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2018_zdc_h17_2018-2019 7-10-2018 14:16 pagina 021 chassis/frame shocks swingarms/fat tube frame/swingarms/fat tube frame/swingarms smart ass rsd big wheel conversion kits for evolution softail conversion kits fit 1994-1999 models builder s kits fit 1991-1999 models with rsd transmission conversion 701830 300 series 701820 330 series with rsd transmission builders kit 701831 300 series 701821 330 series clutch actuator system one of the two must be used note the hydraulic operated clutch actuator requires an 11/16 bore master cylinder these can be found elsewhere in this catalog 720375 rsd pulley cover with cable operated clutch actuator chrome 744129 rsd hydraulic operated clutch actuator/pulley cover chrome 723470 rsd hydraulic operated clutch actuator/pulley cover black replacement kit parts luggage audio more seats exhaust electric light engine electrics intake engine primary zodiac s smart ass right side drive conversion kits the almost unlimited growth of rear tire width has driven the custom bike builders to the outer limits of offsetting primary drives in existing frames our 55mm primary offset kit is really the limit of what is possible extending the main shaft further will put too much torsion stress on the shaft the 330 tire really needs a different approach we strongly feel that instead of offsetting the primary to the extreme it is better to leave the primary in the original position and move the final drive over to the right side zodiac developed a swing arm and transmission conversion kit that allows the use of a 300 or 330 wide rear tire in a stock evolution or twin cam softail frame we offer two very cost-effective solutions one with a rsd conversion kit that re-uses as many stock parts as possible and one with a rsd builder s kit the rsd transmission conversion kit only includes the parts that are needed to convert your stock transmission into a rsd transmission it includes parts such as main shaft counter shaft shift drum shift forks etc it also includes a new billet trap door that gives room for the main drive gear to avoid any not wanted load on the cast transmission housing we have designed the trapdoor in such a way it is not only supported by the lower frame tube but also by de swing arm pivot to make the internals of transmission stronger the fifth gear countershaft has become an integrated part of the countershaft we have completed the kit with the required hardware new seals and gaskets some builders may not want to use their old transmission gears for those we have a complete builders kit available builder s kits have the gears and shafts installed on the trap door and include all internal parts of the transmission you can use these in your own or new transmission housing all rsd conversion and builders kits use a special rsd clutch actuator/pulley cover which is separately available clutch actuators are available in hydraulic or cable operated the cable operated clutch actuator works with stock big twin clutch cable the hydraulic operated clutch actuator requires an 11/16 bore master cylinder we have oem style and custom style clutch master cylinders available check out our handlebar controls section kits for up to 300 series rear tire include rsd transmission conversion or builders kit tig welded swing arm stainless steel swing arm splashguard and rear wheel axle kits for up to 330 series rear tire also include an offset final drive front pulley extended clutch pushrod and a spacer ring for the clutch actuator/pulley cover for those that prefer to use a wide wheel with 1 bearing we have bearing sleeves zpn735416 and zpn735417 available a raw steel rsd belt guard is available separately rsd transmission conversion kit 701804 300 series 701802 330 series transmission final drive rsd transmission builders kit 701806 701803 722582 722584 722585 300 series 330 series rsd swing arm tÃœv approved rsd stainless steel splash guard rear wheel axle with nut 3/4 x 470mm optional parts 722577 rsd frame support kit fits 1989 thru 1999 softail and softail style frames 722578 rsd frame support kit fits 2000 thru 2006 softail and softail style frames 735416 pulley side bearing sleeve/spacer to use 3/4 axle with 25mm bearings 735417 brake side bearing sleeve/spacer to use 3/4 axle with 25mm bearings 236175 rsd belt guard raw steel note installation in softail deuce models requires some modification of the frame and swing arm smart ass rsd big wheel conversion kits for twin cam softail 2000-2006 wheels tire brake foot control handlebar kit bikes front suspension chassis frame shocks fenders struts gas tank instrument oil tank filter line fasteners mirrors windshields oil chemicals tools with rsd transmission conversion 701810 300 series 701800 330 series techtips cross ref zpn with rsd transmission builders kit 701811 300 series 701801 330 series cross ref zpn page alphabetical index 17 021