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van staal® no limitationstm there are select types of fishermen who strive to push themselves and their equipment to the limit these fishermen have passion that demands more than ordinary fishing tackle only the highest-performing most durable tackle will do these fishermen have no tolerance for a rod reel line or any equipment that doesn t live up to the elements or even worse ­ doesn t live up to the fish these are van staal fishermen these are whom the brand was created for van staal is made for the fishing you dream of it is a brand unique to all other fishing brands built for the extremes and exotic locations for far away places with the utmost of elements and challenging remarkable ultimate fish only the highest-performing most durable tackle will do the entire line of van staal reels and pliers are specially designed to the extreme so you know they can not only handle ­ but maximize anything you want to fish for anywhere you want to go no limitations fully machined from the

vs spin proven for the surf these reels are ready for any situation a completely sealed water-proof body and drag allow you to fish on the beach ­ or in the water van staal reels have a fully machined aluminum body flyer and spool for no-flex strength a machined stainless steel spiral-bevel main gear for long-lasting power a machined solid titanium titanium-nitride treated center shaft and titanium-nitride line roller allow you to fish monofilament or braided lines under the heaviest of drag loads with huge line capacities and the ability to pick-up to 40 inches of line with a single handle turn there is no better reel to fish tough big fish in-shore or off-shore code black model line capacity mono line capacity braid gear ratio weight line retrieve rrp £ 0680 101 0983 001 0680 151 0983 005 0680 201 0983 009 van staal vs100 spare spool vs100 van staal vs150 spare spool vs150 van staal vs200 spare spool vs200 van staal vs250 spare spool vs250 van staal vs275 spare spool vs275 van

vsb titanium bail spin now you can fish van staal with a bail like all vs reels these reels are sealed water-tight for use anywhere they come equipped with a solid titanium bail and a giant oversized anti-reverse clutch to guarantee rock-solid hook sets the brand new vsb200 and vsb250 with their huge line capacity and machined strength are the perfect reels for saltwater jigging surface popping or casting to huge pelagic fish these reels are built for the ultimate trophy fishing ­ anywhere in the world code silver model line capacity mono line capacity braid gear ratio weight line retrieve rrp £ 0681 102 0983 042 0681 152 0983 045 0681 202 0983 048 0681 252 0983 051 van staal vsb100 spare spool vsb100 van staal vsb150 spare spool vsb150 van staal vsb200 spare spool vsb200 van staal vsb250 spare spool vsb250 left hand left hand left hand left hand 225 yds 10 lb 340 yds 12 lb 400 yds 15 lb 350 yds 20 lb 320 yds 20 lb 330 yds 30 lb 400 yds 40 lb 490 yds 50 lb 4.75:1 4.75:1

c-vex fly named for their unique convex shape which adds strength while reducing weight these reels are machined to precision standards from aircraft grade aluminum anodized for saltwater protection and feature a unique completely sealed waterproof drag cartridge this makes c-vex the most sophisticated fly reels ever designed available in three spool sizes that accommodate 7 weight up to 12 weight fly lines with plenty of backing van staal c-vex is the fly reel of choice for fishing the surf the flats or even out in blue water code silver line capacity monofil line mono weight rrp £ 0685 078 0985 003 0685 110 0985 006 0685 112 0985 009 0685 999 0985 012 van staal c-vex 7/8s spare spool c-vex 7/8s van staal c-vex 9/10s spare spool c-vex 9/10s van staal c-vex 11/12s spare spool c-vex 11/12s 230 m 0.30 mm 210 m 0.40 mm 320 m 0.40 mm 250 yds 20 lb 230 yds 30 lb 350 yds 30 lb wf8 wf10 wf12 466.00 215.00 517.00 222.00 551.00 239.00 707.00 205.00 c-vex 9/12 combikit with 9/10 and 11/12

fp7000 set fp6000 set fp5000 fp7000 titanium fp6000 titanium titanium fp5000 set fp6500 stainless steel fp6500 set vm 150 never before has the strength and power of a van staal machined reel been offered in such a versatile and affordable option the new vm150 features a changeable left or right-hand retrieve holds 350 yards of 30-pound braided line and can handle up to 30 pounds of drag stopping power the aluminum and stainless steel construction of the vm150 create more than enough strength to tackle big and exotic fish and the precision gears and smooth drag performance make it the perfect go-to reel from boat or from shore code gunsmoke model line capacity mono line capacity braid gear ratio weight line retrieve rrp £ van staal ® pliers quality sheaths and lanyards help you keep your van staal pliers secure and quickly available code model construction rrp £ no rust no wear corrosion-free in the worst saltwater conditions van staal pliers are built to perform and built to last