

rh inok aya k double rod holder fitting recessed holder made from heavy-duty industrial quality plastic fits quickly and cleanly with adhesive into pre-made slots in the rhino sharkoon kayak to enable the use of the rhino rod holder 8207 001/002 r 17 or double rod holder fitting item no 8207 003 etc code model rrp £ r hi no kayak this robust cross-bar can accommodate two rhino rod holders simultaneously this enables trolling from the kayak with two rods at the same time the high quality materials and simple slot connections optimise flexibility on the water ­ allowing you to get to the fish more quickly and without stress 4-rod holder mounting rhino sharkoon kayak code model rrp £ the 4-rod holder mounting provides space for up to four rod holders to the front of the kayak affixed via deck attachment 8207 990 see r 18 also ideal for mounting equipment such as fishfinders or swing bars code model rrp £ 8207 994 recessed holder 5.95 enjoy the total freedom and unique fishing

co ntent content about us reels black cat 680 fx black cat spin rods cat lifter cat buster the cat limited edition boat spin spin extreme multibaiter boje multibaiter boot fun stick joy stick clonker big baiter passion the inliner the inliner light passion tele vertikal jig accessories line swivel hooks floats accessories rigs spoons bags luggage accessories tents clonks clothing accessories co ntent team-black cat www.team-black-cat.com r30-31 r32-33 r34-35 r36-37 r38-39 r40-41 r42-43 r44-45 r46-41 r52-53 r54 r55-61 r62-63 r64-66 stefan seuß team leader and key developer of the black cat range every last detail of the equipment is imbued with his experience making the black cat the ultimate catfish equipment peter merkel revolutionised specimen catfish angling in germany founder of the black-cat information site www.neckarwaller.com benjamin gründer devout catfish angler with a penchant for french rivers and the italian po daolio vitaliano professional catfish guide in italy

ro d s ro ds the cat limited edition this rod has been specially designed by stefan seuß and finished in the finest materials a wels angler could wish for in his/her equipment the fast firm blank parabolic action big-game rings for all aspects of wels sport and an indestructible fuji reel holder make this rod a prized possession for any wels angler at 3 metres in length and with a casting weight of 250-500 grams the cat is ready for any situation the cat is a limited edition of 100 rods code length sections c.w tr length weight rrp £ boat spin 1146 300 3.00 m 2 250-400 g 1.55 m 550 g 182.85 the days of heavy rigid spinning rods are over the boat spin is specially designed for fishing off a moving boat and inaccessible banks the incredibly fast powerful blank with parabolic properties and constructed in the tried and tested df material makes the rod a third arm for spinning anglers a number of team anglers have collaborated in the rod s development landing fish of more than 80 kg

ro d s ro ds passion all rods on this page fishing for catfish does not have to be expensive one of the key design points was for this range to be affordable to the mass audience of potential catfish anglers in the passion range rhino black cat presents a perfect selection of catfish rods for new anglers to this style of fishing at an excellent price to quality ratio through the testing stage constant improvements were made as recommended by stefan seuß now in production we have a range that we can be proud of naturally we have used tried and trusted rhino carbon composite blanks along with reel holders and special rings for braid that have proven themselves over many years code length sections c.w tr length weight rrp £ 1060 240 1060 280 2.40 m 2.80 m 2 2 2 300 g 300 g 300-500 g 1.25 m 1.46 m 1.68 m 470 g 491 g 522 g 75.65 82.75 91.55 1060 320 3.20 m the inliner inline rods have been the preferred choice of many french and italian catfish anglers for many years this rod type is

acc e ss ories access o r i es black cat dip the matching dip for black cat chunks with a base of strong smelling extracts with aromas of blood meat and liver ­ perfect for giving black cat chunks or catfish pellets an additional boost particularly pasty and binding for lasting attraction code contents rrp £ clonk teaser attractive lure which can be enhanced with worms or squid best positioned vertically under the boat when clonking code weight rrp £ 3939 020 150 ml 10.75 6047 120 6047 180 6047 240 120 g 180 g 240 g 7.75 10.15 12.05 black cat psp lead code weight p/pack rrp £ black cat chunks highly attractive catfish boilie thanks to its huge dimensions the boilie is highly distinctive and stays on the rig for long periods while pellets for example need replacing more often strong smelling ingredients attract the barbel hunters to the bait from great distances the aroma has been optimised during prolonged testing by the black cat team a genuine alternative to deadbaits and

s po o n s bags are often exposed to mud and rain when catfish fishing holdalls must be sufficiently large in order to provide room for even the largest fixed-spool reels particularly for boat anglers the bags must b ags also be waterproof and thoughtfully designed to make all parts quickly accessible the special black cat bags have evolved from hands on experience with all weather elements considered spinning bag bag for spinning anglers with two plastic boxes plenty of space for your spoons shads leaders and swivels the bag is easy to carry and water and mud-resistant code length height width rrp £ 8521 004 39 cm 25 cm 12 cm 43.95 silent runner spoon world leader special spoon for wary catfish and heavily fished waters spoons often give themselves away from the moment they hit the surface with their rattling hooks and swivels the silent runner makes none of these metallic noises because the spoon is mounted directly on the line developed and tested on the river po weight bs copper

acc e ss ories access o r i es 100 polyester blanket 100 polyethylene 600 d nylon code increasingly demanded for lying on top of or even underneath when resting fluffy fleece material model rrp £ 9983 004 blanket 55.25 unhooking mat code size cat chair large robust cover in black cat design protects catfish from stoney and hard surfaces rrp £ for a comfortable seating position when on land or on a boat four telescopic adjustable feet enable optimal positioning code model rrp £ 1200 d nylon 8517 022 2m x 3m 33.25 9980 003 cat chair 77.75 600 d nylon black cat t&a bag specialist bag for ready-made monofilament and braid leaders the leaders can be stored stretched out in the bag keeping them to hand whatever the situation spinners and xxl wobblers can also fit in the bag and can be fixed securely code length height width rrp £ 8521 018 60 cm 12 cm 25 cm 44.85 seat cushion holding out on the boat or the bank for hours on end can result in aching limbs with this inflatable cushion you