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2018_zdc_h17_2018-2019 7-10-2018 14:16 pagina 016 chassis/frame shocks swingarms 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 wide-ass swingarm kit for late 1987 thru 1999 evolution softails super-ass swingarm kits for 1991 thru 1999 softails and zodiac this very complete swingarm conversion kit enables you to mount a 200 wide widetail frames tire in the stock frame and still keep the stock drive belt without any trimming each kit includes the right parts and hardware for the right years check carefully what you need before ordering due to the extra width of this kit the stock fender and fender struts can no longer be used extra wide aftermarket fenders and struts must be used where applicable the original struts must be cut-off and replaced and replaced by bolt-on type fender strut zpn236499 also on some models it may be needed to grind down the square bottom bar support to clear the shock absorber eyes zodiac offers up-to 11 28cm rear fenders in the fender section of this catalog each kit includes off-set swingarm wheel adjuster set wheel axle spacers wheel axle sprocket spacer off-set transmission plate primary spacer longer inner primary mount bolts crankshaft extension extended crankshaft nut and a primary gasket kit with extra o-ring a special triangle shaped transmission side mount plate eliminates the use 5th transmission stud and allows the use of the oem and all aftermarket shock absorbers all parts are separately available complete wide-ass kits 236486 complete kit fits late 1987 thru 1988 236487 complete kit fits 1989 thru 1990 236488 complete kit fits 1991 thru 1999 the super-ass swingarm kit is for those that want to convert their softail or wide-tail softail to accept avon s 230 x 15 super wide rear tire this tire measures 250mm wide if fitted on an 8 wide rim kit bolts straight into both the stock softail frame as well as the zodiac widetail frame you can still use the final belt drive when used in a widetail frame a stock softail must be converted to final chain drive or the late 20mm wide belt when you use this narrow belt or a chain in a zodiac widetail frame you can easily go up to a 250 series tire the complete kit includes • fully tig welded swingarm with stainless fender extension plate • swingarm pivot • rear wheel axle with chrome nuts • crankshaft extension for 1986 thru 1999 models • extended crankshaft nut for 1991 thru 1999 models • primary spacer with o-ring and bolts • longer inner primary mounting bolts • primary gasket set • transmission off-set plate • a complete new bracket and hardware kit for the 5th transmission mounting stud individual parts 236489 236490 346210 346212 346214 236491 236492 236480 236493 236494 swingarm only tÜv approved off-set transmission plate 25mm crankshaft extension 1986 thru 2006 motor sprocket shaft nut 1970-1990 motor sprocket shaft nut 1991-2006 primary spacer ring with hardware rear pulley to wheel spacer rear axle only wheel axle spacer long wheel axle spacer short accessories 236499 fender struts raw steel thru 2006 kits can also be used for 1987 thru 1990 models if correct crankshaft extension extended sprocket shaft nut and primary gaskets are used due to the wide variety of wheels,fenders fender struts and wheel spacers are not included,these can be found elsewhere in this catalog complete kits 236443 super-ass swingarm kit for 1991 thru 1999 softail and wide-tail frames replacement kit parts 236687 741164 238763 236490 346210 346214 236491 236432 swingarm only tÜv approved pivot axle spacer for evolution softail stainless swingarm plate off-set transmission plate 25mm crankshaft extension 1986 thru 2006 motor sprocket shaft nut 1991-2006 primary spacer ring with hardware super-ass rear axle with washers and nut chrome optional parts 25 26 27 17 016 236444 super-ass fender struts raw steel