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contents match poles page b 3-15 kits extensions page b 16-17 margin and starter poles page b 18-25 tele rods page b 26-27 bolo rods page b 28-29 match rods page b 30-33 feeder rods page b 34-49 reels page b 50-63 rod accessories page b 64-65 pole spare parts page b 66-67 groundbait page b 68-76 particles aromas page b 77-82 lines page b 83-84 hooks page b 85-87 method feeder page b 87 open and block-end feeders page b 88-95 lead and accessories page b 96-97 weights and accessories page b 98-99 pole accessories page b 100-105 seatboxes accessories page b 106-116 buckets baitboxes riddles page b 117-119 pole rollers kit roosts rests page b 120-123 luggage tubes umbrellas page b 124-135 keep nets landing nets net handles page b 136-141 clothing page b 142-149 promotional items page b 150 browning trademarks licensed from browning all lengths and weights quoted may vary within manufacturing tolerances browning poles – nobody

groundbait competition groundbait range groundbait england three groundbaits were developed specially for the requirements of the english market to be a successful carp mix in england all of these groundbaits contain fishmeal and or spirulina ground algae and are finely ground during testing our test anglers almost always enjoyed better catches than their neighbours guess why ?… make sure you don’t miss out on this advantage over the opposition these three mixes also consist of exclusively natural basic ingredients and flours meaning that they pose no threat to the environment or the fish code model 3970 010 beta mus mix contents 1 kg rrp £ 4.95 groundbait all seasons an excellent versatile groundbait in the champions-choice bait range the intensive aroma of this combination of spices particularly draws roach bream and silver bream to the swim the slightly dark colour comes solely from the use of natural feed and spices these ingredients achieve a successful balance

landing net heads landing net carpa the all black carpa net range have strong composite blocks brass threads and internal style frames mesh sizes from 2mm on the f1 to 6mm on the speed code model 7029 026 f1 hair rigger landing net commercial king landing net commercial king landing nets with latex covered mesh long lasting quick drying kind to fish and resistant to hooks two perfectly sized landing nets ideal for use on commercial carp waters one with ultra-fine mesh to prevent snagging of hair-rigs the other with a more open mesh for faster netting good quality strong nets with a fashionable round mesh shape mixed mesh sizes on bottom and side panels allows the net to be pushed through water easily very distinctive gunmetal colour code model 7029 041 speed scooper code model 7029 046 carp scooper length 55 cm width 45 cm depth mesh rrp £ 28 cm 2 x 2 mm 9.95 code 7029 042 length 50 cm width 38 cm depth 28 cm 7029 038 fine 55 cm 45 cm 28 cm 3 x 3 mm 9.95 7029 043 60 cm 48 cm

not available in uk saltwater not available in uk rigs cl assic beak hook classic 6/0 8/0 2/0 4/0 fastach leader system the easy connection 3/0 change your rig set-up in just a few seconds with the genius mustad fastach leader system a full range of carefully designed rigs and main lines that all connects with a simple twist all rigs are made on our premium ultrapoint hooks main lines and rigs are supplied on practicle foam boards to make life easier in the tackle bag we take the big success from the mustad fastach to the sea angling world be effective and fish with confidence 1 1/0 code mustad-code 4531 800 92247-ni-8/0-c03 4531 600 92247-ni-6/0-c05 4531 400 92247-ni-4/0-c05 4531 300 92247-ni-3/0-c07 4531 200 92247-ni-2/0-c07 4531 100 92247-ni-1/0-c07 4531 001 92247-ni-1-c10 color nickel worm hook for sea angling for all applications a staple of many a tackle box hook size hooks/pack 8/0 6/0 4/0 3/0 2/0 1/0 1 3 5 5 7 7 7 10 rig link beak hook classic main line fastach connector

spinning code 14113 180 model ultrex spin length 1,80 m 14113 210 ultrex spin 2,10 m 2 20 g 1,08 m 140 g 24.95 14113 240 ultrex spin 2,40 m 2 20 g 1,24 m 190 g 26.95 c.w tr length 20 g 0,94 m weight 115 g rrp £ 22.95 26.95 14113 270 ultrex spin 2,70 m 2 20 g 1,40 m 231 g 14114 210 ultrex spin 2,10 m 2 35 g 1,08 m 143 g 24.95 14114 240 ultrex spin 2,40 m 2 35 g 1,24 m 192 g 26.95 26.95 ultrex spin good rods often cost a lot of money but beginners and occasional anglers often don’t want to dig too deeply into their pockets and now they don’t have to because our developers have succeeded in creating a contemporary rod series that covers all aspects of spinning without breaking the bank perch zander pike and similar should beware of these rods 14114 270 ultrex spin 2,70 m 2 35 g 1,40 m 249 g 14114 300 ultrex spin 3,00 m 2 35 g 1,54 m 318 g 30.95 14115 300 ultrex spin 3,00 m 2 45 g 1,54 m 320 g 44.95 14116 240 ultrex spin 2,40 m 2 50 g 1,24 m 215 g 28.95 14116 270 ultrex

streamer magic trout propeller rig shrimpy fly similar to the widely known pattegrisen in standard pink colour as well as a black version for nocturnal use a banker from the shore code colour 4222 015 pink 4222 016 black content hook size rrp £ 2 pcs 2 4.35 2 pcs 2 4.35 these rigs are specially tailored to trout lake fishing and offer no shortage of attraction absolutely any of these rigs will provide magic moments in a day at the trout lake – no trout can resist them code 4220 009 4220 010 length colour 2 m silver 2m silver content 2 pcs 2 pcs Ø hook size rrp £ 0,20 mm 6 3.45 0,20 mm 10 3.45 magic trout spin rig mt fluorocarbon leader material with optimal properties in terms of knot strength smoothness and durability a must-have for any angler who ties his own hooklengths these rigs are specially tailored to trout lake fishing and offer no shortage of attraction absolutely any of these rigs will provide magic moments in a day at the trout lake – no trout can

carryall radical gigantica bag big bigger gigantica that is the best way we can describe our “monster” from the radical bag range designed to take anything and everything you need to the water whether gas cookers sleeping bags tackle bags rig cases food or an umbrella overwrap the gigantica is not just big it’s also incredibly strong the metal shoulder strap rings guarantee a long life the base is 100 waterproof while the zips are all heavy-duty complete with two side pockets two front pockets and an overlap to protect the zip from rain • includes free tackle box and rig board material 600 d nylon code 8511 008 width 70 cm height depth 30 cm 40 cm rrp £ 109.95 radical bucket radical bait bowl method feeder fishing continues to grow in popularity our radical bait bowl for groundbait folds to a small size but is 100 waterproof and is ideal for short sessions the bowl is designed not just for method groundbait but also particles or boilies to be fed from the

catfish code 16411 285 model passion pro allround length 2,85 m sections 2 c.w 400 500 g tr length 1,50 m weight 441 g rrp £ 78.95 16411 300 passion pro allround 3,00 m 2 400 500 g 1,60 m 536 g 81.75 model passion pro boat length 2,50 m sections 2 c.w 200 400 g tr length 1,25 m weight 337 g rrp £ 70.75 passion pro boat model passion pro spin length 2,70 m sections 2 c.w 150 200 g tr length 1,40 m weight 350 g rrp £ 72.00 passion pro spin code 16412 250 code 16413 270 r 50 passion pro allround value-for-money catfish rod range with higher casting weights than previous passion rods high-quality finish with a robust reel holder with metal shoes as well as highly durable low-rider rings top-class catfish sport at an affordable price with the passion pro range value-for-money boat rod with high-quality equipment robust reel holder and special big-game rings this rod is the perfect entry-level partner for those fascinated with catfish angling from the boat value-for-money

spinning cool spin dx s manie the three-piece cool spin dx-s manie is a true all-rounder when it comes to spinning small medium and large weights can all be cast fantastically once you’ve tried this all-purpose rod you will never want to be without it code 1741 275 model cool spin dx s manie length 2,75 m sections 2 c.w tr length 75 g 1,43 m weight 310 g rrp £ 31.75 cool spin dx-s zander few other rod series offer so much performance for so little expense and the spin dx-s zander is no exception the sensitive blank ensures you will never miss a take while the rod’s strong backbone will control even monster prickly predators during a fight code 1730 275 model cool spin dx-s zander length 2,75 m sections 2 c.w tr length 55 g 1,43 m weight 295 g rrp £ 28.50 cool spin dx-s pike this heavy version of the cool spin dx-s has been specially tailored to pike sport and performs well even with heavy rubber fish and spoons need accurate and long-range casts a piece of cake

shad roach firetiger argentic orange stint red head dark graze grass frog pool frog tree frog with twin hook und weed protection troublemaker guaranteed to infuriate perch pike and similar this wobbler magically attracts anything that likes to take medium-sized silver fish and is available in three lengths length 110 mm 135 mm 160 mm action roach firetiger red head dark graze argentic orange stint floating 3444 001 3444 002 3444 003 3444 004 3444 005 3444 006 floating 3444 101 3444 102 3444 103 3444 104 3444 105 3444 106 floating 3444 201 3444 202 3444 203 3444 204 3444 205 3444 206 silver/gold/violet firetiger rrp £ 4.35 top frog cool frog imitation that should be in every lure box when it comes to surface fishing for pike and black bass 4.55 length 65 mm 4.95 silver/brown/red weight grass frog pool frog tree frog rrp £ 19 g 3103 301 3103 302 3103 303 3.50 transparent/green/yellow ayu purple ayu mackerel hork bleak perch firetiger kutt

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