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pitman arm to drag link repair kit borg warner 4 speed manual transmission tail shaft housing corvette harmonic balancer repair sleeve master cylinder rebuild kit corvette 84 84 corvette master cylinder rebuild kit 53 57 corvette parts deck lid latch borg warner gear shift lever gm intake manifold bolts ap gm wiper arm removal tool how to wire a 5 wire starter generator engine air cleaner the heartbeat of america 57 deck lid latch corvette parts female 57 deck lid latch corvette parts 53 72 corvette chassis restoration guide 62 corvette kickdown linkage 53 62 corvette parts deck latch corvette shifter anti rattle corvette rolling chassis 1953 56 corvette trunk latch corvette finned harmonic balancer turn signal flasher relay corvette chevrolet corvette assembly guide 55 corvette speedometer driven gear 53 corvette rear wheel cylinder rebuild rear deck lid 96 corvette turn signal flasher 68 corvette corvette vin numbers codes 61 corvette neutral safety switch corvette restoration guide 1968 82 84 corvette master brake cylinder rebuild kit corvette upper control arm metal 57 corvette heater control valve corvette rear end differential rebuild instructions license plate light repair corvette corvette driver side power window switch corvette left side power window switch 69 corvette front latches rear pins t 50 rebuild kits zip products 69 corvette convertible front latches rear pins 65 corvette block off plate 53 62 corvette shifter knob zip cable tie straps 53 57 corvette parts deck latch wcfb choke housing calyx manifold dressing 2x4 carburetor linkage 2x4 air cleaner positraction clutch pack dog dish hubcaps gray taillight lens gasket borg warner transmission filter pan exhaust pipe cement 305 exhaust manifold heat riser borg warner 35 rebuild kits 10 bolt positraction differential rebuild kit

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why zip products with the marketplace for corvette restoration parts becoming ever more crowded it s only natural to ask why zip when considering who to buy from if you ll oblige me i have several good reasons first and foremost experience for nearly three decades zip products has been a leader and an innovator in the corvette industry doing one thing well is what we do best our resident experts possess over a hundred years of collective corvette knowledge ­ with all of it available to every customer we re corvette people no hassle customer service is much more than making sure orders ship and parts arrive on time the true test of whether a company has a real no-hassle guarantee is when a real problem occurs on those unfortunate occasions we move quick to resolve it to your complete satisfaction that s customer service the zip way catalogs welcome to the future of corvette restoration catalogs via zip products what began as a few photocopied loose sheets has evolved into

steering linkage drag link u-133 su-1008 sc-533 sc-419 53-62 53-62 53-62 53-62 drag link drag link clamps w/bolts g drag link end plug g drag link repair kit repairs both ends of connecting rod reuse old ball studs g call 14.50 pair 8.50 each 119.95 set third arm fast steering adapter sc-585 u-132 sc-41 zsc-43 su-424 sc-711 sc-636 bl-534 sc-600 sc-523 sc-605 su-564 sc-534 55-62 53-62 53-62 53-62 53-62 53-62 53-62 53-62 53-57 58-62 53-62 53-62 53-62 fast steering adapter w/u-bolt studs third arm reconditioned h third arm bearing third arm bearing seal third arm bearing snap ring third arm bearing stud w/nut third arm bearing stud castle nut third arm bearing stud cotter pin third arm support third arm support third arm support to crossmember bolts washers tr headmark 4 third arm ball stud presses in h third arm to drag link seal g sc-41 zsc-43 su-424 139.95 set call 49.00 3.50 8.50 29.00 3.50 .75 245.50 209.50 6.50 set 42.50 12.50 note fast steering

choke choke tube pre-bent steel tube for choke operation mounts from exhaust manifold to carburetor choke exact match to factory shape and chrome plated as applicable includes all necessary fittings z-500 z-502 z-502 z-502 z-503 z-505 z-505 zex-375 55 56 56 57-61 57-58 59-62 62 57-62 upper choke tube 195 hp upper choke tube 210 hp upper choke tube 2x4 3-bolt manifold upper choke tube 2x4 engines upper choke tube 220 230 hp top choke wcfb upper choke tube 230 250 hp bottom choke wcfb upper choke tube 300 340 hp afb c exhaust manifold choke tube located in rh exhaust manifold all except f.i c 11.50 11.50 11.50 11.50 11.50 11.50 11.50 12.00 62 choke clean air tubes c upper choke tube clean air tube z-500 exhaust manifold choke tube clean air tube exhaust manifold stud z-502 z-503 clean air tube z-505 mounts from beneath exhaust manifold to top of engine near valve cover rubber hose connects tube to carburetor air horn z-520 z-523 zex-375 62 62 62 z-982 89.50 21.50 38.50

engine mounts ws-4516 53-62 bl-321 m-3180 m-176 m-1100 engine mounts correct w/part number casting line car set l 53-62 engine mount bolt kit wb-2c headmark w/spacers washers l 55-58e engine mount front support bracket l 58l-60 engine mount front support bracket l 61-62 engine mount front support bracket l 44.50 set 16.50 set 155.00 89.50 87.50 starter remanufactured starter ac-delco rebuilt units covered by a 1-year limited warranty sold outright with no core required m-2913 m-2912 57-62 62 starter 57-61 all 62 manual starter automatic 95.00 95.00 note `55-58-early engine mount brackets do not have cut-out for freeze plug access `58-late-60 do have cut-out `61-62 brackets have cut-out for water pump fitting for cost savings m-176 can be used as a replacement for `56-58e corvettes m-3229 bl-436 m-3276 56-62 56-62 55-62 engine mount frame brackets l engine mount frame bracket to frame bolts tr headmark 8 pcs l engine mount frame bracket supports includes 1 upper 1

body mounts body mount kit includes all bushings washers shims and hardware required to securely mount car body to chassis m-140 m-141 m-3177 bl-541 53-57 58-62 53-62 53-62 body mount kit w/radiator mount body mount kit w/radiator mount body mount bolts ur headmark 10 body mount bolts tr headmark 10 82.95 kit 77.95 kit 22.50 set 19.00 set body mount reinforcements m-3176 m-2960 m-3526 m-3271 m-2959 m-3175 m-3174 56-58 59-62 60-62 56-58 59-62 56-58 59-62 body mount front reinforcement aluminum lh or rh a body mount front reinforcement steel lh or rh a body mount inside rear reinforcement located at base of door sill lh or rh body mount rear reinforcement aluminum lh or rh a body mount rear reinforcement steel lh or rh a #1 body mount strap 2 per car a #1 body mount strap 2 per car a 22.00 each 22.00 each 22.00 each 22.00 each 22.00 each 10.50 each 10.50 each note body mount kits include correct ur body mount bolts note `56-58 body mount reinforcements were

door hardware continued door hinges u-610 dr-463 dr-384 sf-415 dr-614 zdr-319 m-2597 56-62 56-62 56-62 56-62 56-62 56-62 56-62 hinge reconditioned a hinge hex bolts a hinge covers 4 a hinge cover screws 8 a hinge mounting nut plates a hinge pin bushing hinge pillar cage nut w/rivets 8 per car a call 15.50 29.50 10.00 15.50 1.00 set set set pair each hinge pillar rain gutter i-1268 i-767 sf-528 zsf-412 zsf-410 sf-687 56-57e 57l-62 56-57 58-59 60-62 60-62 hinge pillar rain gutter hinge pillar rain gutter hinge pillar rain gutter screws 6 hinge pillar rain gutter screws 8 hinge pillar rain gutter screws replacement 8 hinge pillar rain gutter screws correct 8 90.00 40.00 4.50 3.50 pair pair set set 5.50 set 11.50 set 6.00 each i-767 hinge pin bushing hex bolt hinge pillar cage nut w/rivet hinge cover screw sf-528 i-1268 hinge nut plate door strikers dr-620 dr-621 dr-537 dr-350 dr-549 dr-564 dr-444 dr-445 56-60 61-62 56-62 56-62 56-62 56-62 56-62 56-62 strikers

radiator exact reproduction aluminum radiator 100 correct reproduction radiator features original-design core tank and top and bottom plates details include correct stamped gm part number and date code to match your car `61-62 radiators have cast iron upper neck specify year serial number and date code licensed by gm restoration parts prepaid only no discount ra-127 ra-128 ra-129 60-61e aluminum reproduction radiator top tank radiator 61 aluminum reproduction radiator a 62 aluminum reproduction radiator a 995.00 879.00 1 879.00 1 1 replacement radiator cool your corvette with a new radiator made of copper and brass for efficient cooling replacement radiator fits into factory supports without any modifications to car ra-100 ra-102 55-61e radiator 61l-62 radiator uses expansion tank a 1 1 369.95 369.95 direct fit® radiator the cooling benefits of aluminum at a replacement price bolts right in with no modifications to car double-row core increases cooling capacity 100

carpet all carpet is of original design and weave and includes heel pad and dimmer grommet car sets include all pieces to complete interior floor mats protect your carpet with matching floor mats carpeted mats match all carpet colors and styles and include skid-resistant backing i-2113 i-554 i-536 i-1591 i-554 i-1652 daytona carpet correct low-loop style for `56-59-early all original colors available carpet has correct heel pad matching binding and foam backing 53-55 56-59 59-62 59-62 floor floor floor floor mats mats mats mats gros point daytona tuxedo salt pepper 80/20 black non-original 89.95 99.95 69.95 69.95 pair pair pair pair tuxedo carpet correct 2-color loop for `59-late-62 also called salt and pepper note some `59 corvettes may correctly use daytona carpet depending on production date all original color combinations available combinations feature a dominate color that matches the interior mixed with black carpet has correct heel pad matching binding and foam

trunk liner mat reproduction trunk liner includes correct grain and manufacturer s id black only paint to match interior color tr-92 tr-158 tr-159 tr-160 tr-92 56-62 trunk liner board m s clip mounting bracket 56-60 60l 61-62 61-62 trunk liner board molded specify year power top or not m trunk liner board trunk liner board w/power top trunk liner board w/o power top 106.50 106.50 1 106.50 1 106.50 1 1 trunk liner board screw reproduction trunk liner replacement trunk liner cost effective alternative to correct reproduction liner flat with no grain or markings specify red or black tr-82 tr-83 56-60 61-62 trunk liner board replacement trunk liner board replacement 59.50 1 59.50 1 trunk liner mounting tr-84 tr-149 tr-104 tr-109 tr-108 59-62 59-62 56-62 56-59 60-62 trunk liner board upper s clips 4 m trunk liner board upper s clips includes correct markings 4 m trunk liner board mounting brackets m trunk liner board screws correct m trunk liner board screws correct

convertible top convertible top package includes all-new bows pads straps canvas weatherstrip retainers front and rear latches screws t-nuts and bolts top latches and weatherstrip must be installed order bracket set if your corvette came equipped with a factory hardtop only specify black or white prepaid only no discount ct-210 ct-214 ct-212 ct-213 56-58 59 60 61-62 convertible convertible convertible convertible top top top top complete 32,795.95 complete 32,795.95 complete 32,795.95 complete 32,795.95 convertible top kit zip s `53-62 convertible tops match the factory originals in fit finish and appearance includes new 40 oz oe-style vinyl with sewn 56-59 or heat sealed 61-62 clear plastic rear window as original deluxe soft top pads rear window straps and finish strips with trim tips top features authentic window stamp and washing tag ct-293 ct-328 ct-294 ct-329 ct-200 ct-330 ct-201 ct-331 ct-202 ct-332 ct-203 ct-333 53-55 53-55 55 55 56-58 56-58 59 59 60 60 61-62 61-62

catalog 25 $400 presorted standard u.s postage zip products 8067 fast lane mechanicsville va 23111 paid zip products inc phone orders monday-thursday 8:30 a.m to 8 p.m est friday 8:30 a.m to 5:30 p.m saturday 10:00 a.m to 3 p.m toll-free 1-800-962-9632 outside the u.s call 804-746-2290 toll-free includes alaska canada hawaii puerto rico and the virgin islands fax orders 24-hour fax line 804-730-7043 web orders order on-line through zip s secure site www.zip-corvette.com zip installs if turn-key sounds more appealing than diy zip s in-house installation facility means you can drive away with clean hands a big smile ­ and confidence it s manned by talented professionals and all work performed is backed by our customer satisfaction guarantee with 30 years of corvette experience behind our name we recognize and appreciate the value of your