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page 19 buffet 5 zieher buffet systems “skyline“ “squareline“ “curve“ buffet stands “stablo“ buffet bridges and trays “podia“ the “zieher system“ “classy“ “neo“ “pearl“ “antique“ “lightning buffet“ “u-turn“ “solid“ “v12“ “carbon 4.0“ “konkret!“ “bloxx“ “basic“ buffet platters made of laminated plastic carbon glass and natural stone buffet steps buffet bowls made of pewter alloy brass olive wood shell stainless steel glass china and walnut dressing jam jars card holders table displays servers fingerfood trees serving trays and bread buffet “solid“ made of walnut rail system “move“ etagere “choice“ display “tribo“ catering 119 “caterlog“ melamine trays and accessories in gn sizes tray

“neo” the buffet system “neo” is made of anthracite coloured resin the matt surfaces and softly rounded edges of these translucent cubes appear unobtrusive and modern “neo” unfolds its true potential when the columns are effectively illuminated a wine cooler resp cloche made of the same material page 23 is a beautiful complement and blends harmonically into the system notch for cable for led-light item 8104 buffet display “neo” buffet display “neo” resin anthracite matt finish translucent bottom side open notch for cable on back side not dishwasher-safe resin anthracite matt finish translucent bottom side open notch for cable on back side not dishwasher-safe item 7000.08 7000.16 7000.24 item 7001.12 7001.24 7001.36 lxwxh in cm 12x12x8 12x12x16 12x12x24 packing unit 2 pcs 2 pcs 2 pcs lxwxh in cm 20x20x12 20x20x24 20x20x36 spot colours upon request

glass steps and more glass steps deep black 5026.03 32 cm long 34 cm wide horizontal position 5026.04 55 cm long 42 cm wide horizontal position item 5026.03 5026.04 lxwxh in cm glass step 29x34x12 50x42x24 thickness in mm 6 8 glass tray deep black rectangular for buffet or flying buffet functions as a tray and as a dinner plate item 5141.26 5141.34 5141.50 lxwxh in cm 26x14x2 34x18x2 51x35x2 glass tray deep black square for buffet or flying buffet functions as a tray or as a dinner plate item 5142.34 the buffet system “skyline“ is available on pages 6 to 12 64 lxwxh in cm 35x35x2 delivery of all big glass steps in a solid wooden

“art de buffet” buffet etagere massive stainless steel 18/10 including three trays item 2193.01 62 cm long 18 cm wide 5 cm high hammered finish six times polished item 2193 wxdxh in cm 62x42x32.5 packing unit four-parts buffet etagere massive stainless steel 18/10 without trays item 2193.01 please order separately hammered finish six times polished item 2193.02 wxdxh in cm 46x42x31 tray with feet massive stainless steel 18/10 rectangular hammered finish six times polished for buffet etagere items 8013 2193 and 2193.02 item 2193.01 lxwxh in cm 62x18x5 the triangle bowls are available on page 88 we recommend to clean the horn-ball feet only with moist soft tissues and non-abrasive substances cleaning in the dishwasher may damage the sealing bowl massive stainless steel 18/10 oblong hammered finish six times polished item 2184 lxwxh in cm 62x15x7 buffet bowl “lotus” massive stainless steel 18/10 square with horn-ball feet hammered finish six times polished item

livecookintable® multistation with the livecookintable® multistation a versatile product has been developed it is suitable for the combined use with the product series “solid” pages 106 to 108 “modul” pages 125 to 136 as well as with the melamine trays pages 119 to 124 by zieher whether it is used to shelve china to serve coffee tea or bread or as a cutting station this multistation and zieher offer an unlimited multitude of possibilities discover all facets of the livecookintable® system

the series “modul” is available on pages 168 and 169 “flow” the glass tubes “flow“ are available in three sizes and made of high-quality borosilicate glass which stands out due to its hardness and high temperature resistance the “flow“ series permits a variety of new creative potential to the chef a possibility to present different elements in a new and perfect way since it comes in three sizes the tubes can be applied in any part of the kitchen the small “sauce flow“ is especially suited for presenting sauces during the main course or entrée the “soup flow“ is extraordinarily interesting when serving soup in transparent glass either standing or fowing with some puree acting as sealing it is possible to present liquids in layers which can be released either by service staff or the guests themselves that way liquid food can be set up in a very stylish way separated from any crispy food with salad designed as

Ø 13 cm cloches glass cloche borosilicate glass transparent handblown handmade item 4982 Ø in cm 13 approx height in cm 20-23 cloche/small bowl “amuse” borosilicate glass transparent handblown single-walled item 4917 Ø height in cm content in l 13 7.5 approx 0.5 packing unit 4 pcs the dinner plate made of natural slate is available on page 63 the saucer made of china on page 188 saucer “solid” walnut food-safe sealed not dishwasher-safe Ø inner circle 13.2 cm for glass inlay item 5244 item 4700 Ø in cm 22 height in cm 2 saucer “solid” hardened glass transparent with 4 transparent silicone feet edge polished and deburred 4 mm thick glass inlay for saucer “solid” item 4700 item 5244 Ø in cm 13 packing unit 6 pcs tray massive stainless steel 18/10 round smooth fnish six times polished with raised edge for cloches with Ø 11 cm and 13 cm glass plate “confinesse” item 2188.14 item 5134.01 Ø in cm 14 height

glass lid “klaro” transparent for glass bowl “klaro” item 5308.11 item 5308.11d l x w in cm 11x11 packing unit 24 pcs glass bowl “klaro” transparent square item 5308.08 5308.11 lxwxh in cm 8x8x4.5 11x11x6 content in l 0.14 0.3 packing unit 6 pcs 6 pcs more sizes of the glass bowl “klaro” are available on page 180 3x item 5330.08 on item 5331.30 glass bowl “klaro” transparent oval item 5330.08 Ø height in cm content in l 7.5 3.5 0.08 packing unit 6 pcs glass platter “klaro” transparent oval item 5331.30 lxwxh in cm 30x9.5x2 packing unit 2 pcs the food display is available on page 261 dessert glass transparent for bridges “modul” items 4584 and 4724 item 5257 Ø height in cm content in l 7 10 0.08 packing unit 12 pcs glass cone transparent for cone stand items 2194 item 5415 Ø height in cm content in l 3.5 8 0.03 packing unit 12 pcs

10+38 3+34+35+37 2+30+32 10+38 11+33 11+37+38 7+25+29+30 10+37 3+37 10+36+38 17+33+37 10+37 252

“solid” more items of the series “solid” for the buffet are available on pages 104 to 114 the tray stand of the series “solid“ convinces in every aspect the shapely stand always provides the appropriate possibility to set up the “solid“ room service tray item 4735 in the hotel room but also in the restaurant combined with zieher buffet platters in the format 2/1 gn the stand easily and fexibly creates new spaces at a comfortable height it is predestined for the use at the buffet as well as for the use during coffee breaks in the congress and convention business the massive frame made of walnut wood harmonizes perfectly with other buffet items of the series pages 104 to 114 and can be combined with them very well anti-slip rubber feet on the top prevent the shifting of platters and trays felt gliders at the base protect the parquet fooring and ensure safe standing anti-slip rubber feet on the top felt gliders at the base tray stand/side