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rhino df sea travel xh prop prop nut pin zebco rhino df big fish quantum hypercast pro tour zander rhino df big fish sic telescopic rod rings quantum spin store rod bag black cat spinning rod telescopic rods sliding rings ultra light spinning rod black cat psp lead 025 stainless steel ball bearings black cat 2013 by zebco sports europe storage boxes with lid and carry handle zebco telescopic rod holdall zebco rhino vx 44 zebco rhino vx motor rhino zebco big fish cool mini tele 180 zebco zebco europe 2013 rhino trolling spoon atoll squid lure cyber bite alarm rhino vx 54 rhino vx 34 smart vairon manie black magic slimstar spare spool vm150 surf rod holdall carp rod carp quantum hypercast pro tour twitch quantum spinning reels q vex rhino rod holder rhino rod holders fin nor offshore browning xitan cup kit soft lure rig 4 blade worm scissors bait fish sinker black magic tele xitan seat box quantum hypercast micro spin black magic feeder black cat fishing multibaiter buoy radical old school carp zebco europe browning sniper pro carp float fishing rod soft plastic lure black cat chunks telescopic landing net handle telescopic fishing rod quantum spinning reels browning black magic fd reels telescopic fishing rods

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contents match poles margin and starter poles whips tele rods pole spare parts hybrid specialist rods bolognese rod tele rods match rods feeder rods rod accessories reels hybrid accessories groundbait particles aromas page b 3-17 page b 18-21 page b 22-23 page b 24-25 page b 26-27 page b 28-31 page b 32-33 page b 34-35 page b 36-41 page b 42-49 page b 50-51 page b 52-61 page b 62-67 page b 68-75 page b 76-83 lines floats method and carp feeders open and block-end feeders weights and accessories swivels accessories pole accessories seatboxes accessories buckets baitboxes riddles pole rollers kit roosts rests luggage tubes umbrellas keep nets landing nets net handles clothing promotional items page b 84-85 page b 86-89 page b 90-91 page b 92-97 page b 98 page b 99-101 page b 102-103 page b 104-109 page b 110-111 page b 112-117 page b 118-123 page b 124-131 page b 132-137 page b 138 browning xitan revolution and new xitan power

hybrid better than average tackle for better than average fish better than average tackle for better than average fish in recent years match angling and specimen angling have been getting closer in techniques and methods the browning hybrid range of tackle has been specially designed to bridge the gap between match and specimen angling for many anglers and situations match style tackle is too weak but conventional specimen tackle is too powerful and spoils the enjoyment of playing mid-sized fish hybrid tackle fills this gap with strong durable tackle that will stand the pressures of big fish and big catches the hybrid tackle range is designed to meet the needs of fishing on modern commercial fisheries braid scissors sharp fine scissors for hard-to-cut braid but also good for cutting or trimming everything else hybrid match quick melt pva fast melt non-toxic pva mesh in popular 23 and micro 18 mm diameters the micro tube is perfect for hard winter fishing when small amounts of feed

luggage tubes umbrellas re si st an t to p qu al ity im pa ct tu re s ra ev en at lo w te m pe protective rod sleeve a very effective and low cost alternative for protecting made-up rods in transit each pack contains 2 long padded sleeves that are secured with neoprene straps and velcro no other straps needed 2 pieces per pack code 8518 025 model protective rod sleeve rrp £ 6.50 premium quality protective tubes these top-quality tubes resist both cracking in low temperatures and distortion in high temperatures your valuable poles and rods deserve the best protection available code 8510 010 8510 011 8510 012 model transport tube transport tube transport tube length 2.05 m 1.60 m 1.60 m Ø 6 cm 4 cm 6 cm rrp £ 13.95 6.50 11.95 pan groundbait holder practical side holder for keeping additional groundbait types within easy reach of the seatbox the side pocket has a cover to protect the groundbait from sun or rain code 8523 017 model pan groundbait holder Ø 30 cm rrp £ 25.50 code

exo exo baitcaster we set our engineers the challenge of making the die exo baitcaster as light as they possibly could without compromising on performance the solution was relatively simple we called it metal only where necessary the finished product is a skeleton design and the lightest quantum baitcaster in the company s history at the same time the reel is so robust that you can drive a pick-up over it as you can see on our web site available in left and righthand versions standard features · 10 pt precision ball-bearings plus 1 needle bearing in stainless steel · aluminium skeleton housing · finely adjustable csctm drag system carbon drag discs · continuous anti-reverse · acs casting drag reliably prevents the line from overflowing · hardened pt gears · spool with high line capacity · ergonomic eva handle knob exo spinning dream high-end spinning reel with breathtakingly light weight the skeleton design delivers unparalleled rigidity combined with outstanding

shads joker lure the revolutionary joker lure truly lives up to its name like an ace up your sleeve at the poker table this lure ensures the angler always has a trump card in the tackle box when retrieving or jigging the lure genuinely appears to be moving in reverse with its unique design and weight distribution the joker almost moves backwards from its starting position remaining in the predator s field of vision for far longer the hazards of hanging branches tree trunks and overhanging banks are consigned to the past with this predator magnet now you can target the swims other lures simply cannot reach fudge head bastard baby bass bloody offspring opening night jungle red rooster fruit cake firetiger vanilla flash joker s size weight joker m 12 cm 4g 3 3.95 3239 201 3239 202 3239 203 3239 204 3239 205 3239 206 3239 207 3239 208 3239 209 3239 210 3239 211 12 cm 6g 3 4.50 3239 301 3239 302 3239 303 3239 304 3239 305 3239 306 3239 307 3239 308 3239 309 3239 310 3239 311 12 cm 10 g 3

accessories world champion rod pod pu coated new surf rod pod with an extra touch of class incredibly robust with a firm footing and naturally corrosion-resistant with one particularly practical feature the front rod rests and rear rod holders are made from phosphorescent plastic when held under a torch these glow for hours on end helping the angler enormously when finding his/her way around in the dark code model length weight rrp £ 8404 003 exclusive pod 98 160 cm 2.6 kg 127.95 pu coated driftbag xxl extremely effective driftbag working on a similar principle to a paraglider packs away to a very compact size and unfurls to its full size underwater to put the brakes on a boat like no other driftbag when drifting code size rrp £ drift bag code model size rrp £ 8524 003 140 x 100 cm 27.95 8524 001 8524 002 l s 90 x 90 cm 62 x 57 cm 19.95 13.50 super strong pliers aluminium code size rrp £ 6410 004 19 cm 49.50 split ring pliers code size rrp £ 6410 005 16 cm 11.50 pliers the

sea baltic trolling rigger shorter downrigger rods take up less space meaning easier storage and more room on the boat when a fight is on mike luner two-time european trolling championship runner-up developed the new range with a central focus on providing sufficient power ­ even for big salmon ­ balanced with enough softness to ensure the right amount of action code length sections c.w tr length weight rrp £ 1457 210 2.10 m 1457 240 2.40 m 2 2 10-20 lbs 10-20 lbs 1.13 m 1.28 m 340 g 380 g 68.95 72.95 baltic trolling planer board powerful yet sensitive rod for planer board angling whether you are fishing with inline boards or larger planer boards this rod offers the necessary length to hold the line above the water and can take large paravanes or small diving discs without compromising its positive fight qualities code length sections c.w tr length weight rrp £ 1458 260 2.60 m 2 10-20 lbs 1.35 m 418 g 75.50 baltic trolling diver to satisfy widespread demand a diver rod in the

clonk s-clonk clonk teaser glow attractive lure which can be enhanced with worms or squid best positioned vertically under the boat when clonking code weight rrp £ 6047 120 6047 180 6047 240 120 g 180 g 240 g 7.95 9.95 11.50 stefan seuß swears by this clonk which has attracted countless fish to his hookbait unique in its design and function the clonk is suited to all water types and depths the model hails from bulgaria the catfish clonk s land of origin and where stefan received the clonk as a gift from an old fisherman many years ago today we are proud to offer the `s-class in our black cat catfish clonk range code model rrp £ catfish clonk shallow water special catfish clonk for use on calm waters with depths of up to 6 m code model rrp £ 6328 004 catfish clonk shallow water 19.95 pink/glow 6328 006 catfish clonk s clonk 38.50 black cat squid lure stefan seuß has developed these rubber tentacles especially for concealing the lead when catfish fishing the squid lure is simply

spin cool spin dx-s spinning rods with a powerful blank the luxurious design with cork handle and sic rings is a top piece of equipment for the ambitious yet price conscious spinning enthusiast code length sections c.w tr length weight rrp £ 1721 180 1721 210 1721 240 1722 210 1722 240 1722 270 1728 240 1728 270 1728 300 1.80 m 2.10 m 2.40 m 2.10 m 2.40 m 2.70 m 2.40 m 2.70 m 3.00 m 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 15 g 20 g 25 g 40 g 40 g 40 g 70 g 70 g 70 g 0.94 m 1.10 m 1.27 m 1.10 m 1.27 m 1.41 m 1.27 m 1.41 m 1.58 m 160 g 185 g 200 g 200 g 223 g 247 g 243 g 286 g 368 gg 14.95 19.50 20.50 19.95 23.50 25.50 24.95 27.50 29.95 cool spin dx s pike this heavy version of the cool spin dx-s has been specially tailored to pike sport and performs well even with heavy rubber fish and spoons need accurate and long-range casts a piece of cake with the cool dx-s pike code length sections c.w tr length weight rrp £ 1729 275 2.75 m 2 85 g 1.43 m 320 g 30.50 cool spin dx s zander few other rod series offer so

artificial baits spinner assortment trout/zander code description rrp £ 6.50 spinner assortment pike/perch code description rrp £ 6.50 spinner assortment holo code description rrp £ 2.50 spinner assortment big code description rrp £ 2.50 3610 005 trout/zander 3610 006 pike/perch 3610 001 holo 3610 003 big spinner assortment sounder code description rrp £ 2.50 pirk assortment pike code description rrp £ 3.95 3610 019 pike 3610 004 sounder spinner assortment long flex code description rrp £ 2.95 spinner assortment black killer code description rrp £ 1.50 spinner assortment long killer code description rrp £ 2.50 3610 010 long flex 3610 011 black killer 3610 012 long killer spinner assortment 30 spinners in an attractive sales display ideal presentation which will attract every passing customer s attention the spinners can also be purchased individually spinner assortment jig spinner assortment sonic code description rrp £ 3.95 code description rrp £ 2.50 code description 3610

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