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2018_zdc_h12_2018-2019 10-10-2018 14:53 pagina 027 brake caliper parts luggage audio more seats exhaust brake caliper wheel cylinder bleeder screws these bleeder screws are a must if the original bleeders become rusted or their hex portion becomes rounded during service making it impossible to loosen or tighten them properly 231929 bleeder screw 1/4 unf 10 pck oem 41749-58 233432 bleeder screw 3/8 unf 10 pck oem 44146-77 electric light brake caliper rebuild kit caliper rebuild kit for zodiac custom style brake calipers rebuild kit for the zodiac designer style brake calipers zpn148166 148167 231758 and 148166 complete kit contains four 26.85mm diameter pistons and four seals 148172 caliper rebuild kit with pistons and seals the most complete rebuild kit available fits front and rear brake calipers on all 2000 thru 2003 sportster 2000 thru 2007 softail touring and dyna except front on springer models and 2002 thru 2005 v-rod kits contain 4 pistons 8 piston seals and 2 caliper seals enough to rebuild 1 complete caliper also available as a piston seal kit without pistons 231376 imported caliper piston seal kit oem44313-00 44313-01 747481 usa made caliper piston seal kit oem 44313-00 44313-01 747480 piston seal kit oem44328-00 4433000 engine electrics front brake caliper repair kit for 2004 thru 2006 sportster intake complete kit with two brake pistons that are upgraded to billet material two piston seals and 2 dust seals order two kits for dual disc models 747567 fits front on 2004 thru 2006 sportster oem 42822-04 engine primary transmission final drive wheels tire brake foot control piston rebuild kit for front brake calipers speed bleeder screws a small part that makes a big difference takes the hassle out of any brake bleeding job as these speed bleeder screws feature a spring loaded check ball just turn the bleeder screw in the open position and start pumping with the master cylinder when the system is properly bled you just close the screw and you re done these speed bleeder screws come zinc plated and are available in 1/4 unf and 3/8 unf sold each 741065 speed bleeder screw 1/4 unf 741064 speed bleeder screw 3/8 unf handlebar complete piston rebuild kit for all front calipers used on 1984 thru 1999 models including flsts/fxsts models from 1984 to present kit includes all seals and pistons needed to rebuild the caliper 148131 piston rebuild kit oem 44020-83 747473 dust boot piston seal oem 44047-83 4402283 caliper pin repair kit kit bikes complete overhaul kit includes bushings brake pad pins mounting stud and nut with washers fits zodiac and oem banana calipers 1973 thru 1980 black anodized finish oem 44331-73 148050 caliper pin repair kit front suspension chassis frame shocks fenders struts gas tank instrument brake caliper repair kit for brembo calipers on touring v-rod oil tank filter line we can not cross reference these parts to oem part numbers as harley does only supply complete calipers kits contain parts for 1 caliper fasteners mirrors fits front and rear on 2006 thru 2017 v-rod 2008 to present touring fits front on 2009 thru 2012 tri-glide caliper dowel pins these dowel pins are hardened for long wear and durability will fit the banana shape calipers as used on piston rebuild kit for rear 747566 unique and complete kit fl and fx models 1972 thru 1980 brake calipers with four brake pistons sold each oem 44124-72 complete piston repair kit for all rear that are upgraded from the 233430 caliper dowel pins calipers used on 1986 thru 1999 stock plastic to billet sportster and touring models as well material four piston seals as late 1987 thru 1999 fxr and and four dust seals softail as well as 1991 thru 1999 747568 kit with four piston seals dyna kit includes all seals and pistons and four dust seals needed to rebuild the brake caliper 148132 piston repair kit oem 43946-86 windshields oil chemicals tools techtips cross ref zpn cross ref zpn page alphabetical index 12 027