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germany novelties september supplementary catalogue

“cuspis” glass spoon “cuspis” borosilicate glass transparent handblown with star-shaped ball handle item 4941.01 lxwxh in cm approx 6x4x3.5 pu 6 pcs honey spoon “cuspis” a honey spoon of a different kind reliably holds the honey and while being twirled will deliver it drip-free onto the fresh bread or into the tea the tapering handle made of white borosilicate glass additionally offers the use as a skewer for an extravagant presentation of dishes the gift set includes a tray made of black glass which keeps the surface of tables clean and emphasizes the spoon by creating an appealing contrast the tray is also available separately borosilicate glass transparent/white handblown star-shaped please note the safety instructions on each pack item 4942.01 length in cm 16 pu 4 pcs mini tray/glass coaster glass deep black rectangular item 5167 lxwxh in cm 11.5x5.5x1.5 pu 12 pcs the glass pillow „donna” is available on page 6 gift box honey spoon

“cuspis” glass cloche “cuspis” borosilicate glass transparent handblown star-shaped ball handle item 4940.08 4940.10 for plate/bowl 4389.09 4389.11 Ø in cm 8.5 10.5 height in cm 12.5 14.5 borosilicate glass in its most beautiful shape the primary design element of the series “cuspis” is a glass ball studded with fine spikes the cloches with a fitting porcelain plateau plate/mini bowl are available in two sizes and the inspiration for their shaping was derived from the nut of the oak tree the star-shaped handle is located at the top of the cloches and allows for an uncomplicated handling of these classy covers plateau plate/mini bowl “cuspis” white china inside and useable area plateau Ø approx 6 cm/8 cm glazed outside biscuit also useable as a bowl item 4389.09 4389.11 Ø in cm 9 11.5 height in cm 3 3.5 content in l 0.1 0.18 gift box the unglazed outside of the porcelain bowls is reminiscent of acorn caps the bowls can be

the glass platter item 5153 is available on page 174 of the main catalogue the black glass tray item 5141.26 is available on page 270 of the main catalogue “lacuna” glass straw borosilicate glass transparent handblown temperature resistant please note the safety instructions can be found on each pack of glass straws item 4980.16 Ø in cm 0.8 pu 24 pcs china black matt square item 3855.01 lxwxh in cm 4.9x4.9x7 glass miniature transparent transparent Ø height in cm 5 8.6 content in l 0.1 pu 6 pcs silicone with grooves on the inside for easy insertion of glass tubes Ø 4.6 cm 2.7 cm high mini bowl glass item 5405 4 length in cm 16 holder for test tubes item 5408.02 Ø height in cm 4.6 9.3 content in l 0.11 pu 4 pcs item 4680.s 4680.w colour black white pu 6 pcs 6 pcs miniature china stackable Ø 5.3 cm 7 cm high 0.1 l content content in l 0.09 pu 6 pcs item 4490 4490.01 colour white black the cutlery series “goa” is available on page 292 of the main

“lacuna” braving the gap perforated walls irregularly spread openings in filligree borosilicate glass – the small bowls of the series “lacuna” stand out numerous holes in different sizes form the basis for sophisticated presentations of high-grade dishes they set limits on the one hand however offer various possibilities for creative arrangements and an extraordinary food presentation on the other the glass cone can be employed in three different ways rested horizontally and stabilized by a fork or a spoon standing upright in various miniatures or fixed in elegant supports made from silicone or as an extraordinary cloche for the presentation of delicate tidbits suitable accessories like anti-slip coasters made of food safe silicone or borosilicate glass straws enormously extend the scope of application of that series even working with small skewers for finger food may be envisaged cone “lacuna” borosilicate glass transparent

“donna” gift box design wilma greim glass pillow “donna” glass satined delivery in black gift box “donna” – pillowed on glass item lxwxh in cm 5446.01pb 16.5x11x3 pu 1 pc the new variant of the “donna” pillows is made of frosted glass and despite its hard and massive raw material it surprises by its pleasantly soft and velvety feel the organic shape of these extraordinary pieces offers an ideal presentation area for extravagantly staged intermediate courses or serves as a fancy place to keep all sorts of small objects of everyday life even when used as a soap dish the pillow cuts a good fgure you will fnd “donna” in two additional sizes and made of hard porcelain on page 157 of the main catalogue glass miniature glass satined wavy rim two-part item 5445 Ø height in cm 5.5 7.5 content base in l approx 0.05 pu 6 pcs glass miniature glass transparent wavy rim 0.07 l content base item 5423.01 5423.02 6 version base

the melamine tray “slope” is characterised by its unobtrusive shaping and the pleasant feel of the matt and fnely structured surfaces an elevated corner and the resultant asymmetry award the tray that certain something besides the obvious function as a service tray for espresso snacks and more it also performs well in the hotel pool area or as a decorative trivet in the hotel room “slope” is available in a black and a white version the robust raw material melamine appears very elegant due to its matt surface and of course it complies with demands of everyday use like food safety dishwasher resistance as well as stackability “slope” vision main catalogue from page 199 onwards tray “slope” melamine matt rectangular oblique stackable utility space approx 26x15.5 cm item 4595.30 4596.30 colour black white lxwxh in cm 30x19.5x4.2 30x19.5x4.2 pu 3 pcs 3 pcs like the shell hides the pearl the porcelain miniature “cave” conceals

more miniatures made of china and glass are available on page 265 of the main catalogue etageres elegantly served and presented in style – shapely and individual stands by zieher are suitable for numerous applications the classic mini format tiered servers with plates are available with three or four levels and effectively present petitfours desserts chocolates or delicacies from the kitchen matt black or white plates made of high-quality stoneware create an interesting contrast to the hammered and highly polished stainless steel gift box etagere with mini plates etagere massive stainless steel 18/10 hammered fnish polished with four insertion levels Ø inside 6.5 cm for plates/bowls with max Ø 11 cm mini plate 5 pcs incl 1 replacement plate stoneware black matt round fat Ø 10.5 cm delivery of 1 set in black gift box mini plate stoneware round fat Ø 10.5 cm item 4606.10 4607.10 colour white glossy/matt underside black matt pu 12 pcs 12 pcs item 2106.04pb lxwxh in cm