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contents match poles page b 4-17 carp power poles page b 18-23 kits extensions page b 24-25 margin and starter poles page b 26-33 tele rods page b 34-35 bolo rods page b 36-37 feeder rods page b 38-41 match rods page b 42-43 feeder rods page b 44-57 reels page b 58-71 rod accessories page b 72-73 pole spare parts page b 74-75 groundbait page b 76-84 particles aromas accessories page b 84-91 lines page b 92-93 hooks page b 94-96 method feeder page b 96 open and block-end feeders page b 97-103 lead and accessorie page b 104 weights and accessories page b 105-106 pole accessories page b 107-112 seatboxes accessories page b 113-131 buckets baitboxes riddles page b 132-134 pole rollers kit roosts rests page b 135-138 luggage tubes umbrellas page b 139-153 keep nets landing nets net handles page b 153-160 clothing page b 161-167 promotional items page b 168 browning poles – nobody does it better browning is at the forefront

pole spare parts for pole spares not listed here please contact poles@zebco-europe.com 2017er series sphere zero-g f1 plus a/1 b/2 c/3 y1021113 e/5 y1021115 f/6 y1021116 g/7 y1021117 h/8 i/9 butt y102119013m j/10 butt butt a/1 b/2 c/3 d/4 e/5 battle carp 1000 y1040011 y1040012 y1040013 y1040014 y1040015 f/6 g/7 h/8 i/9 butt y1021111multi y1021121cup aggressor pro canal y1020711 y1020712 y1020713 y1020714 y1020715 y1020716 y1020717 y10207919,5m sphere zero-g f1 plus b-parts y1021112multi y1021122cup aggressor carp ii y1040611 y1040612 y1040613 y1040614 y1040615 y1040616 y1040617 y10406909,5m pit bull s187111 s187112 s187113 s187124 s187125 x1000114 x1000115 w189613 w189614 w189615 w189616 w189617 w18969013m j/10 butt butt y104009010m sphere zero-g f1 plus a-parts xitan z 14-1 y102079011m s1871904m s1871916m x10001906m x10001917,5m xitan z 14-1 a-parts w189601puller 3,9mm w189602puller 4,5mm w189603puller 5,5mm argon x1000111 x1000112 x1000113 xitan z 14-1 b-parts w189620puller

holdall hardshell multirod carrier complete protection for made-up rods in this zip-up semi-rigid case each bag will carry 2 rods with reels end-to-end in 3 sizes to suit different section lengths sizes including a special short case for our commercial king wands and micro waggler material 100 polyester xitan large competition rod carrier the ultimate match holdall the combo rod holdall holds up to 6 rigged up rods two per section and all accessories the rod sections are upholstered and offer 100 protection for your tackle the shoulder straps are attached to the holdall in such a way that the holdall moulds to the back perfectly when carrying material 70 polychlorid 30 polyester code 8526 003 length 1,65 m compartments 3 code model 8526 025 mini length 140 cm width 17 cm 8526 026 medium 165 cm 17 cm 8526 027 long 180 cm 17 cm hardshell top kit carrier complete protection for pole top kits in this zip-up and padded semi-rigid case material 100 nylon code 8526 028 length 170 cm Ø 8

front drag surf standard technical equipment · balanced rotor producing silky smooth action · graphite body · large-surface multi-disc front drag system · cnc stainless steel handle · anti-twist line roller · robust worm shaft power gears · aluminium long stroke™ spool available from november world champion surf slo you can make things well and you can make them slightly better quantum has gone a step further with the new world champion surf with extra slow spool stroke the perfect fighting machine for the surf angler who is only satisfied with the best of the best the long-cast spool enables maximum casting distances the gears are uncompromising in their strength enabling the angler to fight fish for hours or reel in rigs for bait checks without tiring thanks to the slow spool stroke line distribution is also of the highest standard allowing the thinnest braids to be used and flow effortlessly from the spool available from november maniac duracast surf top

shad salt n pepper dusk to dawn dirty gold purple moon herring dusk to dawn copper flash smashed pumpkin chartreuse fluo pink diamonds rainbow delirium salty pin word has no doubt spread that salted lures can be an absolute secret weapon on some days particularly on heavily fished waters it can be small details that sets a lure apart from the rest this is where the salty pin and salty shat’r come into their own the lures are supplied in space-saving bags the 10 cm pin and 8 cm shat’r come in packs of ten while the 15 cm pin and 12 cm shat’r come in packs of six this allows the angler to take plenty of lures to the water in his bag and to quickly change these when the fish are biting with six designs there really is something for every water colouration and all light conditions baby bass length 15 cm weight 10 g 10 cm 3,5 g content herring dusk to dawn chartreuse fluo pink diamonds copper flash smashed pumpkin 6 pcs 3224 228 3224 205 3224 222 3224 215 3224 227 3224

boilies regular resealable bags resealable bags method marbles small 9mm versions of our renowned radical-boilies open up the range to other coarse anglers outstanding for barbel and tench for example as well as method feeder fishing code model Ø 3962 108 tiger’s nuts 9 mm contents action 75 g sinking trade pack 6 pieces tiger’s nuts boilie the magical effect of tiger nuts on carp is well known all over europe the radical team has developed a new top boilie the ingredients feature a high proportion of ground tiger nuts as well as large chunks of black tiger nuts in order to maintain a high protein content and nutritional value we have added dried whole grasshoppers soy meal and egg albumin the boilie releases its aroma quickly under water but stays on the hook firmly during long sessions hold on to your nuts code 3938 001 Ø 16 mm 3938 002 20 mm 1 kg 3938 003 24 mm 0,8 kg method dumble small 8x10 mm dumble versions of our renowned radical-boilies open up the range

spoon crazy bandit old witch master slapper black shiner black devil beluga rügen copper master herring gold swedish flag copper bl dolphin rainbow trout king salmon natural copper blue dolphin natural gold green dolphin firetiger crazy bandit master slapper nat copper dolphin nat gold dolphin rhino trolling spoons you want to catch big fish right and you want to troll medium and large lures with the same speed this is where rhino trolling spoons really come into their own category the lures have been specially designed by our trolling experts for trolling in the baltic sea in open water and during the herring run salmon and sea trout often prefer larger baits we have put together an optimum range of colours for you whether you are fishing off rügen fehmarn bornholm simrishamn or the gulf of finland – you will always be well prepared the agile almost aggressive swim action also attracts predators to take the bait at a trolling speed to match that used by most boats length

jig heads headhunter jig head catfish jig head for angling on still waters and in flowing water the hooks are incredibly sharp and hard penetrating perfectly into the hard mouth of the fish pull-outs are a thing of the past modrak vertical head innovative jig head with two attachment options for the main line and stinger hooks the soft lure is mounted via a refined wire hook that enables extremely quick lure changes without affecting the secure hold of the soft plastic code 3173 009 hook size 8/0 weight 30 g content 2 pcs 3173 010 8/0 40 g 2 pcs 3173 011 8/0 60 g 2 pcs 3173 012 8/0 80 g 2 pcs code 3142 060 3173 100 6/0 20 g 2 pcs 3142 080 80 g 1 pcs black/yellow 3173 101 6/0 30 g 2 pcs 3142 100 100 g 1 pcs black/yellow 3173 102 6/0 40 g 2 pcs 3142 150 150 g 1 pcs black/yellow trade pack 5 pieces weight 60 g content colour 1 pcs black/yellow trade pack 5 pieces black cat fireball at last a specialist lure for vertical fishing – exclusively developed by stefan seuß the lure

adjustable rods trophy mpx adjust finally continuously adjustable telescopic rods are now offered at affordable prices to cater for the occasional anglers the trophy mpx adjust 30g offers trout fans a balanced rod in various lengths with a sensitive tip which is particularly popular with our test anglers code 1756 380 model trophy mpx adjust length 3,80 m sections 6 1756 450 trophy mpx adjust 4,50 m 7 c.w tr length 30 g 0,95 m 30 g 0,96 m weight 220 g 315 g trophy tele float a real price-crusher in the bolo rod segment beginners in particular will love the phenomenal performance-for-price code 1763 380 model trophy tele float length 3,80 m sections 4 c.w tr length 35 g 1,20 m weight 175 g 1763 480 trophy tele float 4,80 m 5 35 g 1,22 m 312 g 1763 580 trophy tele float 5,80 m 6 35 g 1,25 m 332 g 1763 680 trophy tele float 6,80 m 7 35 g 1,26 m 400 g cool mini tele the telescopic cool mini rod was especially designed for travelling backpacks and bike bags you can pack em but whether you

ready rig delphine ready-made rigs code 5514 001 length 7,00 m hook size mainline Ø 20 0,12 mm 5514 002 7,00 m 18 5514 003 7,00 m 16 5514 004 7,00 m 16 leader l Ø 0,14 mm bs 0,3 g 0,12 mm 0,10 mm 0,14 mm 0,10 mm 0,14 mm 0,12 mm 0,4 g code 5511 001 length 7,00 m 0,7 g 5511 002 7,00 m 18 1,0 g 5511 003 7,00 m 18 trade pack 10 pieces allround ready-made rigs christine ready-made rigs hook size mainline Ø 20 0,12 mm code 5585 001 length 7,00 m hook size mainline Ø 16 0,12 mm stillwater ready-made rigs leader l Ø 0,30 mm bs 0,75 g code 5586 001 length 7,00 m 5585 002 7,00 m 16 0,14 mm 0,10 mm 1g 5586 002 7,00 m 16 0,14 mm 0,10 mm 1g 0,10 mm 0,5 g 5585 003 7,00 m 14 0,14 mm 0,12 mm 2g 5586 003 7,00 m 14 0,16 mm 0,12 mm 1,5 g 0,12 mm 0,10 mm 0,8 g 5585 004 7,00 m 12 0,16 mm 0,12 mm 4g 5586 004 7,00 m 14 0,16 mm 0,14 mm 2g trade pack 10 pieces amandine ready-made rigs leader l Ø 0,12 mm bs 0,2 g azergue ready-made rigs 0,12 mm 0,10 mm 0,3 g 16 0,14 mm 0,10 mm 0,5 g code 5500